The Counter Racist Cul-de-sac

18 04 2017

This video points out the ridiculousness of being a “counter-racist codist”. The problem is not so much that these “victims” have a “code”, it is that they have misidentified the solution. Sure, “the problem is white people“, but we must use specific tools and strategies to defeat that problem. And it is not limited to just being cute and clever with the use of words. One needs organized group power to handle these IMAs and that is being demonstrated by nations like North Korea, China, Iran, and others. The following comment written by a previous viewer of the video says is plainly.

“So Fucking What! The white lady was right. This IS why they elected Trump and the (Asian) woman is not an American. She admitted it herself! Am I supposed the feel sorry for yet another white identified Asian woman trying her best to be an honorary white? Boo Fucking Hoo! Asia is rising in global economic significance now. If I were an Asian I’d be on the first thing smoking to an economically secure Asian country which has plenty of nukes, no terrorism, and no mass immigration problem. WTF? She seems like a spoiled brat to me. No sympathy. (BTW, stop trying to play on our emotions by playing that Donny Hathaway song. That was a pretty cheap attempt at emotional blackmail) THERE IS NO GLOBAL SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY! There are only a bunch of negros who refuse to organize themselves and their resources in order to build power. “White Supremacy” didn’t stop Kim Jon Un from building nuclear weapons. And he’s not backing down to this fantasy system either. Especially with another nuclear armed Asian power backing him up with a seat on the UNSC. Get a clue!”

I concur.


Typical White Liberal Hypocrites

31 01 2017

Muhammad Ali’s Grandson

9 06 2016

Here is the result of that misguided belief in the “one-drop rule” and “Blacks come in all colors” garbage. With the sexual behavior of some Africans, they are trying their best to make these canards into a reality. It won’t work though. The only thing that will happen is the breeding out of the silly Africans, and the development of mixed-race white people who will infiltrate our group because Muhammad Ali was their great, great grandfather. Dumb…SMDH!

Amos Magazine


Black Power rhetoric will never impress me.

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Shout out to Moni Tano!

26 05 2016

Great research by our sister Moni Tano. This video is one of the main reasons why Afrikans need an ACBN psychology and our own nation-state. (Warning: Mulatto alert at 3:51)

The Serious Business of Being Serious–Dr. John Henrik Clark

21 05 2016

John Henrik Clark often left valuable clues and riddles in his lectures for future generations to solve. It is my opinion that he knew that the warnings he gave would be readily apparent and visible to Afrikans at some point in the future, so I think he wanted to provide a guide and conceptual framework for future generations to understand what will be happening. The time he was preparing for is now, and this lecture is a seminal presentation urging Afrikans to face the reality of the threat to Afrikan existence. It should be part of the essential viewing/reading list for ACBNs.

The African Centered Biological Nationalist Manifesto

24 02 2016

More information about ACBN!

African Centered Biological Nationalist Journal

African people are the original human template. We came forth from East Africa and took our minds, bodies, and progeny on a journey to the North, West, and South of the continent. On this march of humanity, we sparsely populated Africa and eventually left our homeland to occupy our planet.

In our quest to inhabit the globe, nature played a trick on us. It was as if the farther we moved away from the source of our origin, the more forgetful we became genetically, physically, and mentally of what we were – and eventually we ceased to exist in Eurasia.

From this extinction came the other subspecies of the African, particularly the Asian and Ima (Inbred Mutant Albino /European). These sub-branches of the human both isolated in different parts of Eurasia for tens of thousands of years produced populations with unique genetic and phenotypical traits.

These non-African groups developed functional…

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Classify People As Their Race, Not Skin Tone (Light-Skinned vs. Dark-Skinned Debunked)

12 02 2016

More clarity from ACBN writers!


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