Interracial Relationships Are Destructive To Afrikan People

17 03 2017
An Essay On The Politics of the Penis and the Paycheck

People underestimate the power of DNA because we don’t understand that DNA is our bio-genetic inheritance from all of our ancestors; which is a physical manifestation of how they evolved from time immemorial. DNA is transmitted to us through our parents and most of our DNA is directly from them, so this means that if someone is mixed, (even if they are “cool”) they will always have a fundamental confusion about their very bio-genetic existence, and not necessarily their social existence. This is where we as Afrikan people are confused. The different genetic lines, as well as the psychological histories of the peoples associated with the two different DNAs, are perpetually competing for self-actualization. In the long run, it is a fight the mixed person is bound to lose. The results of this lost battle by the mixed individual usually negatively affect the group from which they come who has the least power or knowledge of self. In today’s world, this is the African group.

It is a tragedy that this man in the video already has two mixed children. He had to learn the hard way. This is what happens when we don’t control the educational and socialization system of African people. This is why I am revolted by the negro class. Not only do they have no race loyalty, but they can’t even do something for Afrikan people in general, even if it is in the negro’s material/business interest to do so.

Take for example Star Jones, a supreme negro. She ran her mouth on The View for damn near a decade, talking about inane topics of no consequence only to be fired by a vindictive so-called jew who felt her negro pet was trying to bite the hand that fed her. Be that as it may, this idiot didn’t even have the business sense to trade in on her name so that in the event of being fired by white mommy, she could at least have some social cache in her community to sustain her subsequent career. Instead, like many a negro, she waited around like a stray dog until white daddy threw her a bone to comment on issues like the Travon Martin case. If she had any intelligence like she alleges, she could have started a school to train a new generation of legal secretaries, paralegals, and even could have started an undergraduate college training people in pre-law before they entered law school. If she had marketed her schools in Afrikan areas of the US, her name recognition alone would have helped to promote the school and maintain a revenue stream. Eventually, she could have started her own law school and helped Afrikans in the USA take over the legal profession, like the so-called jews did in the 20th century. Case in point is Brandeis University which was named after a white, so-called jewish Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Bill Cosby could have done the same with a teachers college. Instead of blaming youth for stealing pound cake, he could have commissioned a study to determine what are the relevant types of skills and information that African youth need to learn to be economically successful in the 21st century. He could have offered 50, 100, or 150 thousand dollars for the study to really do it right and have a team of researchers publish their findings along with a recommended curriculum. After which, he could have sold the report as a book to recoup the money and then followed the recommendations by starting a teacher’s college offering a sole program in an undergraduate degree in education. In addition, he could have offered three degree “tracks” to study elementary education, secondary education, and education administration.  Moreover, for teachers already certified and licensed, he could have offered a professional certification program to be done online, by correspondence, or in classroom and eventually replicated this program throughout the USA.

Both of these programs would have been very lucrative businesses and would have saved these people from making careers and scoring points by criticizing Afrikan people and actually have done something to solve the problems while making money doing so. If Donald Trump thought it was a good business venture to start his own university, where was Bill Cosby, Star Jones, and Oprah Winfrey? Where is Puff Daddy’s music school for young Afrikans to train them in business and music production? These people are fake and they have no thoughts independent of white liberal talking points because they all work in an industry dominated by fags, white liberals and so-called jews.

You may ask what does this have to do with mixed-race people and interracial dating. It is because of something said in this video which had me thinking about the fact that people don’t change by hearing a moralizing sermon. People change because it is in their material interest to do so. In the video, the woman is cautioning and advising Afrikan women about the cunning nature of non-Black women vis-a-vis dating and procreating with Afrikan men, and I feel she is correct in this assessment. The level of economic competition has increased and this is related to sexual relations because non-Afrikan women know full well that it takes two to tango in the bedroom and in the boardroom. Meaning that women need the penis and the paycheck of a man to survive in the present environment. If a man simply has a job, and is heterosexual, that is enough for some non-Black women in the present day, because a lot of these women come from overpopulated societies where men have the pick of the litter and generally don’t marry women who are older than 30 years old. Changing the material conditions of Afrikan people would go a long way in reducing the temptation and competition from other women vying for Afrikan male sperm and finance. Without institutions directly in the control of Afrikan people which can put money in the pockets of Black men and/or offer opportunity for a viable career within the Black community, both Afrikan men and women will continued to be drawn by the siren song of different races to mate as they spend their working lives in the employ of other races as well.

Most people change their behavior when they enter a working environment. It is done in order to maintain the working relationship and benefit by reaping the resources available at the place of employment. Unless and until Afrikan people control the educational and employment opportunities available to Afrikan men (and the power which follows from such) we will not be able to enforce the types of discipline that is necessary to regulate acceptable behavior to ensure our bio-genetic survival. Additionally, this discipline gained from the working environment won’t be then transferred to women and children in our community unless we have this kind of group power and internal hierarchical order (which should be based on legitimate authority, i.e. someone who has the economic skills and wealth to wield such, not just self-appointed “alpha males” or people with charismatic personalities).


A lot of Afrikan men seek non-Afrikan women because there is no social or economic cost. Not only that, there are less requirements to avoid transgressing taboos in alien communities. This is largely because since one will never be a bio-genetic participant of the alien community’s power structure, one is not expected to contribute fundamentally to its existence. Men (and some women) have a free pass when they mate with an alien to avoid the traditions and duties of being a member of either of the races, subsequently one race dies bio-genetically, then culturally and the group with the most cohesive power structure then has a new class of people to dominate. We can see this in India and Brazil now. Afrikans in the USA are not too far behind this trend. It is the mixed children that facilitate to coup de grace in the bio-genetic existence of the race without power. Just look at the Nations of North America who were in the land before the arrival of the Europeans. Look at the native Hawaiians.


Unless Afrikans are clear on who is Afrikan and who is not, and definitively discriminate positively towards Afrikan people in social and economic relations, group power will remain elusive, and our survive questionable.


The Modern Slave Plantation

1 08 2015

*Note: Please watch the short video (2:56)  first before reading my commentary. My editorial evaluates the story presented in this press release from an Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalist (ACBN) perspective.

What’s going on here? Most people at first glance will say this is technological development. They will say this is Afrika coming into the 21st century. They will say this is opportunity. Opportunities for JOBS. They might also say any criticisms by any Pan-Afrikanist, Black Nationalist, or Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalist (ACBN) is misplaced and because these ideologies haven’t built anything and can’t offer the Afrikans in the video jobs, and that we should just shut up. However, naysayers to this type of criticism would not recognize that what is depicted in this video press release is simply a modern day slave plantation.


Nevertheless, many people would not see that this is a slave plantation, but it is. It is a slave plantation in this way. Who is the management/owner class? They are not only non-Afrikans, but they are so-called white men…from europe. What’s happening in europe right now? Their economy is failing. What’s happening in united states right now? Their economy is failing. The market for establishing online retail “one-stop shop” websites like Amazon is saturated in the usa and europe. So all of these white kids who graduated with their IT degree, who were also trained to be entrepreneurs and seek power are descending onto the Afrikan continent to then start companies. (At the same time mind you that Afrikans are risking life and limb to go to europe) The news story purports that these whites are ostensibly going to “help” build an Afrikan middle class or offer opportunities that we nationalists can’t do because we allegedly “just talk”.


However, this criticism against ACBN and other “Black Power” ideologies misses an essential point which is that this endeavor will change the social character of Afrikan societies towards one which is more beneficial for non-Afrikans to prosper. They will use the technology as a mirage to beguile the people, while at the same time, the market that exists right now (and the social relations that stem from that) will be surreptitiously dismantled and destroyed. Additionally, another outcome will be to get the loyalties of the Afrikans focused on the europeans even more than it is right now. Once the europeans establish themselves as the major industry players, Afrikans will not be able to secure power for ourselves. This is why ideology and consciousness is so important BEFORE embarking upon a socioeconomic enterprise. Because if you only limit your analysis to whether or not one has a job and the creation of an Afrikan middle class, you’ll miss the big picture. The big picture entails who the OWNERS and MANAGERS will be. It entails who will be the DIRECTORS and the SOCIAL ENGINEERS of the growth of society and the system of social relations that derive from that process. It entails how will everyone’s attitudes, values, and desires be orientated. In the situation in the video, they will obviously be oriented towards the people that give them jobs.


Yet another outcome from this will be the fact that as other sectors of society start to erode and family relations breakdown, this so-called Afrikan middle class will be protecting the white colonial class against the masses because everyone can’t sit in front of a computer and be technological support staff, programmer, or designer. However, status in society will be based upon who has the wherewithal to purchase items from this website. Invariably affording a higher status to the Afrikans who do the best job at making white people rich. So they are starting with the young students in university who are being taught and socialized to believe that any development is OK and that it doesn’t matter how it’s done or who does it.


Now with regard to the infrastructure that they mentioned in the video. That will take a large amount of capital expenditure by companies who have the capacity and knowledge to put in fiber optic networks and increase and extend the network communications capability. It will require construction workers who can pave the roads so you can build the physical ability to deliver the goods the website purports to want to sell. They are going to need construction workers to build warehouses and that’s going to take materials such as concrete and steel. Furthermore they will need architects to plan this, so this is a widespread project that he is calling for, so the question remains, who will be investing? Who will be providing the financial capital to do this? Do you think the Nigerian central bank will be doing this? Companies that are in the financial services business make their money by providing debt, which means giving out loans and taking in the interest payments as profits. So if the central bank of Nigeria has not yet made available funds for capital expenditure and infrastructure building then there is no way on earth that the capital that is necessary to build this infrastructure, which this white man is talking about in this video, will be provided by the Nigerians. It will be provided by foreign nationals or foreign central/private banks most likely from europe or the united states.


So this is a creeping crisis. What most Afrikans will say (because they don’t have an ACBN ideology, which is an ideology that helps secure Afrikans’ very survival) is, “Oh, isn’t this great, there is finally development coming to Nigeria! They all have jobs now”, and they will fail to do any critical analysis. In fact, this company was owned by a group of Afrikan men recently and they mysteriously sold it after experiencing exponential growth in their market share (the percentage of their presence in the online retail market). So I suspected at the time that some kind of other organized mafia came in a said, “Nope, you’re not going to own this market, you are not going to control this market.” So after a little investigation I found out that the buyers were financed by J.P. Morgan Chase, and anybody who knows the history of J.P Morgan knows that he was little more than a thug in a three-piece suit. So the investment bank which bears his name probably made the Afrikan men an offer they couldn’t refuse.


So this is another problem of consciousness and ideology. Afrikans globally have collectively failed to understand that economics is essentially about market control. Markets are controlled through the military. The usa can enforce its dollar hegemony on the globe because it ensures the transport of commodities to particular markets that it owns and controls. If you use your military to control the waterways, flight routes, and thoroughfares through which goods can be extracted and taken to other manufacturing plants and have value added to them by industrial processes, and then taken to a market and sold, then you have POWER. It doesn’t matter if you have a job or not in that system. Whichever GROUP can control and secure the transport of goods to a market that it controls is the one in POWER. So in this system, a system of genocide not only on Afrikans, but on the natural world, the management class of that system, especially if they set-up shop in a foreign country can logically be nothing but criminals and mercenaries. In my view this is the proper analysis to come to when looking at a video like this. So this is an essay to teach how to analyze what is happening in the world and particularly to Afrikans through an ACBN perspective so one can see the practicality of the ideology. People will look at a video like this and say, “Yes! This is a good thing!”, but when you look deeper, this is the start of the systematic genocide on the continent. How did the europeans first go to north america and everywhere around the world? They established a colony, which was an economic enterprise complete with a charter and mission statement with the INTENT to take over the market (the entire land mass) and to systematically remove any hindrance or barrier from their total market dominance which includes people, and which will include Afrikans on the continent itself if we are not careful.

The Global Hybrid Assault

31 05 2015


Can you name one Japanese beauty queen in history? Or for that matter, can you name or recall a beauty queen from any country getting press coverage in the US media unless it involved some sensational scandal? Then why now? This linked article presents a “public interest” exposé about a Japanese hybrid for the purpose of furthering psychological terrorism on Afrikan people. The enemies of Afrikans have stepped up their psycho-biogenetic assault recently by installing hybrids as the new standard image for geno-culturally distinct groups. It is a necessary tactic to promote confusion and convolute the identity of victims of white hegemony in order for inbred mutant albinos (IMAs/whites) to claim that people who are unnatural beings (that is, hybrids, IMAs, kwk) on the planet are a representation of the advanced ideals which humanity is now manifesting as opposed to actually being an indication of its rampant degeneracy and depravity. Most of these hybrids are only here because of the failure of Afrikans to reject whiteness as a standard of beauty or to quell the aspiration to attain “whiteness” itself, in the manner of the Fanonian desire to “grasp white civilization and make it mine.”¹


So as to mitigate their own inferiority issues, Afrikans have taken to engaging in rampant hybridization with the unwanted rejects of other geno-cultural groups. This behavior contributes to propagating this madness of wanton hybridization as a self-inflicted wound in a war of eradication against Afrikans. It goes without saying that the primary aggressors in this relationship are the whites themselves and their love of disorder, (the only environment wherein they can thrive) which compels them to seek weak Afrikans among us and confer onto them trinkets such as, academy awards, nobel peace prizes, fake hair, and non-Afrikan sex mates. The linked article tries to assert that hybrids “challenge the identity” of a pre-existing geno-culture or race. This is absurd and is a conceptual tool being used by whites to foster confusion. It belies statistical reasoning to assume that because hybrids are created through sexual licentiousness then the essential constitution of the naturally occurring geno-cultural group is now different and therefore must reexamine its ontology and “spiro-genetic”² nature. The whites are using the media to magnify the occurrence of these entities so as to advertise an alleged “new age” on the planet. The unseen implication of this psychic violence to all who are susceptible is that if other “non-white” IMAs will assist the western Eurasian IMAs (whites) in the degeneracy of interracial procreation, then they (all whites) together can rid the globe of Afrikan people and create a new group of sexual toilets for whites to enjoy throughout eternity; people with no connection to spirit nor the psychological historicity of Afrikans from time immemorial. Groups of homogenous geno-cultures are being propositioned to embrace this perversion so to further break-up ethno-national traditions and values so that the IMA global imperial project of terror can breathe life for a few more decades, if not centuries.


Essentially, the character of the IMA imperial project is to release energy which is contained in natural formations so that IMAs and their non-white worshipers can consume what was previously a restricted power source and was used primarily to ensure the survival of a particular living entity. Most notably, this was done to Black-body humanity itself or Afrikan people. They have replicated this business model in other forms of “exploration”, chiefly in mining and oil extraction. IMAs typically will find some naturally occurring geological or physical formation and destroy it so as to release the energy contained within. (Think of the atomic bomb/Manhattan project as well!) They consume the energy like vampires and leave the waste product strewn throughout the environment without regard to the implications for divine order. The same continues to occur with regard to their “relationship” to Afrikans. They break-up our natural inclination to group-bond and participate in human activity with each other so they can gather the useful entities among us for themselves by awarding them with white wives/husbands, university degrees, high ranking positions in their institutions of brigandage and destruction, for example the U.S. department of justice attorney general Loretta Lynch or former U.S. secretary of state Condi Rice, among a litany of others. As a result, this process leaves the rest of Afrikans bereft. The many Afrikans who would have benefited from the talent of these individuals, (and incidentally who within a healthy Black-body humanity would have had to have a reciprocal relationship with the rest of Afrikans in performing their divine function by utilizing their individual talents within our society) are left stupefied by fake religions and chasing after cults of personality.


Gullible alienated-Afrikans (negros) who are victims of imbibing a false and foreign ideology fall prey to this psychological and bio-genetic attack, and through selfish personal aggrandizement, participate in sexual genocide against Afrikan humanity as a whole. The products of their lust are then displayed in various capacities so as to convince more confused victims that this behavior is “the way forward” and that any allegiance to one’s own geno-culture (race) is backwards and “racist”. Hybrids are given titles such as state’s attorney, national security advisor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, news anchor, action movie star, beauty queen, and president of the U.S. so as to convince Afrikans that our future lies in destroying our genetics through immoral sexual practices and procreation with non-Afrikans. They are then offered up as bed-wenches and “new negroes” to the ongoing perpetrators of the rape of the planet (IMAs) and all done superficially hidden under a faux multicultural veneer. We must reject the whites and their offspring as being one of us if we are to survive as a healthy, distinct, and self-interested geno-cultural group.



1. Fanon, Franz (1952) Black Skins, White Masks. France. Editions de Seuil.

2. “Spiro-genetic” is a term used by author Odwirafo-Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan which refers to the cosmological nature of Afrikans’ spiritual origins and essence. It indicates that primary in the universe is spirit and this is the matter from which Afrikans emerged and to which we still have a direct connection. This connection is transferred through genetics among Afrikan blood circles only and excludes non-Afrikans and their offspring.

Open Letter to Professor Denis Rancourt

17 07 2012

This entry, as the title states, is an open letter to Canadian professor at the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt. This gentleman is seeking reinstatement to his position as professor after being targeted for political expulsion due to some of his views on the Palestinian rights struggle, among other things. At present, he is defending himself in a slander lawsuit against an administrative official, Ms. Joanne St. Lewis at his former university. You can read the complete story at this white so-called “liberal” blog. Please read it before you read my open letter so you can establish some context. I welcome any comments that you have on my new post. Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

Dear Professor Rancourt,

              Hello. I read about your travails on the Internet blog of Stephen J. Lendeman. This is a man whose articles I often read for deeper analysis and commentary on current events and sociopolitical issues. After reading of your predicament concerning the harassment and unjustified termination you received, you have my sympathies, and I hope you can succeed in continuing to teach students and others about the plight of the Palestinians and the other threats and affronts to justice around the world.

With that said, here comes the dreaded “but” which I am sure you were anticipating.

Speaking as an African man who was born in the United States, I have experienced first hand the institutional white supremacy in society, especially in the corporate world. I likely have similar political views as you do, in particular regarding the Palestinian struggle. I actually think that it is analogous to seeing the genocide of the indigenous nations of North America in real-time, right before our eyes. So I have sympathy and solidarity with their cause for this reason as well as because of the historical experience of my people, Africans in America, which brings me to my point.

Knowing the terrorism that Africans in the USA have faced in the past, and examining the Orwellian nature of the proclaimed “post-racial” period of the present, I know that there are still things that I, as an African, cannot say to a Euro-American directly and without the context being understood. Not the least of which is due to the hope of avoiding misunderstanding, but above all if they don’t know my authentic meaning, or if they are ignorant of my intent and have no knowledge of history on their part, then I would feel it were a wasted effort and done so only for self-gratification on my part. I have been the victim of this white supremacist culture by being summarily fired without cause just as you have, and if I used a sexist epithet towards the woman who fired me, whilst attempting to seek damages and restitution for an unjust act, I would expect the offended individual to use all of the force she had at her disposal to work against my interest–even if I felt I was right! So, as an African man, I and other strategic African men and women would not resort to name calling if indeed we had a legitimate case to argue and hoped to win. Now in private conversations of course other language could be used, but in public discourse, an oppressed person must be cautious in how they proceed, especially if they intend to use the apparatus of the state to seek justice.

Therefore, in my opinion calling Ms St. Lewis by the racial pejorative was wrong on your part for the following reasons. First, you apparently evoked Malcolm X as justification for your use of the term. Malcolm X was not struggling within the system to change it. Malcolm X was a revolutionary and was seeking to dismantle the system, not to seek redress from the ruling class. Secondly, he used the term while speaking to his own people, which were/are formerly enslaved Africans. The fact that in North America people of different ethnicities all speak English, sometimes falsely gives us the impression that we should be able to use any term with anybody, just because it is in the language that we speak. Unfortunately this is incorrect. To use an analogy, if you have an argument with a family member and your rage builds to the point that you called this relative by a pejorative epithet, that does not mean that I have the same liberty to do so, and especially in a public forum. I might use a negative term to refer to your relative in private or without you or your relative present, but it would be highly distasteful for me to do it in your presence and in the presence of your relative. Furthermore, it would be inconceivable of me not to expect some sort of retaliation. Therefore a cautious and strategic person seeking to actually win a favorable decision would refrain from inciting any more actions which could be perceived as negative and bring negative consequences. In addition, yes Malcolm X did used the term “house negro” when speaking to Africans. But he did it (in the speech “Message to the Grassroots” as you know) to explain a situation which existed for Africans in America historically and to describe the predicament they faced. He did it to teach Africans about their history and instill knowledge of themselves. However, people often forget that Malcolm also referred to any stranger, colleague, or adversary with whom he was engaged in debate or discussion by “sir or ma’am”. This is often forgotten about Malcolm when people listen to his fiery rhetoric about the situation of Africans in America. People forget that he often used very respectful, honorific terms, and employed manners and personal etiquette even when he was in intense disagreement with someone.

Lastly, your evaluation of Ms. St. Lewis might be correct. However, even I would not call a non-public figure and personally accomplished woman of African descent a “house negro”, particularly after all of the horror, rape, and negative media depictions that have been heaped upon the African women’s psyche, even if in my heart of hearts, in accordance with Brother Malcolm’s assessment, she was indeed acting like one—I would not do it—especially if I were a white man or Euro-Canadian. Sir, even if you are right in your view of Ms. St. Lewis, the historical relationship that African women and European men have had which included of rape, the siring illegitimate children while in bondage (as a veritable sex slave), pedophilia, the selling of her children, and sexual objectification of her should bring a degree of restraint by a supposed human rights and justice activist and educator. I understand that she is a tool of the institution. I understand that a woman such as this is being charged with the task of executing a political retaliation upon you for the sake of the institutional objective of maintaining the progression towards fascist policies that we see in many institutions today. However, this fight now is serious and it is reaching all sectors of society. What we need now from people who are ostensibly fighting to bring about a world based on justice is not to get caught up in delusions of grandeur by attempting to emulate the great revolutionary rhetoricians of the past, but to understand the inherent contradictions of an international system build on the ideology of white supremacy which serves as a justification for structural inequality, colonialism, private wealth accumulation, male privilege, murder, theft, and environmental degradation. The stakes are too high for us to lose battles that we can obviously win along the way toward ultimate victory just so that we can fulfill our fantasies of “telling it to ’em like Malcolm did”.


Lumumba Afrika

I got it baaad, got it baaad, got it baaaad…I got shot by teacher!

18 02 2010

       I have been an applicant to quite a few universities, and have attended several different post-secondary schools for junior college, undergraduate classes, graduate programs, and continuing education courses, and let me just say that I am not surprised that the people in positions of authority just “blew off” the students as they described in the article. (see link below) University professors and administrators are essentially running amok with their unchecked power and privileged positions, so that the students, who are essentially customers and paying astronomical amounts of money to attend these places, get routinely treated as vermin, unworthy of any dignified interaction, or even truthful discourse when approaching some of these egotistical people.

       Now, we have yet another violent act committed on an educational campus. Let me unequivocally state that the lady is very likely unstable and should have her day in court, but the culture of unchecked authority, megalomaniacal educators, and the attendant prestige bestowed upon faculty and administrators for basically succeeding in getting a career that is more often than not a glorified socialite, are putting students and others at risk with their demonstrable failure to act upon claims, complaints, petitions, and other actions that the students and applicants bring to their attention.

       I don’t believe that tenure should be revoked completely, but there should be a review every few years, and students should have more of a voice in the decisions to extend tenure and the contracts of other administrative staff, especially if because they are so secure in their positions, that they routinely fail to take action on pressing issues that need to be addressed, particularly when they are brought forth by members of the student body.

       Colleges and universities are increasingly showing thier true nature to be little more than a racket. Similarly, other major institutions are displaying the same characteristics of those mafia entities that were wielding unchecked power during prohibition. We can also see these traits in the health care industry, government, and the coterie of financial institutions that have absconded with much of the wealth of the majority of gainfully employed Americans.

       This incident is what I feel should serve as one of many examples of why democratic control should be rested from the people who adorn the apices of our power structures, and nestled into the hands of the people, in whose interest most of these institutions are purported to be operating. If the purpose of these organizations, like the schools, are to benefit people by improving the sum total of their knowledge, then the people should have direct control on how the administration of these organizations are conducted. It is time to strip the aloof and pompous class of their illegitimate authority, and use the time most Americans spend in church on Sunday or watching sports, to instead, participate in actively coordinating the functions of institutions that serve the public interest more in our favor.

The Kids Ain’t Alright.

22 11 2009

     It’s kind of funny for me to see this protest and demonstration occurring at the University of California campuses now because in 1992 during my freshman year in college, I tried to stage a protest and boycott of my college’s clubs and student organizations due to the offensive mascot of the school (an Apache), and it’s woefully stereotypical yearly activity of beating a war drum for 24 consecutive hours as to mock the culture of the native American tribe for which the school’s mascot was named. I was ignored and ostracized from my academic department, and subsequently identified by the faculty as one who wouldn’t be considered for any benefit of having attended the school through issuance of recommendation letters or invitations to symposiums on graduate study and professional opportunities. The friends I had, in retrospect, were only concerned with graduation, the perfunctory socialization one receives in college, and securing social and financial standing–cultural ills and divisive inequalities be damned! How absolutely regretful some of my classmates must be now, that they not only didn’t heed the warning of my naive example, but that the course of their lives was being constructed by someone other than themselves?


       This protest is too little too late, because after my experience in institutions of higher education with the diverse demographic group that is now the constituency of American university education, I have found that most of these, albeit studious people, are simply vacuous, selfish, servile, consumerists, waiting to buy into, or in effect, rent their independence within society from the financial-governmental-military complex. They will try to trade on what they perceive as knowledge gained in university, or social skills honed, to participate in a worldwide corporate culture of greed, and self-aggrandizement. Now that the lifeboats are full in our corporate state, metaphorically speaking, the high authorities of all institutions across the spectrum are trying to prevent entry and, maintain their own positions and that of their closest allies and relatives. The silly students and most of their haphazard parents couldn’t, or didn’t care to see this trend formulating, which has been building since 1980. We as a culture have continued to procreate wantonly, lead atomized lives fearful of organization, and have been heavily dependent on superstition to explain our predicament. We have abdicated our inalienable rights for a hot dog that can be bought at a local convenience store 24 hours a day. Now, we are seeing the consequence. There is no reason for anyone in government from Obama on down, nor is there a reason for the corporate structure to do anything to benefit the people. They know they can give us spoiled meat and contaminated blankets, and we won’t say anything. But, if someone jeopardizes the dreams of our most self- interested youth to enter the upper tiers of society, then this younger sector of society will react because their whole identity is contained within the idea that they deserve, or are better than their societal counterparts. The only difference in this mindset and those at the highest levels of power is the fact that the former hasn’t yet attained the authority to act in a similarly brutal manner. There are too many people in the world who want to live the American dream. Therefore, as is done in the stock market, one must manipulate the activity, information, and accessibility to the stock or commodity in order to displace all of the small players and preserve the large amount of profits for the insiders. The same is happening not only in our educational system, but in all sectors of our organized society.


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