The Problem with “Peer-Review”

31 05 2018

In graduate school, I had a professor who introduced a popular study in the particular field I was studying. This field was in the life sciences, so it was not in the so-called “soft sciences” or social sciences. To illustrate a point, the professor introduced the paper to us, which was peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal in the field. He had noticed a clear and undeniable error in the statistical data included in the study which rendered the conclusion void. When he wrote his paper with the correction to the original research and presented it to the journal in question, the journal replied with a refusal to publish the correction because “this is not the type of publishing we are engaged in”. This means that they did not want to contradict the method and validity or their peer-review process, nor did they want to damage the reputation of the author of the original paper who was a figure of high stature and regard in the life sciences field. He cautioned us to be aware of this sort of political consideration in the so-called “sciences” and that sometimes being correct is not the only factor evaluated in whether or not scientific data will be published and/or accepted by the official “scientific community”.

This phenomenon is an example of what is known as publication bias. Publication bias occurs when the outcome of an experiment or research study influences the decision on whether to publish it or not. If the outcome does not fit official scientific orthodoxy, it may not be published by a journal. Moreover, it may receive negative reviews in the peer-review process for details such as methodology, research design, sample size, interpretation of data, and so on. In fact, papers which purport to have attained a “significant result” are more likely to be published than papers which report no significance or a null result. This distorts the information that is contained in the available literature and used for papers such as review articles and informing “general knowledge” about a given area because the available research is not privy to alternative studies which may contradict or show vastly different results and interpretations. This is mainly because of the bias towards publishing data that “discovers” something new or that supports prevailing belief. This sullies the entire field of scientific research and does not inherently validate research studies and peer-reviewed articles simply because they contain a fancy data set and a may report a fascinating outcome or proclaim that many “experts” have read and approved of the paper.

This brings up another issue in scientific research papers called replication crisis. This is a crisis in the methodological manner in which studies are designed and conducted that produce results that either cannot be replicated by other independent researchers or in some cases by the original researchers themselves. These scientific studies were written, peer-reviewed, and published in reputable journals. It was only on subsequent investigation through attempting to replicate the study that it was revealed that it was impossible or very difficult to attain the same result as that in the original research. If major scientific theories, such as the theory of evolution, are based on an inability to replicate certain studies that support the theory, or an inability to ascertain the validity of data sets presented in subsequent review papers that contain conclusions which cannot be replicated or have irreproducible results, then this has serious implications for overall science which has major and prominent theories that are widely accepted but are based on unsound experiments and data.

Lastly, I will mention the “file-drawer effect”. This is a variation in publication bias wherein the author of the study refuses to submit the article for publication because the results do not conform to the author’s preexisting beliefs. The self-censorship occurs because it is politically unwise and may result in career death if a researcher publishes a finding that challenges prevailing wisdom and scientific orthodoxy. Many examples exist of this especially in virology and cell biology which have conclusions that challenge the official theory of HIV and AIDS, but that is another discussion. One notable example of the file drawer effect is in regards to Robert Putnam’s study “E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the 21st Century”. Now, this study was in the field of social sciences, but when the results of the study challenged the self-proclaimed liberal researcher’s view of multiculturalism as a “great good” and instead concluded that social diversity is actually damaging for society and in fact has many negative effects, he filed the paper away for seven years trying to find some other explanation, but to no avail. He reluctantly published the paper in 2007 which was 7 years after the study was complete. Are we to believe this is the only instance of such an occurrence in any field of study? I think not.

I could give some links and references to support what I have written in this article, but I would urge the readers to do your own research on these topics. It is possible I am in error, but if that is the case, I am not one to say that just because something is either “generally accepted” by scientists who occupy highly placed institutional positions and have fancy titles, or because something is published with whizbang statistical models and data, and with colorful and compelling charts and graphs, then that confers a certain infallibility on the reasoning and results. The fact is with all of the praise and deference given for the theory of evolution, I have still not heard a reasonable explanation from official science-dom about the specific biological mechanism for the mutation which allegedly occurred from Afrikan people to non-Afrikan people if this “Out of Africa” hypothesis is to be accepted. People always give the innocuous statement, “…and then they/we mutated” to explain how non-Afrikans arrived on the scene in Eurasia. This for me is inadequate and the entire theory will always be in question no matter how many sophisticated studies are published and genetic analyses are done. Having data does not mean the theory which the data claim to support is valid.


“Pan-African Parliament” in Chaos! Traitors and Foreigners in our Midst

19 05 2018

SOLUTION: We have to start by kicking out all of the non-Afrikans (non-Blacks) from the political institutions and especially the AU. We have to recognize who shares our biological destiny, and who does not. Mark my words, these non-Afrikans will only cause confusion and disruption. That asian woman has no business being in the position to choose which Afrikan people can speak and who cannot. She was not a victim of the Afrikan Holocaust, nor does she have a stake in the attainment of power by Afrikan people. All of these arabs, indians, europeans and asians need to be put out! Otherwise, you will see no development of Afrikan political and economic power.

Only then we can identify and punish the traitors.

The Dr. Mumbi Show: Why Colonial Rule Never Ended

18 05 2018



Dr. Mumbi is an Afrikan woman from Kenya who has a YouTube channel produced in a talk show format that speaks about important issues to Afrikans and our quest for sovereign Afrikan power! Here she does a great comparison and breakdown of colonialism that Afrika continues to suffer from these demonic Eurasians. I don’t agree with everything she says, which is OK, but she is aware of the essential issues which more than what I can say for the prominent, hand-picked, coons in “African-american media”. Unfortunately, she has decided to cease her shows, but it is a great resource and model for a new type of Afrikan media which has important content as well as compelling style.

We need new Afriakn media! We have the power to do it. We can’t wait on our “leaders” or “rich Black folks” to do it. We have the knowledge to get the message out ourselves. For all those media savvy Afrikans who understand what our true mission is, use this as an example of how to go forward!

“Zuberi & the Maroons of Maa”–A Review

29 03 2018


“Zuberi and the Maroons of Maa” is a fascinating novella which tells the story of a satellite African nation on the American continent through the eyes and experiences of Zuberi. Zuberi is a Hunter as well as a craftsman and computer programmer. Additionally, he is a soldier in the military forces which protect the Maa nation from attacks from whites and their offspring. The story focuses in part on a love interest who is not a member of the Maa nation but could be described as a “conscious” Black/Afrikan person living in the USA. She regularly visits the Maa nation as Zuberi continually teachers her about its ideology and reason for being. Zuberi is also a single father who takes care of his son with the help of other members of the Maa nation. The son’s mother was apparently typical of an “anti-Afrikan”, Afrikan person. A person who does not and will likely never value Afrikaness so therefore seeks validation and subservient status within the whites’ nations as a technocrat or servile consumer.


I liked the book greatly because not only it is an easy and quick read, but it tells a very compelling story. The story is quite inspirational to those who are engaged in work to build an Afrikan Power state able to protect Afrikans and project power in the world politically, militarily, and economically. I think this book would be ideal for an adaptation into a short film. The only limitation would be depicting the armaments in the military action sequences, but even if those were not shown and only referred to, the love story and the interaction among Afrikan men and women is rife with possibilities of showcasing both the strengths and weaknesses in the mindset and social interactions of many Afrikans today.


The book is a valuable exemplar of the type of literature that Afrikan writers need to be producing and continue to produce if they are currently engaged in such endeavors. One of the main purposes of literature is to provide access among a distinct population group to their own psychological dispositions in an attempt to display the correct behavior contrasted by incorrect behavior. This gives the largest number in a definable group of people exposure to ideas and values which might not be as easily communicated to a population through other means, such as word of mouth or even educational institutions. The whites in their inherent arrogance proclaim that their literature is “universal” and therefore ideals relayed in their stories can be identified, internalized, and used by all people. This is an age-old, colonial, marketing ploy which has the purpose of convincing others, particularly Afrikans, not to produce their own literary and dramatic works, but to continue paying money to the whites for the opportunity to consume white-generated literary artifacts, often to the social and psychological detriment of the Afrikan mind. Onitaset Kumat has succeeded exceedingly well in adding to the emerging (and continuing) Afrikan canon of literature with a definite focus on Afrikan sovereign survival and power. This future classic is a must read for all ages and is worthy of your time and resources. If you are a language arts teacher looking for material to use in your classroom of ALL AFRIKAN PUPILS, then Zuberi and the Maroons of Maa is an essential addition to your library and course syllabus.


More info can be found on the author’s blog or you can get information and a discussion of the book at

The Real Problem with “Racism/White Supremacy”

21 01 2018

In this excellent podcast by Onitaset, he examines the futile use of the term “Racism/White Supremacy” (RWS). He also gives illustrious analogies and metaphors as to why the common focus Black people have on “ending racism” is a dead-end road for Afrikan people, and Afrikans would be better off not only revitalizing our culture and nations to fit the threats we collectively face in the 21st century, but to actively seek power through the institutions and tools that are most useful at present.

I once read an exchange with a Neely Fuller-ite who was trying to seek sympathy for an east Eurasian woman who was allegedly being victimized by RWS. You can read the post here entitled, “The Counter-Racist Cul-De-Sac”. The commentator in opposition to this characterization mentioned that the Asian woman was indeed described correctly by the western Eurasian white woman as not being an “American” (read: white European). Furthermore, this east Eurasian woman had a west Eurasian boyfriend which is typical of these white-identified east Eurasian woman who are raised in the USA by parents who want them to be accepted by the dominate society as a member of the “model race” or an “honorary white”. The Fuller-ite couldn’t understand that the commentator was arguing that RWS only exists because it is a convenient excuse for Afrikans not organizing our own resources for achieving power, and that if the east Eurasian woman truly didn’t like RWS, she should re-patriate to an east Eurasian country which has plenty of nuclear weapons and a robust economy where she will be a first-class citizen. This obvious solution which was based in reality was rejected by the Fuller-ite because he needed to believe that “whites control everything and gave the nuclear weapons to the east Eurasians, therefore whites are still in control”, even if she decides to re-patriate. This is such a self-defeating position because it disables us, Afrikan people, from taking the initiative to secure our own survival. The west Eurasian woman went on to say that she was a supporter of Donald Trump and she voted for him so that “we can get you people out of our country”.

A white woman like that would be regarded as a right-wing extremist or a white nationalist. Regardless of her label, I implore you to read the following article from a typical “white-leftist” whom you Afrikan people think is your friend and the last bulwark against the racist right. You can read the full article at this link.

To summarize the article, the writer basically stated that she lived in Senegal for a year as a Peace Corps volunteer, and interspersed among the references to the “brotherhood of man”, “personal fulfillment”, and “adopted family” tripe that these fake liberals routinely espouse, she states a viewpoint similar to that of a right-wing fanatic. Namely, that Afrikan and west Eurasian (American) cultures are too different to be compatible, and that the solution is to let Afrikans solve their own problems and to keep America white by not allowing Afrikan migration to the USA! This mind you after she was fully funded and welcomed by Afrikans to live for a year in their country. But, be that as it may, this statement of hers is counter-intuitive the negros who need to be part of the “Kumbaya Klan”. (pun intended) However, increasingly, with the ease of global travel, these white lefties are returning to North America and Europe disillusioned with their grand schemes of building a raceless society, and are deciding to protect the legacy of what their forbearers stole through rape, enslavement, theft, murder, and war.

Onitaset makes the brilliant insight that what is called RWS by Neely Fuller-ites is actually warfare. Therefore, any approach to solving this problem should be decidedly warlike. Now the definition of warfare is broad and takes many varied methods, from economic warfare, to psychological warfare, and most apparently conventional warfare, which is actually the least effective and most expensive in terms of energy, and manpower. It usually is the last stage of warfare once all other forms have been exhausted or proven ineffective.

I implore Afrikan nationalists, Garveyites, Pro-Blacks, Afrikan Spiritualists, Nationists, and members of the Conscious Community to consider dropping both terms “Racism” and “White Supremacy” and adopting new terms. Kamau Kambon describes it as “white world domination by terror”, others call it ethno-nationalism, I prefer the term white hegemony which I defined in my blog post “Why Mulattoes and other Hybrids are not Afrikan“. It is also in my book, ACBN: A Primer. Onitaset has written a couple of books which I also implore you to purchase, read, and consider their ideas as well. It is abundantly clear that many of the ideas of the last century have failed or been impotent in the face of the dangers we face. With these books and new concepts, it is time to reconsider the approach we are taking to gain power for Afrikan survival and sovereignty.

Are Afrikan Countries “shitholes”, or Does the Truth Hurt?

12 01 2018

I am not defending Donald J. Trump’s alleged comments. However, in his brash way, (if he indeed did say these words, although he denies it) he has a manner at pointing out the obvious, and this is one of the reasons he resonated with the inbred mutant albino (white) electorate in the USA and became the president.


But the fact of the matter is that the term “shithole” is a euphemism for a place nobody would want to be for very long. More specifically, it is a place with ragged, unreliable, underdeveloped infrastructure, and severe socioeconomic problems that leads to desperation, poverty, and persistent disorganization. Does this describe any Afrikan nations you know? If not, then what is the reason for thousands of Afrikans to risk life and limb to journey to Europe on very dangerous vessels, piloted by very nefarious people to become second and third class inhabitants? No one risks their life to leave paradise.


To be more correct, it goes without saying that there are areas of Afrikan nations such as Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda that have areas which are as developed as some other Eurasian nations and North America, but these are outliers. They are not the norm. Most of Afrika, (and I am speaking of areas populated by authentic Afrikan people) are still a long way from being dynamic and technologically developed nations. In many places the electricity is unreliable, roads and transportation systems are shoddy, and much of the technological infrastructure is owned and/or managed by foreigners. This includes engineering companies, water delivery systems, and health and medical facilities.


Case in point, if Afrikan countries were not “shitholes” as Trump allegedly chose to describe them, would Afrikan leaders like Mugabe and Buhari need to travel to Singapore or Europe for medical treatment? Apparently, they don’t trust their own hospitals and doctors to provide state of the art care. On a related note, I have personally seen doctors working in Afrika from Europe, America, or India who are barely competent and are only in Afrika because they can’t accomplish anything significant in their careers in their home country. The best and brightest Afrikan minds are enticed to go “study in the West” (or east) and then once they graduate at the top of their class at Harvard or Johns Hopkins University, we see a laudatory story about how they are an immigrant who “defied the odds” and “made it” in the USA or Europe. Typically they serve the white establishment and network of institutions while Afrikan nations continue their reliance on ne’er do well misfits, and misguided “do-gooders” with white skins from the west to “help Afrikans develop”. Wouldn’t it be better to just have world class institutions in Afrika in the first place so that Afrikan people can offer the superior care that we are already capable of doing? People often use the excuse that there are not enough skilled Afrikans to become doctors, engineers, pilots, and other technologically sophisticated professionals. Well, my question is, how long does it take to learn software engineering? Civil engineering? Medical science? Construction engineering? Piloting? Does is take more than 4-10 years of university studies? If not, after more than 60 years of independence, what is the excuse for not having these professionals trained, in place, and undertaking industrial projects?


Dr. Ben Carson is supposedly one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. He has written many books that are widely distributed around many Afrikan countries and they are read by many aspiring youth. However, he has not participated in developing the medical education system or the medical industry in any Afrikan country that I know of, why? Is he really qualified to be the HUD secretary in the USA when his background is in surgery?


Why is it that all of these sycophantic Afrikan-americans who slavishly follow the white liberals around are “offended” at Trump’s supposed remarks? It is because they would rather feel good about the liberal ideology of not pointing out uncomfortable truths which contradict their “one world, one people” fantasy. Do these Afrikan politicians, pundits, journalists, and media figures have any significant programs and policies which are designed to directly connect, and hence benefit Afrikan-americans and continental Afrikans in any demonstrable and measurable way? People decry the school to prison pipeline and the police shootings of Afrikan people in the USA, but where were all of these people when Dr. Umar Johnson and others like him wanted to start institutions to address these circumstances? They were either critical or silent. They are now only REACTING to media reports of what an anti-black man allegedly said (Trump). Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammed once said that “when you toss a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one who got hit“. That seems to never be truer than in this case.


Now, I am not in support of Dr. Umar Johnson per se, I am only using him as an example. I know he was ambushed on a “Black news show” recently and many have publicly criticized and defamed him even though the charges levied against him by the state of Pennsylvania were frivolous at best and baseless at worst, yet many took the opportunity to castigate him openly. Now, I have definite disagreements with what he says at times, but I have never wasted my time to go through the trouble of writing an article or posting a video completely about him and his issues.


Furthermore, I am aware that Oprah Winfrey has a school in Azania for girls. However, have any uniquely talented students emerged from that effort? I don’t know, I am asking, and I hope that there have been. This great video by Mr. Superboy223 explains the hypocrisy of Oprah Winfrey regarding Afrikan development both in the USA and Afrika and how she, and other Black people like her, are only interested in being recognized by inbred mutant albinos and don’t really give two shits about recognition from Afrikans or what Afrikan people think about them generally or specifically. They return to the Black community when they need their “I’m Black” card renewed like Omarosa did, then they continue trying to snuggle up to white institutions and white people themselves.


In conclusion, I am not impressed with this phony outrage people are displaying at Trump’s reported comments. I just have one word for Donald Trump if he did in fact make this statement (which he has apparently denied doing). MORE ! Give us more Mr. Trump! This is why I wanted him elected, even though I did not vote for him. I wanted him to take the mask off of this fake liberal claptrap so that Afrikan people can see the face of our enemy once again, and then clearly understand what me must be about and what we must be doing. Even if he did not describe Afrikan countries as such (which includes Haiti even though the African Union doesn’t think so) if this possibly media manufactured incident doesn’t inspire Afrikan people on the continent and in the diaspora to seriously take up the Afrikan Power Project, what will? More military incursions into Afrika like France, the USA, and now China are doing? What will it take to put aside our silly, infantile feelings and build a network of strong institutions, connected by resilient infrastructure, operated by a realistic and appropriate ideology designed for the survival and empowerment of actual Afrikan people? This is the only source of outrage we should have now. Not at what our enemies are saying about us, but at why we haven’t moved forward more than we have. I say again here, as I have said in other posts, where is the international Afrikan media outlet that is solely and jealously focused on communicating a viewpoint from the Afrikan worldview and Afrikan interests instead of repeating what the BBC, CNN, France 24, and CGTN have to say? Where are the Afrikan public affairs programs that discuss the real issues we have instead of allowing western media outlets to dominate the market with simplistic tripe like the shows African Voices or Hardtalk where they simply reprimand Afrikan leaders and give fluff pieces about white people and other non-Afrikans going into Afrika to help “empower women”. This creates an image in the public mind which is not useful to the goals of Afrikan power. Until, Afrikans really get serious about rectifying our position in the world, people like Trump and these “good white people” will take turns at insulting Afrikans directly or indirectly, and giving unnecessary aid and assistance in projects that go nowhere and only lead to a continuance of Afrikans’ dependency on others. This, in my opinion, bespeaks of a truly “shitty” situation, if not an outright shithole as Trump describes.

Political Misorientations-The GWP Problem

30 12 2017

In these videos we see clear evidence of the system that Afrikan governments and their inbred mutant albinos partners are perpetuating. Under the guise of the “Good White Person” (GWP) coming to help enlighten Afrikans and help develop Afrikan economies, Afrikan people are duped by a very sophisticated propaganda campaign to convince us that any GWP who shows up on our doorstep is there to do us some good. The reality is that most of these people are business agents serving or in the direct employ of Eurasian corporations to bilk Afrikans of our resources and natural power. In the video below we see the case of one such person. A so-called jew from Belgium who has been “dissociated” from his consulting firm, Glencore recently due to the executive order Trump signed authorizing the seizure of assets from individuals or entities who have engaged in treasonous acts against the USA. His name is Dan Gertler. Yet, even though the political infighting continues among Eurasian political leaders, among Afrikans we are steady fighting among ourselves to see who can be the lone negro, privileged to sell our natural resources to Eurasian corporations to continue their political-economic domination over us. Isn’t it interesting that Afrikans see no problem with fighting wars and killing each other, but wouldn’t dare take up arms against these devils to secure our power and independence as a definable biological group of people on the planet.

The clintons, another duo of so-called GWPs have made a career of this practice. Through their Clinton Global Initiative and political connections they have made a second life for themselves by acting as a go-between for their political cronies and self-hating corrupt Afrikan leaders who see no vision higher than their own cocks and degenerate peccadilloes such as traveling to Europe, the USA, and the orient in order to engage in conspicuous consumption and receive fake awards from fawning and deceitful whites whose whole positon in the world is based on the cowardice of these Afrikan leaders. The video below is a case in point. Can you believe that while this shriveled old prune of a woman (Hillary Clinton) shakes hands with Afrikans on the continent, she is calling for the destruction and incarceration of Afrikans in the USA? She had the nerve to admonish Afrikans in the USA for not voting for her too! Both she and her symbolic mulatto son, Barack Obama cared more about their so-called legacy and political aspirations than in ensuring that Afrikans are empowered and have a correct stake in the global political economy.

Afrikan people need to see these clear examples of how our political orientation towards finding a GWP does not help our overall situation. In the search to benefit individually from a direct relationship from GWPs to fund a school, clinic, or become a business partner in an Afrikan country, we dig ourselves a deeper hole in our current political-economic malaise. The few trinkets that are cast towards us are nothing in comparison the the amount of wealth that Afrikan leaders and other participants in this relationship are willfully selling to these demons. These resources include minerals, lands, markets, and minds! Whenever one Afrikan persons joins the military or gets a scholarship to a Eurasian school Afrikan people jump for joy because “one of us made it”. But we don’t see that for every one that “makes it”, we all collectively lose, including the supposed successful Afrikan we are praising. Case in point Omarosa Manigault from the Trump administration. On paper it seems that she is successful, but with her ouster from the white house we see now that the success which she represents has no lasting sustainability. With all of the Afrikan musicians, entertainers, and other business people, where is the lasting Afrikan institution that has been built? There is a Carnegie Hall for Andrew Carnegie, steel industrialist, and Rockefeller Center for the oil and banking family, and even a degenerate socialite who is the heir to a global hotel chain. Is there any heir to an Afrikan fortune who has built an institution that benefits Afrikans? Please enlighten me on this question if any readers has knowledge of this. I do know that the heir touted as the richest Afrikan woman in the world is a mulatto offspring of the president of Angola and his low-class, eurasian jump-off from his college days in Europe (Azerbaijan). Come on Afrikan people! Can’t we do better than this?

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