The Apple Who Fell From The Tree

22 08 2017

Most of these liberal whites that negros unquestioningly love and run after are only second, third, or fourth generation US citizens themselves. They basically just got off the boat a couple of generations ago and they have the nerve to try and tell Afrikan people what our political views should be when we have been in the USA suffering as an oppressed nation under white domination by terror longer than most of their peasant ancestors even knew that there was such a place called the United States! So, most of these yokels have unresolved issues about their own immigrant past that they are using Afrikan people to try and assuage.  Their goal is to make a society where all non-whites are subservient to their sick and twisted fantasies of themselves as liberators and saints.

The following video exposes one of these fake, Hollywood ‘left coast’ liberals in her repeated attempts to gain moral high ground in the eyes of the public by claiming that people who disagree with her are so-called Nazis. It turns out that behind the facade of the “changed white person” that so many brain-dead Afrikans lust after, is a sordid history no different than the overt, alt-right ‘racists’ that the liberal whites claim are the scourge of the earth and are supposedly vastly different from themselves. It seems that after all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Another one of these poseurs is Ben Affleck whose family enslaved Afrikans, and so he directly benefited from our capture and exploitation. I am quite certain that if a thorough examination of family history were conducted, it would reveal that most of the ‘liberal’ whites who claim that “their family didn’t own any slaves” were somehow involved with enslavement, colonization, and/or white hegemony and were directly enriched from it. They now simply have the convenience of both plausible deniability, and a mass of willfully ignorant Afrikans who are enamored with having white friends and living in a post-racial society…even while we are at one of the most dangerous political moments in our history.

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ACBN: A Primer, to be released in September 2017

5 08 2017

ACBN: A Primer, is the first book written and published by Kwesi Anan Ababio.

The book discusses essential concepts about Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalism and gives full credit to those who inspired and contributed to the ideas behind the creation of this book.

The book asks and attempts to answer questions like:
Who is an Afrikan?
What is ACBN?
Why Mulattoes and Other Hybrids Are Not Afrikan?…and much more

The 142 page book is an easy, engaging read and includes a contribution by special guest author Gaspar Yanga who writes a brilliant epilogue.

The book has nearly 30 color and black & white photographs, endnotes, a bibliography, and references detailing and supporting the thesis of the book.

Get your eBook or paperback copy as soon as it is available! It is essential reading for Afrikan people in the 21st century.

Links and instructions on how to make a purchase will be posted soon.

Email to reserve your copy before September 4, 2017 to receive an email notification upon release and a 10% discount.

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Socio-Political Fissures in the European Nation

9 12 2015

I define the european nation as, “old europe”, or continental europe, and new europe, or “the expatriate european colonial states” (usa, canada, new zealand, australia, south africa, israel, kwk). In each of these areas we are starting to see fissures in the socio-political narrative and the system of social relations. Different constituencies in these areas are in a skirmish to determine the direction of the global european imperial project (sometimes referred to as globalism, white supremacy, or white hegemony). Immigration is rife throughout all of these enclaves and the “liberal internationalist” factions (which include both the neo-cons and the social liberals — so this means the right/left paradigm is a total fiction) and the “white nationalists” (who are split between the social conservatives, libertarians, and the race realists, a.k.a identitarians) are the two main groups in opposition with each other. There may be more factions, but these are the general political streams of thought percolating among the inbred mutant albino (IMA) nations at present. I will explain some of the features of these groups as I understand them, but suffice it to say, these groups are indeed at loggerheads as to what the character and nature of “whiteness” will be going forward into the 21st century given the political-economic uncertainty and the psycho-sociological upheaval occurring in a world which is more informed, cynical, and hyper-competitive. All of this notwithstanding the rise of powers which will challenge (if not eventually replace) european hegemony as it has existed and been administered from the geopolitical “west”. (The “west” includes the usa and the western eurasian colonial empires such as britain and france).

Generally speaking, whites are torn between either more multiculturalism (which will exist under the conceptual superstructure of eurocentric thought), and ethnocentric enclaves (which are white only and purport to be “not hostile” to non-whites, but just seek to maintain european values allegedly devoid of the serial lies, rape, murder, theft, and pervasive brigandage which characterised the rise of europe and the maintenance of their empire). IMA conceptions of multiculturalism dictates that everyone must be fluent in at least one european language, have european friends and/or a european spouse, and participate predominately in european/eurocentric institutions and pastimes. Followers must also be amenable to any and every european perversion and socially and ideologically driven fad that IMAs can imagine, until such time that IMAs tire of it, and need some new stimuli to satisfy their emptiness.

Now I will attempt to describe the factions in more detail.


These are former “liberals” who were liberal with regard to economic policy which would allow them to “freely” enter markets (other sovereign nations) and jostle for profits against or in partnership with other organised mafia regimes commonly referred to as corporations. They are opposed to open competition, so they seek government protection in the way of regulatory frameworks and financial handouts to support their business enterprises, research and development. This faction includes the sub-ethnic group of IMAs commonly known as “jews” and their germanic tribal cousins.

Social Liberals

These are IMAs people refer to when they speak about an abstract political faction known as the “left”. These are largely a rag-tag group of guilty whites who seek to satisfy their carnal lusts via sexual encounters with members of other races whom they have vanquished. They seek to relish in being worshipped by non-whites as white saviours and commonly adopt negro pets (as well as other non-whites) to prove that they are “open-minded” and “non-racist”. They typically have sexual vices and substance abuse problems and a vague, amorphous definition of social justice. This degeneracy however does not limit their ability to achieve status in IMA society, so often they are professionals such as lawyers, professors, media personalities, and artists. Some have even achieved wealth in the IMA economy and use this to direct and control movements and organisations purported to be in the interests of Afrikans. They support large government spending programs to keep Afrikans from organising an economy for themselves and typically promote negro spokespeople and confused “pro-black” people to propagate leftist ideology. This serves to move Afrikans into a political dead-end and delegitimises the Afrikan nationalist movement.

Social Conservatives

These are people who largely self identify as Christians and claim that the usa was created based on “Judaeo-Christian” ethics (when in fact it is based on military science and legalese). They are against abortion and promote outward displays of Christian piety such as prayer in the schools and benedictions at public events. They pride themselves on their industriousness and self-sufficiency, but once one looks below the surface one will see that they are the beneficiaries of large “white only” government grants and stolen inter-generational wealth in the form of land, and other institutions and capital. They want a return to an era when white life was openly promoted and protected and everything in the society openly reflected their values and image. Some of these people are not in the strictest sense against multiculturalism, that is only if all of the representatives of other cultures adopt “Judaeo-Christian” ethics and reflect an adoration for western (read: european) civilisation, but they are rabidly intolerant of other distinctive cultures existing within their midst which they can’t subjugate or portray as inferior.


These people believe in the fiction of the individual and individually created success. They either reject or are not aware of the fact that an individual succeeds within the context of a social system. They don’t recognise that it is the set of social relations which provide the basis for the individual to realise their individual potential. However, with the utmost irony, they claim that in lieu of the government providing social services, individuals should seek out the essential services from their own community, such as getting nuclear power from your friendly next door nuclear scientist or getting open heart surgery from your cousin. Moreover, these whites who promote the individual as the sine qua non of existence, have seen fit to form a collective in the form of The Libertarian Party who have partnered with The Green Party of America to pursue a legal challenge to the two party duopoly of the USA. They claim that people should be allowed to discriminate positively and negatively, which means if they don’t want certain people in their environments or in their places of business then they should be allowed to restrict access from those people. However, they refuse to recognise the five centuries of brigandage and at least two to three centuries of media propaganda which has destroyed the reputation of other groups of people, and not to mention the fact that IMAs have stolen these other people’s wealth. So, if libertarianism were to start tomorrow, Afrikan people would be at the most severe disadvantage since we have no wealth with which to secure our livelihood and libertarians are staunchly opposed to redistribution of wealth by any federal means. So these people just want to lock in what they have stolen, or have been the beneficiary of, through organised robbery and theft so that no other group can jeopardise their standing in the european imperial project of global white hegemony. The most dangerous thing about libertarians is that they sound rational and are often very knowledgeable about certain features of the project’s financial system. However, their ideology is totally insane and would mean immediate death and extreme chaos for Afrikan people globally if it were administered from the centres of power in the IMA global hegemonic system.

Race Realists

Race realists see multiculturalism and anti-racism as being inherently anti-white which has the ultimate goal of white genocide. They reject the guilt trip that is promoted by the liberals and typically claim that  they are just as much victims as any other group. They claim that most whites weren’t involved in colonialism and enslavement and have not benefitted at all as a result of these crimes. They see whiteness and white only nations as something to hold sacred and many reject christianity as an imperial religion foisted upon them to replace their pagan religions which they practiced prior to domination by the roman empire. They glorify their teutonic lineage and “great aryan heritage” in central and south asia and believe that race is real and inherently matters in the organisation of a society, and that if whites don’t accept this reality, genocide surely awaits. A lot of their rhetoric is similar to Afrikan Nationalist rhetoric accept it is decidedly anti-Afrikan although some of them do recognise nationalist figures whom they wish had succeeded in separating Afrikans and creating a nation for Afrikans only such as, Marcus Garvey. These people see “globalism” as a threat to their survival and are resentful of the liberals and neo-cons for promoting mass immigration into the areas and nations that they inhabit, as well as using their tax dollars to fund foreign wars and wars of conquest instead of maintaining and strengthening “western civilisation”. They also call themselves the “new right” or “communitarians” because they feel the “old right” was co-opted and largely believed in the policies of the liberals and neo-cons. Some of these people are libertarians and some are social conservatives, but what binds them is the idea that whites are a separate culture distinct from other people and that reality should be valued and preserved without them being forced to race-mix with non-whites (especially Afrikans). Many also are vehemently opposed to culturally mixing with the european jew whom some think are the cause of the cultural degeneracy of the west and the undermining of their otherwise “benevolent culture”.



I described these factions because in my view Afrikans should stop chasing after inclusion in one political faction of IMAs just because they are at war with the another faction of IMAs in the hopes of winning favours by the victorious faction in the IMA civil war. We have done this repeatedly and each time we have been denied the attainment of any goal we used as a justification for partnering with one or another faction. In fact, ofttimes we only served as canon fodder in order to realise the fleeting promise of “freedom, brotherhood, & equality”. It is my view that Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalism (ACBN) is the appropriate political rationale that will serve the power interests of Afrikans. This ACBN rationale speaks to all of the factors that go into building and maintaining a civilisation because ACBN includes the social, psychological, biological, political, economic, technological, historical, linguistic, and spiritual aspects of an authentic civilisation which can be designed and fashioned in the interests of authentic Afrikan people, and most importantly, for the survival of Afrikan people. We, Afrikans, have wasted a lot of time being marxists, socialists, liberals, and the newest fad the “black conservative”. The one common thread in all of these ideologies is that the most successful adherents to them have all been preoccupied with chasing sexual favours and marriage with non-Afrikan people, and most often european males and females. This should indicate that the ideological design of these philosophies only serve IMAs and not Afrikans. Moreover, the common by-product of them is to create more confused and disruptive mixed-race people whom the whites reject. These offspring then enter Afrikan ranks to sow more confusion and disorder. It is time that Afrikans focus on Afrikans’ problems, and through that endeavour, strive to build power in order to secure our existence from these eurasians who aim at, and are capable of, destroying us.

Why mulattoes and other hybrids are not Afrikan

1 06 2014
(or if Jesus’ colour doesn’t matter, why was it necessary to depict him as white?)

It took me a year to finally accept this conclusion. I had an argument with a YouTuber concerning this issue in reference to a video he posted entitled “Just because you got black in you.” He proceeded to say that racially mixed people (i.e. people with parents from two distinctly different racial groups with one being Black/Afrikan) are not Afrikan and I predictably had an emotional argument referencing the systematic rape that occurred to Afrikans perpetrated by whites (Europeans) in the USA which resulted in the wider spectrum of skin colour seen in the Afrikan population in the US today. However, after failing to convince him and unsubscribing from his channel, I had several months to listen to interviews and read a lot of material, historical, biological, sociological, and political. I eventually reached the conclusion that indeed he is correct. Hybridized people are not Afrikan and should not be accepted as such.


Before you throw around the term “racist”, let me define the term as per my understanding, The terms “racism” and “racist” are actually misnomers. The phenomena should more accurately be termed “ethnocentric economic protectionism for the purposes of seeking, securing and wielding wealth and power”. Understandably, with this more accurate term, it is more convenient for the “racists” to use the former terminology because it deftly conceals the true nature of the phenomenon and makes confused, naive, and unsuspecting people believe that “anyone can be racist” because they treat someone of another race or more appropriately termed “geno-cultural group” (Baruti, 2006), rudely or make disparaging comments about them. Moreover, the more academically accepted terms “white supremacists” and “white supremacy” are actually not correct terms either, although from a eurocentric point of view these terms do surreptitiously stimulate the “utamaroho” (Ani, 1994), of Europeans and people classified as white, these terms are nevertheless used to describe the phenomenon in critical race theory and other fields of study. The appropriate terms are actually either “white world domination by terror” (Kambon, 2006) or “white hegemony”. This is an ideology that holds that whites are better, smarter, and more capable producers and managers of wealth than non-white people, and specifically those categorised as black. Hence it justifies by any means necessary the total destruction of any successful model of development independent of whites or without white people leading, organising and directing it. The logic of this racial hierarchical model proceeds downward with each racial group being more adept at this activity than the lower caste. This ideology informs the system of “white supremacy” that is presently masquerading as globalism. Therefore, it is impossible for a non-white victim (and especially Afrikans) of this system to be a racist, practice racism, be a white supremacist, white hegemonist, or participate in white ethnocentric economic protectionism or “white world domination by terror” in any way that ultimately benefits his or her existence within his or her geno-cultural group and the group as a whole entity as such.


So back to why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Firstly, I would like to posit the view that mulattoes are genome terminator entities, meaning that they can’t reproduce themselves like their respective parents can if they had have mated with one of their own geno-cultural group. A mulatto must mate with another mulatto to reproduce themselves or else their offspring reverts back towards whichever geno-cultural group they have chosen to mate with or they create another hybridised offspring should they decide to mate with another hybridised person or someone from a geno-cultural group which is not one of their parents. Hence their genome pattern cannot maintain structural integrity and they terminate. This is actually the strongest argument for why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Every other geno-cultural group on the planet knows this including the hybridised groups such as the Arabs. The Hispanic/Latinos are another matter which I will address later. I won’t discuss the Indians of South Asia (see the talk by Dr. Velu Annamalai – “Dali: The Black Untouchables of India” on YouTube) but one could reasonably compare my discussion below of the Hispanic/Latinos with that of the Indians, although it is not entirely the same. Other geno-cultural groups never accept a hybrid as one of them. This DOES NOT mean that they treat the hybrid unkindly or should do so in all cases, nor does it mean that the hybrid cannot participate in economic or educational opportunities. However, at the level of strategic power in which the lives and destiny of the geno-cultural group are at stake, hybrids have no place, no relevant voice in matters such as these as they are not part of the geno-cultural group’s GENETIC survival. This is an error that Afrikan people have made. They have assumed that because of “racist” practices of other geno-cultural groups to cast off their hybrids among us, even when they have been created but not fully accepted among the ranks of others, and furthermore the other groups made rules about why they have done so, (i.e. the one drop rule), we have felt an obligation to accept them which has resulted in a non-exclusive preachment befalling the Afrikan geno-cultural group. This failure to address who is Afrikan and who is not has left us vulnerable to infiltration, not only by hybrids, but by non-Afrikans under the false claim that they are too Afrikan because they were either born on the Afrikan continent, they have some distant ancestor who participated in or was raped into producing a hybrid, or they cling to an as yet unproven theory of the “out of Afrika hypothesis” of human origin founded with the propagation of Darwin’s THEORY of evolution. This has left Afrikan people without a codified set of standards, rules and regulations about who is an Afrikan and has exposed us to confused mulattoes seeking a constituency and other unscrupulous interlopers seeking to dominate us.


It was part of racist practices of our enemies to create a one-drop rule. White men did it so they wouldn’t have to legally and formally acknowledge the offspring they had as a result of raping Afrikan women and mulattoes. In fact, I would submit that non-Afrikans who pursue sexual relations with Afrikan people are practicing ethnocentric economic protectionism by way of furthering the social hegemonic aspect of this system, albeit it in a vulgar, perverted, and insidiously biologically destructive way. These people know full well that at present Afrikan people are the least respected geno-cultural group on the planet, so they are seeking to fulfill a need to feel superior to someone through a sexual encounter (which is one of the most vulnerable situations, psychologically and spiritually, a victim of this assault can engage in) which is done most likely due to a sense of inferiority in the non-Afrikan’s own geno-cultural group, or the perpetrators are inherently lustful and perverted and seek to satisfy carnal sexual fetishes at the expense of the non-geno-cultural other, in this case the Afrikan.


The Afrikan geno-cultural group is under no obligation through this behaviour to “accept” mulatto offspring as part of our geno-cultural group anymore than other geno-cultures. It is due to our relative powerlessness and refusal to strictly define who is an Afrikan that has lead to this confusion. Afrikans as part of our liberation and industrial renaissance of Afrikan civilisation, must codify and institutionalise a valid definition of who is an Afrikan. I would suggest reading Chinweizu’s discussion of the “mirror test” for some insight into this matter (Chinweizu, 2006).


Now concerning the so-called Hispanics or Latinos. The term Hispanic simply means a person who speaks Spanish. It is not a racial classification. Therefore, since Spain is in Europe, Hispanics are primarily European white people. The victims of the conquistadors, who were forced to speak the language are largely the remnants of the indigenous nations which were extant in the Americas prior to invasion from Europe. There has been massive hybridisation due to the forced rape practiced by the Europeans and the voluntary rape that results from having been conquered wherein both women and men seek to relate in an intimate way with the geno-cultural group that represents power and control in the imposed society. Latino is a Spanish word that means Latin. Latin is another now defunct language that was spoken in Europe. So the two terms to refer to this group are European languages in origin which have nothing to do with the heritage culture of the preponderance of people in the Americas that these terms indicate. Latin or Latino is used because that was the language of the political theological institution (the Catholic Church) used to repress the minds and cultural rituals of the victims of the colonial enterprise in order to make a more docile population able to be exploited efficiently.  Detractors or rebels of the theological doctrine were tortured or killed, so this created a fervent adherence to the religion closely intertwined with one’s own survival which we still see presently. Today in this population, since those people who speak Spanish in the Americas are from various origins (i.e. Afrika, Europe, and indigenous American nations), it cannot be said that these people are a distinct race. In fact the archetypical “Latino” or “Hispanic” is actually a hybridised person who is conditioned in a false consciousness to identify with the colonial culture that was cultivated by European settler-conquerors. Within this group there are still enclaves that have retained their indigenous language and cultural practices, but for racist reasons they are labeled as “Latino/Hispanic” to again stimulate the utamaroho of the European descendants and immigrants that are interspersed in this population, so that they feel a sense of comfort knowing that the language still reflects their own worldview and identity. The majority of the hybrids in this population are victims, and some have reproduced to the degree that they can be considered a distinct geno-cultural group or race, but they have not as yet organised themselves in such a manner mainly because they are still prisoners of the European colonial social construct. Additionally, given the imperial reliance on their economic activity as a source for raw materials, cheap labor, and consumption markets, they are victimised economically and therefore cannot undertake the necessary steps to develop themselves in this way. Moreover, they still have confused Afrikans (who are descendents of enslaved Afrikans and are still repressed by both the hybrids, and Europeans) suffering from a false consciousness within their midst, as well as Europeans that are desperately trying to maintain their colonial relationship and keep enact their white hegemonist system of exploitation. Therefore, the people known as “Hispanic/Latinos” contain people on the spectrum of hybridised individuals, culturally mis-oriented Afrikans, indigenous nationals, and criminal Europeans attempting to persist in the maintenance of the monstrosity they have created.


On the other hand the Arabs have been able to organise themselves into a geno-cultural group. This was largely done 1400 years ago through the development of their own political theological institution known as Islam which is simply Arab Christianity (Popp, 2010). Even though there are hybrids contained in the Arab population, they are either historical hybrids produced in antiquity when these white groups invaded Kemet (Egypt) and created offspring with Afrikan women, or they are offspring of the degenerate Arabs that have kidnapped Afrikan women in the present era and used them for their perverted pleasure as sex slaves. The hybrids they create are used to oppress Afrikans in Afrika and promote the expansion of Arab nationalism (i.e. Islam), even though these hybrids are repressed and discriminated as not really being Arabs themselves. It is a psychological phenomenon that is a result of both hybridisation and power relationships being enforced by the Arabs on their Black Afrikan victims which compels the hybrids’ fealty to the white Arab dominators. The hybrids see the true Afrikans as powerless so even though they are mistreated by their fathers’ geno-cultural group, they feel the power that is available and the superior social and economic position they have as Arab identified hybrids, gives them the motivation to mistreat the Afrikans in a brutal way for their fathers’ people. So since these two groups, the Arabs and Hispanic/Latinos, are organised for white power and whites have used sexual predatory practices to attack their victims and consolidate their control, it does not mean that the hybrids are white, nor does it mean that their non-white status is a basis of solidarity with Afrikans. This is a MAJOR historical point that Afrikans have missed, refuse to accept, or have been deliberately mis-educated from knowing. The multiplicity of these factors has brought about the MASSIVE confusion about this matter. The subject is so sensitive that to even broach the topic with many Afrikans will result in emotional outbursts and vicious name-calling instead of calm deliberation and effective implementation of the proper provisions that would protect Afrikans from being used as the world’s sexual toilet and dumping ground.


Lastly, and this is a radical position, I don’t think that Afrikans and Europeans, or for that matter other geno-cultural groups, are the same “species”. Now before you levy a charge of “Eugenics”, I am arguing that the criteria and hence the definition of “THE human species” is incorrect and specifically culturally derived from European culturally structured thought (Ani, 1994) to serve political purposes and a quest for power. One of the main criterion for Europeans arguing that now (after several previous theories about the sub-human status of Afrikans and other races) humans are one species and there is “no such thing as race” is that different geno-cultural groups or these “non-existent races” can breed with one another, hence if two biological entities can procreate together it supports the likelihood that they are part of the same species, whereas if two biological entities cannot breed, for example a cat and a bird, then they are two different species. This notion is absolutely absurd. I think far too much emphasis has been placed on the breeding criterion and fact that whites and blacks for instance can have hybrid children and therefore, there is no difference other than skin colour between us and subsequently, we should then “not see colour” and accept all as human. This directive notwithstanding, in the Afrikan worldview and traditional Afrikan societies, Afrikans never posited the idea that people were “born human”. Human beings had to be developed through education and socialisation, and upon successful completion of this process, then the status of human was imparted upon an individual within the Afrikan socio-cultural context. (Baruti, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009) It was not simply bestowed because one was born of a homo sapiens sapiens male and female. This is a distinct difference that exposes the cultural nature of Europeans’ scientific classification and purposes. Basically, I am arguing that Afrikans, Europeans, Asians, “Amerindians”, and other hybridised people constitute different species of the human “family”. The word “family” in this sense is of a biological or taxonomical grouping, not the emotionally laden image of mom and hugs from your grandmother that the colloquial use of the term “family” generates. I am not arguing for some “shiny happy people” view of humans on earth or that we should all start holding hands and be blind to the different interests of these geno-cultural groups and their different destinies. It is quite obvious that the Amerindian nations of North America had a decidedly different destiny than say the “Sinic” East Asians, so I purport that this fact is still present today, although hidden under universalist and globalist rhetoric. The main point is that if two species or types of humans from two separate and distinct geno-cultural groups procreate, it stands to logic that the offspring is neither one nor the other geno-cultural group, and thereby constitutes a new geno-cultural entity that must proceed to either develop a cohesive group with other hybrids, or must “disappear” back into one or the other parent’s geno-cultural group. Azania and its “coloured” population is a stark example of this phenomenon, as are the Arabs and Hispanic/Latinos, although to a lesser degree, that I mentioned before. Nevertheless, I will not take time now to argue whether or not the Afrikan parentage of humanity is valid, but suffice it to say that the present definitive difference in geno-cultures will remain until one or more are exterminated by another (which I am not advocating, but is nonetheless a possibility). So, under these conditions, for Afrikans to help promote and accelerate this process by claiming that all hybrids with one Afrikan parent are Afrikan and are not either a separate geno-cultural group, or are not Afrikan and are part of the other parent’s geno-cultural group, (because hopefully at some point we will have the consciousness and power of definition to codify and implement this idea into reality) is a recipe for extinction and assisted genocide.




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A Marshall Plan for the African Diaspora!

17 07 2012

Hello Bloggers! Thank you for visiting The Lumumba Afrika Report! Below is a response to a blog called The Wattree Chronicle. You can find the original post here. I suggest you read it and then submit any comments you have. However, please follow the established decorum policy as written on the About Me page. I have published my response below in its entirety.

Reply to The Wattreee Chronicle:

Greetings! I read your blog entry and I would like to respond with a line-by-line analysis and critique of your editorial on Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and Barack Obama. I would like to explain my personal position about these matters and highlight places where we may agree, and point to areas of disagreement. I will preface this by saying that I refer to myself, and others of my “race” as African people, so I will do that here, except when I quote you or refer to information in your article when you use the term “Black”.

You say that it is not Barack Obama’s (BO) job to address “Black” issues. However, BO doesn’t have a problem addressing the issues of homosexuals, “Latinos”, Euro-Americans (whites), the financial sector, the health insurance industry, and the military-industrial complex. His supporters argued, during his first campaign for the presidency, that “he can’t say anything for African-Americans or else white people won’t vote for him.” Well this statement alone speaks to the implicit knowledge of the existence of persistent white supremacy as a functioning ideology. It was also argued that he was attempting to become the president for all US citizens, not just African-Americans. Well, I would like to ask rhetorically, aren’t Africans-Americans US citizens too? If so, why can’t he address our issues? It seems that this position is more of a tactic to neutralize any criticism from this constituency and absolve the President of any responsibility to answer our grievances whether historically or currently. This lays the foundation for the next President, especially if he or she is a Euro-American, not to do anything or even acknowledge the special circumstance of Africans in America. The next President can take the position that assumes if the “first Black President” doesn’t need to do anything to address your collective issues, why should the new non-African-American president do so? This is a dangerous precedent because for one thing, Africans in America are not immigrants. To quote Claud Anderson, we are “non-immigrants”. Which gives us a special status, not unlike the indigenous nations of people whose treaties with the USA have been illegally broken and they have been remanded to concentration camps called reservations. This is eerily similar to the concentration camps to which many African men and increasingly African women are being sent, which are called prisons. We as Africans still in America should consider these parallel phenomena.

Next you say that the Africans in America should stop “waiting for a messiah” and “it is the responsibility of the Black community to address Black issues.” That sounds good, but the problem with that is that no other ethnic group does this. Remember the Tea Party? How about the so-called Latino demonstrations in the last decade? The “Latinos” cannot write and pass the legislation themselves, can they? This position you take is a fantasy that is a veritable propaganda campaign to convince people of the “boot strap” theory of economic success which defies the very history of government action to intervene on the part of Euro-Americans at key points in the history of the socio-economic development of the USA. For example, the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program was created during the Great Depression and was limited to Euro-American women whose husbands had deserted them. This case is interesting because it seems that when a community is economically deprived, the families break apart. Do you think we can apply this knowledge to analyze the situation of any other group in the USA? Secondly, even though we are not taught to think of it in this way, the wave of immigration from Europe in the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century was a huge government program for Europeans only. It was a government supported initiative to increase the population of nominal white people in the USA. The government wanted to specifically dilute the large percentage of the population which were Africans. Where is the similar program like this for Africans from the continent? Oh yeah, I forgot, it was called slavery.

Moreover, you bemoan the fact that because we are adults now, and have a large (dispersed) consumer group that we should be doing things to “turn our community around” because “we have the resources to do the job”. Well, I agree with both points, but asking a person who is making $18,000 a year to start an economic program to “turn the community around” is beyond the ability of that person to do. Furthermore, if several people making a salary in the same range get together, they could still only barely make an impact unless there is a large institutional structure with several departments to direct and recruit membership by creating an economy of scale to even be effective. This is where I part with this “boot-strap” theory which, in my opinion, is essentially a “blame the victim” cop-out. The people who should be initiating this are the people who are continually let off of the hook in this equation, which is the wealthy class of Africans and the African leadership from the five spheres of influence. This is what Dr. Umar Johnson refers to as the SPREE–Status individuals (e.g. school superintendent, chief of police), Politicians, Religious leaders, Educational academics, and Entertainment professionals. These are the people with the financial capital, the influence, the intellect, (ostensibly) and the organizational ability to create these institutions into which Africans can invest a small portion of their consumer income for community building. It has happened before (e.g. Marcus Garvey), so why aren’t they doing it now? I know, we can point out that Garvey ultimately failed, but today there is no FBI program targeting Africans in America anymore to infiltrate and sabotage our institutions. We can do what we want without fear from the white man and institutional white supremacy stopping us, right? Oprah is a billionaire, and I don’t here a mumbling word from all of these “boot-strap” theorists and Obama defenders about the responsibility that she, Cosby, Johnson, and Jordan are avoiding. They could easily create a 25 to 50 million dollar endowment to start an African-American think-tank and investment fund to address the specific issues that concern the African community. They could employ the thousands of African university graduates from the USA, the Diaspora, and the African continent itself to develop programs, policy initiatives, remedies, recommendations, and strategies to address these issues. They could create a national credit union and find people with experience in finance and banking who are African and primarily market this opportunity to all African-Americans to invest in an interest bearing fund and open a savings or checking account for personal banking. This investment fund could be used to build business and projects which would yield a retirement stipend for its shareholders. It could go to invest in African communities in the USA and establish relationships with other Africans in the Diaspora and on the continent for the purposes of educational, cultural, and economic training and partnership programs. Exchange programs could be set up for African students to come to the USA or for Africans in the USA to go to Africa and to participate in language and cultural exchange programs.  University students could do study abroad programs, and a scholarship fund can be set up for African students to study in majors which are in need on the continent and within the community. Students accept the scholarship as a loan with the understanding that they must serve for a demonstrable minimum amount of time working on issues in the community to change the reality of Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora in order for the debt to be forgiven. Community learning centers and media distribution networks could be set-up and franchised to disseminate knowledge of our history and issues that are important to us as Africans.  These places could employ the thousands of teachers that are being laid-off and fired from public schools across the USA. Why don’t they do something like what I have just described? I am no millionaire, and I don’t have the caché of the African intelligentsia, nor the influence of the entertainment moguls to do this, but they do. And yet we continually blame the guy on the corner with a 40 ounce beer and sagging pants or the single mother with too many children for not “doing something” to change their communities, and no one calls out the big fish for doing the same thing—which is nothing at all!

Furthermore, the pathologies that afflict Africans in America are well documented and we know the cause. Yet this cause is taboo, and the critics of Africans’ plight in the USA say that to solve these ills, we should stop talking about the cause and take personal responsibility. This is laughable, because the perpetrators of the problems which were the beginning of our woes have never taken any responsibility. Radical new approaches like what I have laid out need to be taken, but they are not being done, why?

You say we should “fight for our piece of the pie”. Well, what if there is poison baked into the pastry? The basis for the foundation of the USA cannot be overlooked, and to say now that we should just seek to benefit from the centuries of organized criminality which resulted in our enslavement is severely misguided. No one has said that “we should wait for someone to come to our rescue and twist political arms”, that is what the financial elite and wealthy bankers on Wall Street do, but we should recognize that among many Africans in America, there is pervasive mis-education about the world and our history in the world. There is a lack of understanding about our fundamental circumstances in the USA, and an inability to talk honestly and frankly about our history in this country including analyzing the goals, strategies, and outcomes of the Civil Rights movement to come to a understanding of whether or not it accomplished what we sought. I would argue that it hasn’t or else we would not have our present predicament. In relation to this, I agree with your critique of the self-appointed leadership, but the reason they are there is because the Black Power/Liberation movements and the Civil Rights movement were co-opted, and crushed. Into the vacuum of leadership came the present bunch of buffoons, and there exists today no widespread grassroots organization into which ordinary Africans can seek membership. This is the negative outgrowth of the political assassinations and the misdirection of the Civil Rights movement into electoral politics, it was not due to the shortcomings and peccadilloes of African-Americans.

The tendency of refusing to vote is not only limited to the African community either. The average percentage of voters each election year is roughly 37% during a congressional only year and about 50-55% during a presidential election, the African population in the USA is 13%, so some others think voting is worthless too, not just us. Moreover, you speak of the empty churches that don’t open to employ people for babysitting jobs, and ridicule the preachers for absconding to the suburbs with the parishioners’ money, well, these churches actually operate under a government program called the Faith-based initiative (FBI), started by George W. Bush, (a former president of the USA) to actually control the organizing ability, political culture, and the actions of these churches, which explains why you see the activity you mentioned.

Additionally, in a few paragraphs in your piece, you made allusions to African-American behavior like “watching Kobe’s jump shot” and to paraphrase “parents allowing their children to watch hip hop videos that are instilling negative values”, well this may be a valid point, however, in order for this to be really understood deeply, we have to study the history and nature of the mass media and the propaganda apparatus themselves. Without doing such, we are really limited in knowing the full impact and function of things like professional sports and music videos. If we understand this, and the pervasive saturation of these media in our culture, it would be very difficult not to know why it has the impact it does. To put it bluntly, it produces this behavioral effect by design! Since we don’t have education programs to inform people of what the effects of the media are now and historically, especially concerning Africans and the depiction of us, there is no way we can criticize people for exhibiting the behavior they do after consuming these media, especially if we don’t understand the phenomena ourselves.

Again, I am no a fan of Tavis or Cornel, but to say that they should have “wait(ed)” until Obama was sworn in to criticize him is ridiculous. Let those two do whatever, they want. We know what they are. They are part of the Entertainment and Education classes of the African petit bourgeoisie, so to expect anything at all from them or Al, Jesse, and others is unrealistic. Their function is to either support the system, or to be the official critics, beyond which no criticism is allowed to be even heard. There are several more incisive critiques of Obama that have much more relevance, but they are being drowned out and ignored so that West and Smiley can give benign, unfocused criticism about something as unspecific as poverty. They haven’t addressed any of the issues that I have mentioned in this piece, and what I have said hardly scratches the surfaces of what could be pointed out as failings on the part of Obama and the Africans of exceptional accomplishments in America. And regarding your accusation of Tavis Smiley’s figurative demand for Obama to “kiss his ring”, Obama did go on his show on October 18, 2007. It is on YouTube for crissake’s! Why would you make such a large oversight?

I won’t readdress your criticism of Cornel West since I already stated what I think about him, but I find it ironic that in a post where you are basically defending Obama’s decision to ignore the African community for his own higher moral and intellectually superior reasons, you then criticize the major media for hyping Cornel West as an intellectual. Don’t you think the media has assisted in creating the image of Obama as the same kind of superior intellectual? Why would not the media be wrong about both men concerning their aptitude for the positions they hold? It seems that the brunt of your attack in the piece is directed at the most powerless in the entire equation—African people—and that you further use your energy to attack the supposed spokesmen for these people, Smiley and West, all the while defending the most privileged, aloof, and elitist of them all, another Ivy League graduate, Barack Hussein Obama himself!

Then confusingly in the twelfth paragraph, you say that the media are “dragging Black people through the mud”, but in the opening six paragraphs, you basically do the same thing. You say that the media are embracing West, and we should be skeptical of these media figures, and then immediately say that Africans should stop listening to people who “tell us what we want to hear” but listen to people who tell us what we “need to hear”. People are prepared to hear what they are prepared to hear. If they have been indoctrinated and mis-educated for decades, how are they supposed to know what they need to hear? It sounds like more blaming the victim to me, I think you should really start examining the history and structures of the United States’ indoctrination system from the media to education in order to understand why it is so easy for a person like Cornel West to be offered as an acceptable intellectual, and why people have the basic assumptions in the first place to accept what he is saying as profound, or at least to accept his image as an intellectual. If you study this history, I think you will find out why we are behaving in this manner. If you haven’t already seen the lecture or read her book, see or read “Post-Traumatic Slavery Syndrome” by Dr. Joy DeGruy.

Lastly, you say that Obama’s shortcomings are in failing to address the threat of the GOP. Why do you think he is doing that? He is a smart man isn’t he? Maybe his actions are done intentionally, and the real owners of the USA, the powers behind the throne, don’t want him to succeed in his articulated campaign agenda, so we have what amounts to political theater where we have the good cop / bad cop motif. You know the routine. It’s similar to the Charlie Brown and Lucy bit. It’s when Obama tries really hard to get things passed, but those nasty old Republicans just won’t let him do it. Darn! You sit back and watch and say something to the effect of:

I wish he had a majority in the house and senate, and then he could really make things happen.

Oh but wait, he did have  majorities. However, because he didn’t fulfill his campaign promises, the Democratic voters stayed home and the Tea Party crazies came out in droves to vote the way they always have voted—on a straight white nationalist ticket. So much for our friends the white liberals!

Finally, you said condescendingly that “race was the last war and this one is about class”. My friend, class has always been the war. I think it was Khalid Muhammad, who said it best: (to paraphase)

“Some people say it’s a class issue. Well, wherever the black-white dynamic exists, you’ll find the White is the upper class, and the Black is the lower class.”

Class isn’t just about a well-paying job and a nice house. It is about self—determination as a nation of people, and social wealth built up between members of that nation. It is about a group having their own holidays, folk-ways, mores, festivals, rights of passages, language, names, and world view. It is recognition by other nations that you are protected from ill-treatment because one belongs to a strong nation that can come to the aid of its people through defense systems. It is about having for each individual deferential privileges which are distinct from others who are not members or citizens of your nation. It is about commanding assumptions from others of possessing strength, character, moral values, and intellect that are deemed to be present without one having to disprove a negative. It is so much more the merely, having a degree and working in a multi-cultural, post-racial environment. Obama, West, and Smiley represent none of that.

Thanks for reading!

Open Letter to Professor Denis Rancourt

17 07 2012

This entry, as the title states, is an open letter to Canadian professor at the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt. This gentleman is seeking reinstatement to his position as professor after being targeted for political expulsion due to some of his views on the Palestinian rights struggle, among other things. At present, he is defending himself in a slander lawsuit against an administrative official, Ms. Joanne St. Lewis at his former university. You can read the complete story at this white so-called “liberal” blog. Please read it before you read my open letter so you can establish some context. I welcome any comments that you have on my new post. Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

Dear Professor Rancourt,

              Hello. I read about your travails on the Internet blog of Stephen J. Lendeman. This is a man whose articles I often read for deeper analysis and commentary on current events and sociopolitical issues. After reading of your predicament concerning the harassment and unjustified termination you received, you have my sympathies, and I hope you can succeed in continuing to teach students and others about the plight of the Palestinians and the other threats and affronts to justice around the world.

With that said, here comes the dreaded “but” which I am sure you were anticipating.

Speaking as an African man who was born in the United States, I have experienced first hand the institutional white supremacy in society, especially in the corporate world. I likely have similar political views as you do, in particular regarding the Palestinian struggle. I actually think that it is analogous to seeing the genocide of the indigenous nations of North America in real-time, right before our eyes. So I have sympathy and solidarity with their cause for this reason as well as because of the historical experience of my people, Africans in America, which brings me to my point.

Knowing the terrorism that Africans in the USA have faced in the past, and examining the Orwellian nature of the proclaimed “post-racial” period of the present, I know that there are still things that I, as an African, cannot say to a Euro-American directly and without the context being understood. Not the least of which is due to the hope of avoiding misunderstanding, but above all if they don’t know my authentic meaning, or if they are ignorant of my intent and have no knowledge of history on their part, then I would feel it were a wasted effort and done so only for self-gratification on my part. I have been the victim of this white supremacist culture by being summarily fired without cause just as you have, and if I used a sexist epithet towards the woman who fired me, whilst attempting to seek damages and restitution for an unjust act, I would expect the offended individual to use all of the force she had at her disposal to work against my interest–even if I felt I was right! So, as an African man, I and other strategic African men and women would not resort to name calling if indeed we had a legitimate case to argue and hoped to win. Now in private conversations of course other language could be used, but in public discourse, an oppressed person must be cautious in how they proceed, especially if they intend to use the apparatus of the state to seek justice.

Therefore, in my opinion calling Ms St. Lewis by the racial pejorative was wrong on your part for the following reasons. First, you apparently evoked Malcolm X as justification for your use of the term. Malcolm X was not struggling within the system to change it. Malcolm X was a revolutionary and was seeking to dismantle the system, not to seek redress from the ruling class. Secondly, he used the term while speaking to his own people, which were/are formerly enslaved Africans. The fact that in North America people of different ethnicities all speak English, sometimes falsely gives us the impression that we should be able to use any term with anybody, just because it is in the language that we speak. Unfortunately this is incorrect. To use an analogy, if you have an argument with a family member and your rage builds to the point that you called this relative by a pejorative epithet, that does not mean that I have the same liberty to do so, and especially in a public forum. I might use a negative term to refer to your relative in private or without you or your relative present, but it would be highly distasteful for me to do it in your presence and in the presence of your relative. Furthermore, it would be inconceivable of me not to expect some sort of retaliation. Therefore a cautious and strategic person seeking to actually win a favorable decision would refrain from inciting any more actions which could be perceived as negative and bring negative consequences. In addition, yes Malcolm X did used the term “house negro” when speaking to Africans. But he did it (in the speech “Message to the Grassroots” as you know) to explain a situation which existed for Africans in America historically and to describe the predicament they faced. He did it to teach Africans about their history and instill knowledge of themselves. However, people often forget that Malcolm also referred to any stranger, colleague, or adversary with whom he was engaged in debate or discussion by “sir or ma’am”. This is often forgotten about Malcolm when people listen to his fiery rhetoric about the situation of Africans in America. People forget that he often used very respectful, honorific terms, and employed manners and personal etiquette even when he was in intense disagreement with someone.

Lastly, your evaluation of Ms. St. Lewis might be correct. However, even I would not call a non-public figure and personally accomplished woman of African descent a “house negro”, particularly after all of the horror, rape, and negative media depictions that have been heaped upon the African women’s psyche, even if in my heart of hearts, in accordance with Brother Malcolm’s assessment, she was indeed acting like one—I would not do it—especially if I were a white man or Euro-Canadian. Sir, even if you are right in your view of Ms. St. Lewis, the historical relationship that African women and European men have had which included of rape, the siring illegitimate children while in bondage (as a veritable sex slave), pedophilia, the selling of her children, and sexual objectification of her should bring a degree of restraint by a supposed human rights and justice activist and educator. I understand that she is a tool of the institution. I understand that a woman such as this is being charged with the task of executing a political retaliation upon you for the sake of the institutional objective of maintaining the progression towards fascist policies that we see in many institutions today. However, this fight now is serious and it is reaching all sectors of society. What we need now from people who are ostensibly fighting to bring about a world based on justice is not to get caught up in delusions of grandeur by attempting to emulate the great revolutionary rhetoricians of the past, but to understand the inherent contradictions of an international system build on the ideology of white supremacy which serves as a justification for structural inequality, colonialism, private wealth accumulation, male privilege, murder, theft, and environmental degradation. The stakes are too high for us to lose battles that we can obviously win along the way toward ultimate victory just so that we can fulfill our fantasies of “telling it to ’em like Malcolm did”.


Lumumba Afrika

Recent Comments I Have Made on Articles

11 07 2012

Hello all! Welcome back to The Lumumba Afrika Report. Recently some interesting articles have been published on various news websites that I follow, and I would like to share some of the comments I have made and some replies to other people’s comments. I will begin each entry by describing a few details, post the link to the article, then show my comment. I hope you like it!!

The first article is a reply to an article in the Washington Post about the mortgage fraud and criminal racket that was exposed recently and victimized many so-called “home owners” (whom I like to call mortgage payers to the international banking cartel) in the United States. The article is entitled “For black Americans, financial damage from the subprime implosion is likely to last

I suggest that you read the article first if you are not familiar with this issue. I am quite familiar with the financial devastation which is afflicting Africans in America, and the only surprise is that the Washington Post is so late with publishing a story like this. I was well aware of this whole criminal racket at least 2 years ago.

Anyway, I posted this comment below originally.

It is interesting that this asian (sic) writer described Africans in Americans as “black” and moreover, wrote the word in a lower case letter with the term “American” capitalized. It lets you know what the yellows really think of us. But you Africans keep going to their stores and restaurants to give them your money for a plateful of diabetes. You allow them to come into D.C. and fire all of the educators of your children, which is paving the way for the “nice white college grads” to come in and impart the knowledge that they learned from four years of insobriety at the local state university. You think this sub-prime mortgage thing was just an accident? Wake-up!! Oh, but I guess you can’t because you have been educated by the same system you are turning your children over to. There is a proverb from one of the indigenous nations of North America which states,

“Only when the last tree is cut down, the last river is polluted, and the last buffalo is killed, will (the white) man realize that he cannot eat money.”

I will phrase that saying in a slightly different way.

Only when the last African man is imprisoned & executed, and when the last African women is sterilized after she aborts her fetus will Africans realize that the system of white supremacy was their enemy and could not be integrated into.

You need your own nation Africa! Wake up!

I then returned to see if anyone was brave enough to reply and of course there were no people who had read my comment with enough degree of understanding to do so, however, I did get one “thumbs up” as a recommendation, for which I am extremely grateful. It gives me some encouragement to know that a few people out there in the blogosphere know the real issues aside from propaganda.

So after checking my comment, I perused the rest of the comment section and found the following comment, which to me, was indicative of the ignorance that many Euro-american liberals have nowadays. I am personally committed to exposing these wolves in sheep’s clothing and this is a perfect example of where Euro-liberalism has gone wrong (if it ever was right), and how they are attempting to pacify the growing discontent and realization among many African people and other victims of European oppression, that their moral statements and liberal ideals are really totally self-serving. Many of these Euro-liberals are simply modern-day religious missionaries, who use multiculturalism instead of Christianity as an ideology to command and control populations which are simultaneously held captive by the policy of military containment and occupation, perpetrated by the cousins of these Euro-liberals, the European imperialists.

From the comment section:

rus572-media wrote:
I would just like to point out that this article was framed in an entirely racial tone. Divide and conquer – that’s what the wealthy are doing. This isn’t something that just happened to people of color. Don’t you wonder how this story would read if it was written to include all of the poor and lower-to-middle class, regardless of color? This racial thing is the first thing that rises up in the news, and it’s an old, tired argument that is designed to keep us separated and engender hate and fear. I know so many people of mixed race, but are called “black” because it was the “blacks” or “colored” people who accepted them. The wealthy are extremely aware of this bias, and exploit it for all that it’s worth. DON’T LET THEM DO THIS TO US AGAIN – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, OF ALL COLORS AND RACES! I am white, but I’m sick to death of this race-baiting and fear mongering! Furthermore, I have talked to MANY white people who feel the same way, so I’m not speaking in a vacuum about something that I don’t know anything about. I’m 56 years old. I grew up in the south in the time of the Jim Crow laws. I remember “Separate, but equal”. I went to school in one of the LAST school districts to integrate. If you REALLY consider yourself intelligent, then pause and think about this. Are you basing your thoughts, your life, and your actions on what a fear mongerer or a race-baiter (sic) is saying? Or are you using your God-given brain to make up your own mind about what is REALLY going on? There are SOME people whose livelihood depends upon stirring the pot of racial division, and they will say or do whatever it takes to keep the separation of races and the hate that accompanies it eternally alive. They will NEVER settle on anything, because they will then no longer have any relevance. I have a very close white friend who has two mixed-race children that he loves very much. This is no longer rare, hidden, or any special exception. What do these mixed race children think about this? They are the ones who will suffer more, because of this insidious racial division! WAKE UP!!! IT ISN’T 1960 ANY MORE!!!
My reply was the following:

You are ridiculous! What nationality are you? Not race, NATIONALITY! This is what defines who you are. If you really want to get down to it, (and this is probably over your head) IT WAS NEVER 1960! We only call it that because of how the Roman Catholic Church started to calculate time once it established political dominance over Europe. Time, was and is, calculated differently by different cultures. Simply because we call this year by a different number, does not mean that racial problems and the legacy of racist crimes do not still exist. Furthermore, I don’t care about your friend’s half-breed children. He should have stuck with his own, and he would have, if he knew who he was, but he doesn’t. I don’t have any sympathy for so-called white people who are “tired” of the race issue. Their ancestors should have stayed in Europe where they belonged instead of immigrating to the USA to benefit from the land grabs and the genocide of the indigenous nations. They should have stayed in Europe and fought politically for equity instead of coming to the USA so they could “at least be better than the enslaved Africans” who were robbed of their culture, history, and place in humanity. Most white people hate the racial question because you don’t want to look at the fact that you have historically benefitted from this white supremacist ideology, and now some among you seek to mate with non-white people in an attempt to assuage your guilt and responsibility for participating as an accessory in these historic crimes. Well it won’t work. Spiritual, judgment is upon you! If you and your white friends are really tired of discussing race, then give back the land. Stop trying to sleep with non-white ethnic woman in an attempt to use it as proof that you are “not a racist”. Make reparations to Africans. Stop participating in a system of white supremacy and GO HOME! Europe needs you, now more than ever!

Next, I read an article about the Fukushima disaster of March 2011 and the aftermath of the investigation. The Japanese government issued a report and a journalist reported on its findings in a tone that masqueraded as a critical review of governmental institutions, but it was simply white supremacy disguised as moral outrage. The article can be accessed here. I suggest that you read it first before you read my comment which for some reason was not approved to appear on the comment section by the website’s moderator. The article is rather short, so check it out and come back to read my unposted comment which is freely posted below in this uncensored blog and apparent last bastion of free speech.

What a condescendingly white supremacist and sexist remark! “…(and this being Japan there probably weren’t many women)”

The white man (European) thinks he has the right not only to bomb, invade, destroy, then rape the women of his victims’ countries, but then he has a right (based on his own perception of his alleged moral superiority) to then criticize the culture of the people he had maliciously destroyed. The fact is that in European countries and its offshoots (USA, Australia, etc) white women are underrepresented in fields such as nuclear energy too. In case you don’t know the latest statistics, women make up over half of the population. So an accurate representation of them in the workforce, such as nuclear power, would be the same. The author did not say a word about that. I guess this lets us know what his undisclosed assumptions are about the world order and the way things SHOULD be.

The white man propagates a media campaign to convince non-white women around the world that her best opportunities are to sleep with and marry him. He continually makes claims of inherent sexism within her own culture that supposedly prevents her from realizing her potential. He claims that only with a European can she more easily succeed if she just serves at the white man’s beck and call, whilst he degrades, imprisons, tortures, and murders the men of her own ethnicity.

So you can see from these seemingly two different articles about two different topics that the subject of white supremacy and its structural racial hierarchy rears its ugly head! It is pervasive. And this is why I have the present commentary to add about these aforementioned comments and articles, in conjunction with the current trends and reigning ideology of the “Western world”.

One major problem in the world today is globalism. Globalism is a socio-economic ideology which is little more than  refined 21st century white supremacy. The problem is not so much the divide and conquer strategy that geo-political players and wealthy internationalists are using to serve the global imperialist aims, we can all agree that this is a corrupt system. The problem is that masses in the so-called 99%, (a term with which I don’t agree as an accurate description because society is stratified, and there is no homogeneous 99%) do not yet understand that a morass of multiculturalism will not and cannot save us from the onslaught of the new world order and its economic and military machine. The only thing that will save us after the physical degradation of industrial civilization is a national community of people connected by blood lines. That is the only way it will happen and it is the only way it ever has. Look at the Sudan now. Many of the people in Sudan proper are Arabic-mulattoes. They arose through historical miscegenation and now because of both distinctive and yet infinitesimal cultural differences, they don’t get along with the Southern Sudanese, even though they both have dark skin, which in the west would mistakenly categorize them racially as “black”. The necessity is for both of these people, the bastards from the Arabs and the pure Africans, is to have their own land, culture, values, and mores–distinct and separate from one another. This should happen not because of racism or hatred, but TO AVOID IT!

People caught up in this ideology of multiculturalism, usually cannot see beyond their own individual self-gratifying need to BE SEEN as non-racist and create a fantasy world in which people of several different ethnicities are around them to provide the illusion that their actions are non-racist, based solely on the false assumption that these representatives of different groups agree on some standard way of being. In a world of structural racism and stratified societies, everyone in this faux rainbow coalition must agree on one thing…and that is that white supremacy is the baseline from which all decisions for social interaction are made. Indeed, everyone must relate to Europeans in some way or another, whether by having them as friends, consuming their cultural or manufactured products, dating them, or adopting their reasoning for why we believe (albeit falsely in my opinion) that western civilization in fact represents “progress” of the human species. This last tautology nullifies the historic crimes which were committed to bring about this situation fundamentally. Many of the descendants of these crimes are still alive and deal with their consequences to this very day. This is why Europeans find it difficult to discuss race and are in such a hurry to get everyone to agree that this world as it presently is constructed is good for all, and so therefore we cannot and should not “blame the white man” because we all have the opportunity to succeed…if we will just forget the past, get along, date a white person, and open our doors and minds to neo-liberal exploitation. This same viewpoint is why so many so-called liberals supported the Libyan invasion and are vacillating about the Syrian escapade. They really think that everyone will be happy IF we can just consume media and manufactured goods to our little hearts’ desire , devoid of all true meaning except of course that “white people are so great!” Whether we hold this ideal in our minds explicitly or implicitly and express it through our unconscious actions makes little difference. The thought process alone helps to keep this global economic monstrosity afloat, because most people for several reasons, cannot even bring about their daily survival if they don’t put on a suit, get a degree, and join the rat race, which in turn contributes to maintaining the system.

The psychological consciousness that I have just described can be seen in the comments and articles that I have just described in this post. Furthermore, if one uses the framework of international white supremacy to start examining and understanding the world, we can see these behavior patterns in most activity. We see it in the position of Israel toward the Palestinians. We see it in the views the rest of the world hold toward African people’s self-determination. We see it in the very phrase “international community” (which really only means the USA and anybody that happens to agree with it). We also see it in why people love Barack Obama so much, even though he has not done one damn thing for anybody except to run interference for the globalists and succeed in satisfying the wet dreams of the multiculturalists with their naive and fanciful desire for everyone to disappear into one phenotypical race while at the same time desperately requiring everyone to become like or act like the quintessential and archetypical European postmodernist.


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