ACBN: A Primer, Now Available!!

13 09 2017

ACBN: A Primer

The new book by Kwesi Anan Ababio is now available in paperback and eBook!

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ACBN: A Primer, to be released in September 2017

5 08 2017

ACBN: A Primer, is the first book written and published by Kwesi Anan Ababio.

The book discusses essential concepts about Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalism and gives full credit to those who inspired and contributed to the ideas behind the creation of this book.

The book asks and attempts to answer questions like:
Who is an Afrikan?
What is ACBN?
Why Mulattoes and Other Hybrids Are Not Afrikan?…and much more

The 142 page book is an easy, engaging read and includes a contribution by special guest author Gaspar Yanga who writes a brilliant epilogue.

The book has nearly 30 color and black & white photographs, endnotes, a bibliography, and references detailing and supporting the thesis of the book.

Get your eBook or paperback copy as soon as it is available! It is essential reading for Afrikan people in the 21st century.

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The Bastard Factor

24 04 2017

I overheard a conversation recently between a mulatto acquaintance of mine and another Black man which revealed something very interesting about the unintended results of interracial breeding and the impact it has on mulattoes.

The mulatto was asked if he was going home to visit his family for an upcoming vacation and disclosed that he was not. The reason he gave is that when he visits his home it is not the same anymore because most of his childhood friends are married now and staying in his parents’ home is not an option due to their lack of interest in him.

He was pressed on his meaning of this final point and he subsequently revealed that his parents were perfectly willing to meet him in a restaurant for a meal and hear about details of his life, but as far as staying with his parents for the duration of his vacation time home, he was certain that could not occur.

Again, he was questioned as to why this was and he disclosed that his biological parents are actually divorced now. This was a bit of information that I did not know, but had suspected since I know that these tragic arrangements (mixed race marriages) don’t usually work out. His mother is African and was born on the continent and his father is an IMA (inbred mutant albino) AKA white.

He said that some years ago his father had remarried a white hippie woman and that she was a university instructor and very “liberal”. She was into all this LGBTQ-LMNOP stuff and during an alleged nonchalant conversation about “homosexual rights”, she had baited him into a trap of admitting that he did not really care about the political result of such matters one way or the other. At the time, the mulatto was 20 years old and was just not interested in whether homosexuals had or did not have rights. This is quite a normal view of people his age. But this “liberal” immediately ran to the mulatto’s father in tears claiming that he had horrible discriminatory beliefs and she was afraid of him and so on. The mulatto’s father backed up his new white wife and literally told his son that “She is my wife now and you have to accept it and her beliefs”. The mulatto later rightly suspected that this hippie wanted to marginalize the white man’s children from the previous marriage and succeeded in setting him up in a fake row so that she could justify the father’s decision to limit contact with him, which he ultimately did.

In an ironic, but not too surprising twist, the African mother of this mulatto is living in an all-Black neighborhood in the USA which is wrought with all of the stereotypical ills we have come to associate with inner-city living—single mother culture, limited worldview, lowered expectations, lack of social courtesies, and reduced income potentials. This it turns out is the reason this mulatto is living far from home and continues to seek out opportunities that restrict his ability to return there.

After hearing the story, I found it astonishing yet typical, and not all too surprising, that this is the result of these interactions. The faux liberal white male (or female) is commonly looking to fulfill a fantasy or desire for the world to reflect their half-baked ideology, and so he mates with an Afrikan woman in order to satisfy some sick personal need or to solve a perceived social problem which only he can do because of his “white male capability and compassion”. However, the social problem which is attempted to be solved through this behavior is never resolved and is only exacerbated. The outcome is that the white participant gets tired of their negro pet and the race-based incompatibility of the relationship rises to the forefront. I suspect that as time goes on, often the white partner (especially the male), realizes that the social capital they lose by marrying an ordinary negro and having mulatto children is not sufficiently balanced by their satisfaction in strictly adhering to their ideological tenants. So, in this case the IMA male divorced the negro and found an IMA (white) wife in order to regain some of his lost manhood and respect in the eyes of his white compatriots. This is why he mentioned to the mulatto son “this is my new wife now” in an effort to establish his new social reality in the mind of his mulatto son and limit his access to him in certain social situations. Moreover, because his son does not look like him, he had to, in a very passive-aggressive way, impress upon his mind that any experiences he will have because he is not a white person should not be brought to the doorstep of him and his new white wife. This resulted in the mulatto creating a life for himself elsewhere and pursuing not only non-Black females, but non-white female romantic partners as well. The likely product of his life, should he choose to procreate, will be another mixed-race person. The child will be either mixed with Asian, Arab, or some other female from a mixed-race group like mestizos.

The African mother who fought so hard to disavow her Afrikanity and possibly dreamed of a lavish lifestyle in the arms of her “rich” white man from the west, ended up terminating herself genetically and living among the very Africans that she was trying so hard to escape.

These liberal whites mate with Afrikans and other non-whites usually due to a sense of powerlessness in their own socio-political structure and want to feel some power, any power, by offering the fantasy of social uplift into unattainable whiteness to some random non-white sycophant. Reality creeps in eventually, and the white person, reticent to give up their “liberal” delusions, then makes the unconscious decision to reject the pet and her children and marry a white hippie who would protect his cover of being “non-racist” and interested in social justice, while he can safely and without negative repercussions, reject his bastard offspring from his ill-fated, sexual, social experiment. Luckily for them, the white legal system has defined his children as “Black”, so he is comfortably assured that he has no further responsibility for the outcome of their lives.

My conclusion and moral from this story…DON’T RACE MIX! It doesn’t solve the problems you intend it to solve and it invariably just causes more! There is no ultimate benefit to anything in this behavior except your loins (and by extension your ego) in such unions. The misplaced value that Afrikans place on pale-skin is a death warrant to your race and your own personal genetics. The mulatto children will quietly resent the position you put them in of being stuck between two worlds. That is, being rejected by a racist anti-Black parent and embarrassed about their self-loathing negro parent who hated themselves so much that they were compelled to produce a genetic mutant.


Celebrities Stupefied By Whiteness

9 04 2017

Great video by YouTuber Sista Indi. She has a series of great commentaries on the psychoses of (some) African people regarding their fascination of having sex with cavebeasts.

The Global Hybrid Assault

31 05 2015


Can you name one Japanese beauty queen in history? Or for that matter, can you name or recall a beauty queen from any country getting press coverage in the US media unless it involved some sensational scandal? Then why now? This linked article presents a “public interest” exposé about a Japanese hybrid for the purpose of furthering psychological terrorism on Afrikan people. The enemies of Afrikans have stepped up their psycho-biogenetic assault recently by installing hybrids as the new standard image for geno-culturally distinct groups. It is a necessary tactic to promote confusion and convolute the identity of victims of white hegemony in order for inbred mutant albinos (IMAs/whites) to claim that people who are unnatural beings (that is, hybrids, IMAs, kwk) on the planet are a representation of the advanced ideals which humanity is now manifesting as opposed to actually being an indication of its rampant degeneracy and depravity. Most of these hybrids are only here because of the failure of Afrikans to reject whiteness as a standard of beauty or to quell the aspiration to attain “whiteness” itself, in the manner of the Fanonian desire to “grasp white civilization and make it mine.”¹


So as to mitigate their own inferiority issues, Afrikans have taken to engaging in rampant hybridization with the unwanted rejects of other geno-cultural groups. This behavior contributes to propagating this madness of wanton hybridization as a self-inflicted wound in a war of eradication against Afrikans. It goes without saying that the primary aggressors in this relationship are the whites themselves and their love of disorder, (the only environment wherein they can thrive) which compels them to seek weak Afrikans among us and confer onto them trinkets such as, academy awards, nobel peace prizes, fake hair, and non-Afrikan sex mates. The linked article tries to assert that hybrids “challenge the identity” of a pre-existing geno-culture or race. This is absurd and is a conceptual tool being used by whites to foster confusion. It belies statistical reasoning to assume that because hybrids are created through sexual licentiousness then the essential constitution of the naturally occurring geno-cultural group is now different and therefore must reexamine its ontology and “spiro-genetic”² nature. The whites are using the media to magnify the occurrence of these entities so as to advertise an alleged “new age” on the planet. The unseen implication of this psychic violence to all who are susceptible is that if other “non-white” IMAs will assist the western Eurasian IMAs (whites) in the degeneracy of interracial procreation, then they (all whites) together can rid the globe of Afrikan people and create a new group of sexual toilets for whites to enjoy throughout eternity; people with no connection to spirit nor the psychological historicity of Afrikans from time immemorial. Groups of homogenous geno-cultures are being propositioned to embrace this perversion so to further break-up ethno-national traditions and values so that the IMA global imperial project of terror can breathe life for a few more decades, if not centuries.


Essentially, the character of the IMA imperial project is to release energy which is contained in natural formations so that IMAs and their non-white worshipers can consume what was previously a restricted power source and was used primarily to ensure the survival of a particular living entity. Most notably, this was done to Black-body humanity itself or Afrikan people. They have replicated this business model in other forms of “exploration”, chiefly in mining and oil extraction. IMAs typically will find some naturally occurring geological or physical formation and destroy it so as to release the energy contained within. (Think of the atomic bomb/Manhattan project as well!) They consume the energy like vampires and leave the waste product strewn throughout the environment without regard to the implications for divine order. The same continues to occur with regard to their “relationship” to Afrikans. They break-up our natural inclination to group-bond and participate in human activity with each other so they can gather the useful entities among us for themselves by awarding them with white wives/husbands, university degrees, high ranking positions in their institutions of brigandage and destruction, for example the U.S. department of justice attorney general Loretta Lynch or former U.S. secretary of state Condi Rice, among a litany of others. As a result, this process leaves the rest of Afrikans bereft. The many Afrikans who would have benefited from the talent of these individuals, (and incidentally who within a healthy Black-body humanity would have had to have a reciprocal relationship with the rest of Afrikans in performing their divine function by utilizing their individual talents within our society) are left stupefied by fake religions and chasing after cults of personality.


Gullible alienated-Afrikans (negros) who are victims of imbibing a false and foreign ideology fall prey to this psychological and bio-genetic attack, and through selfish personal aggrandizement, participate in sexual genocide against Afrikan humanity as a whole. The products of their lust are then displayed in various capacities so as to convince more confused victims that this behavior is “the way forward” and that any allegiance to one’s own geno-culture (race) is backwards and “racist”. Hybrids are given titles such as state’s attorney, national security advisor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, news anchor, action movie star, beauty queen, and president of the U.S. so as to convince Afrikans that our future lies in destroying our genetics through immoral sexual practices and procreation with non-Afrikans. They are then offered up as bed-wenches and “new negroes” to the ongoing perpetrators of the rape of the planet (IMAs) and all done superficially hidden under a faux multicultural veneer. We must reject the whites and their offspring as being one of us if we are to survive as a healthy, distinct, and self-interested geno-cultural group.



1. Fanon, Franz (1952) Black Skins, White Masks. France. Editions de Seuil.

2. “Spiro-genetic” is a term used by author Odwirafo-Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan which refers to the cosmological nature of Afrikans’ spiritual origins and essence. It indicates that primary in the universe is spirit and this is the matter from which Afrikans emerged and to which we still have a direct connection. This connection is transferred through genetics among Afrikan blood circles only and excludes non-Afrikans and their offspring.

Message to the adherents of the so-called “one drop rule”

4 01 2015

Part 1

Consider the following:


“The principal policy spheres where we make recommendations are in refugee dispersal, housing immigrations and national identity.”


This is the opening statement to Chapter 7: Conclusions and Recommendations of the report entitled “Changing Places: ‘Mapping the white British response to ethnic change’” Keep that title in mind as you read this blog entry. The report “Changing Places” was published and released in December 2014


This is a report prepared by DEMOS, a think-tank based in the UK. I checked its website and every single one of its board of trustees, and members of the advisory group was white…except two. One was an American-Afrikan and the other was a hybrid. The Afrikan also serves on a US based think-tank that researches migration policy and diversity analytics. He is essentially giving information to Western Europeans (Eurasians a.k.a. Inbred Mutant Albinos or “IMAs”) about Afrikans in the USA. The hybrid works at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP and the Croyden Council and leads its Africa Business Group where he is apparently “developing opportunities in emerging markets.” So he is another hybrid front man for white hegemony.


Among the research associates there were a couple of South Eurasians possibly from India, although I am not sure. These two were not the researchers in this study, but for the confused culturally-alienated Afrikans who think its all about the bankers and the 1%, how do you explain the fact that think-tank after think-tank are staffed with armies of whites (IMAs) developing policy to destroy Afrikans? Apparently, some of these white people aren’t opposed to creating mulattoes either…just not too many of them.


Here are some of the recommendations:

(Statements written in italics are mine. I used BOLD in some of their statements to draw your attention to them.)


Refugee and social tenant dispersal

“We do not recommend that the Home Office disperse large numbers of refugees or …tenants from diverse areas to homogeneously white areas with low population turnover. Generally speaking, (white) attitudes to immigration harden as the ethnic composition of the (white) population shifts, and soften with habituation and assimilation. Avoiding rapid shifts in people’s cultural environment should be a policy goal. In this respect, dispersing refugees to heavily white areas with little prior experience of immigration is a recipe for discontent. It introduces disruption into the lives of refugees while engendering unease from white British residents unfamiliar with ethnic diversity.”


“…it remains the case that too many refugees are being dispersed to inappropriately homogeneous or close-knit areas.”


“…white British attitudes to immigration…expressed the highest levels of hostility.”


So here is evidence that IMAs have a policy formation process afoot which includes displacing Afrikans and creating white-only spaces for whites to live. Afrikan only spaces like the continent itself are not allowed to exist. We Afrikans must “integrate” with everyone else and develop some bogus multicultural consciousness to facilitate whites’ desire to use us to create economic growth while keeping places for whites only to practice their sense of being white (read: superior)


House building

“Earlier we noted that rapid ethnic change is associated with greater white hostility to immigration. Minorities are likely to be disproportionately represented among those taking up residence in newly built homes in Greater London… Our research leads us to warn against development that radically alters the ethnic makeup of existing (white) areas. We therefore recommend…schemes, which help insulate existing (white) communities from rapid ethnic change… “


“Sharp shifts in local ethnic composition caused by new housing development tend to increase white British threat levels. If these are viewed as being pushed by a planning inspectorate from on high, the policies may prove toxic. Indeed, they could further alienate the white British population from immigration and the political elite.”


So here we see a recognition of an agreed social relationship with the IMA political “elite” and the normal everyday IMAs of all stripes in contradistinction to the interests of non-IMAs, and especially Afrikans’ desire to maintain our own geno-cultural compositions. Let’s read further.


“Right to Build*(see glossary below) is a sound idea insofar as it focuses on the housing needs of existing (mainly white) residents. It also limits the potential for rapid ethnic shifts while accommodating a gentle rise in diversity. Even in heavily white British communities, minorities, being younger, are likely to have greater housing need and take up a disproportionate number of new places. The local authority* (see glossary) will tend to be somewhat more diverse than homogeneous communities; this, too, will offer an outlet for gradual ethnic dispersion. Self-build (i.e. Right to Build) thereby ensures (economic) growth while calibrating the pace of ethnic change to local conditions. Such considerations should not stand in the way of building the housing London needs, but authorities should try to mitigate the effects the best they can.”


Here is quite suggestive evidence of a methodical plan to regulate, yet intentionally create the prospects for interracial sexing and the creation of hybrids with IMAs who have sexual fetishes for non-IMAs. They intend to provide the non-whites “gradually” for availability to IMAs sexually under the guise of “socioeconomic development” so IMAs will still have the hegemonic advantage within this social milieu. This results in culturoeconomic (socioeconomic) destruction for Afrikans.


“Garden cities*(see glossary) should form a central pillar of new housing development as they ensure a mix of population from the start, without a memory of former ethnic homogeneity, while diverting rapid change away from long-term residents of existing communities.”


So here we see as Amos Wilson discusses in “Black on Black Violence” about the necessity of amnesia being present in the victims and targets of the system of white hegemonic domination for it to function properly and in the interests of IMAs. (pp. 57 & 83, Wilson, 1990)


This next part is very interesting…


“We live in a world of jet planes where one part of the world is ageing (sic) and wealthy (Stolen wealth and they are dying to hold onto it!) while the other is youthful and poor, (As a result of having been robbed by the aging and wealthy people), so immigration is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. What is urgently needed therefore is a positive view of English ethnicity in an age of migration: how today’s Englishmen and women should think about themselves and their descendants. One possible solution is liberal ethnicity – a form of ethnic identity which absorbs outsiders through intermarriage while retaining a relatively fixed set of myths and symbols.” (This was called having Black skins but wearing white masks by Franz Fanon, an Afrikan who married a IMA woman)

“People whom we currently define as ‘mixed race’ are projected to be the largest group in England by the end of this century. History is replete with mixed-background nationalist figures such as the half-Spanish Irish nationalist Eamon DeValera”, (sic)

A half Spanish-Irish is still an Eurasian-IMA from western Europe. The problem here is sometimes IMAs use the term “race” to mean nationality, i.e. German race, British race, Irish race, kwk, but they have vanquished our nationhood linguistically by calling us the Negro race)

“…mixed-race black American intellectual WEB Du Bois (mixed with what?) or part-Indonesian Geert Wilders in the Netherlands”. (Which part was Indonesian?)


I don’t know who the other people are but it is interesting that they refer to W.E.B. Dubois as “mixed-race black” and confused Afrikans almost without exception refer to him as Black or an African-American, Why can’t he be a mixed-race white? Marcus Garvey was the most notable exception to this when he rightly referred to Dubois as a mulatto.


“In other societies, the loss of particular traits, such as the Irish or Welsh language, ignited a more self-conscious project of identity. Therefore if history is a guide, England’s mixed-race group will probably identify with their English rather than non-English lineage as they grow in numbers and confidence.”


This logically means that the nature of social relations will facilitate this shift in identity. Hence this identity will be intentionally engineered, which also presupposes the engineering of ways in which interracial coupling will be used to help IMAs and hurt Afrikans and the Afrikan identity. This is why you will see more IMAs declaring publicly about how much they love their hybrid babes, or that they don’t have a problem with interracial dating and confused alienated Afrikans will think “Oh whites are okay, there are just a few bad ones, but those will die out so its okay to marry some of the good ones and have babies” Additionally when this age-old trap is pointed out by Afrikan-Centered Biological Nationalists we will be accused of being “racist” and not allowing individuals to make their own choices. We are warning you about this danger of Afrikan genetic annihilation because of our understanding that the logical foundation of any and all social relations with whites relies on a definition of whites as superior. Continuing…


“The idea that a more inclusive English ethnic group, along with their traditions and memories, can endure as the majority could offer many white British a greater sense of comfort, optimism and continuity. (Read: The mulattoes will carry on the “British traditions” for you) It offers an important identity choice to mixed-race individuals and to minorities who believe their children or grandchildren are likely to blend into the majority group. In the USA, the noted immigration historian John Higham remarked that immigration worries waxed and waned in step with the majority’s confidence in its ability to assimilate newcomers. So long as the ethnic majority accepts minorities as fully equal and legitimate members of the British nation, a more optimistic majority ethnicity should improve ethnic relations in the country. This is not a project the Government can or should embrace …it must remain neutral. Yet it is a communal vision that individuals, groups and media outlets in civil society could endorse. Many white British, mixed-race people and assimilation-minded minorities might embrace it. As long as this ethnic majority respects the rights of minorities it could prove an engine of integration, helping alleviate popular anxieties in an age of mass mobility.”



So here I think I have shown definitive proof of a master plan to create hybrids for the benefit of whites in a Western Eurasian nation significantly responsible for the destruction of Afrika nations. Remember, I mentioned that they had an alienated Afrikan on their staff who also served on a US think-tank. Are we so naïve to believe that this exact policy will not be implementing in the US and other IMA colonial states? Here they have clearly declared they want to develop assimilation-minded non-whites, to create hybrids who will be charged with carrying on THE BRITISH TRADITION, not the Afrikan tradition, and will subsequently further mix with IMAs, not Afrikans. So therefore, the one-drop rule is known, by their policy planners to not only to be incorrect, but is ALWAYS used to the benefit of whites and not Afrikans. If “the Black gene is dominant”, how come the production of hybrids has no benefit for maintaining Afrikan culture, standards of beauty, and generating power for us? Of course it goes without saying that many culturally alienated Afrikans are going to be jumping for joy at this prospect because their fondest desires for sexual self-annihilation will be realized. I guess this is what they meant by the title of the report, “Changing Places”.





Garden cities Policy focusing on building new self-sufficient communities rather than building housing developments around existing communities.


Local authority A geographical census division with a population typically ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 people.


Self-build (Right to Build) Policy in which local residents rather than developers are granted permission to build homes.


The full report can be seen here and downloaded for free

White People Want Total Control!

4 01 2015

White people want total control. This is an innate characteristic of the Eurasians who emerged from the caves of the Caucasus areas and moved north and west into the area now known as Europe. This characteristic is exhibited by all whites. Even though it may seem like some whites do not have this tendency, it is still manifested in various ways albeit on a less overtly, but nevertheless destructive way. There are whites who love hunting people and seek various ways to do this such as joining police forces, militias, militaries, private mercenary groups, and hunting clubs to hunt non-human prey for fun, not survival. There are whites who seek to employ these people to train and direct them to enter non-white areas to hunt and kill so their employers can profit from what is stolen to create an entity they call a business or corporation. There are those who seek, through pomp and circumstance, to strut in front of masses of people and act as if they are directing all of this behavior. These whites are referred to as royalty, politicians, and pundits. There are whites who don’t directly participate but support these endeavors in various ways by moving into the vanquished areas of non-whites to homestead, colonize, or find jobs based on the destruction of what existed before. There are whites who cheer on this process because they feel this activity is making the world safe for white life to exist. This is a cultural characteristic of whites that we see expressed in sports fanaticism. There are whites who seek to engage in sexual relations with the victims of the aggression of other whites’ activities because due to the outcome of whites’ victims, for example Africans, having lost their cultural identify and national organization, whites as a collective recieved social power which is advertised through the media and educational content and thereby creates a fascination in the minds of victims of white aggression and terrorism of being with white people which is then exploited knowingly by whites and referred to as “love.” This concept of human relations, which is European in origin, is then sanctioned through another white sanctioned institution called marriage. This legitimizes the practice of the rape of non-white people by whites and is currently being promoted in the White-controlled media to assist in the total eradication of cultures and commit effective (and/or statistical, if not complete and total) genocide against various non-white groups, but particularly the Africans. This is so the descendants produced by this gutter-sex will not have any allegiance to African people from time immemorial and will serve as sexual toilets for future lascivious and licentious whites and also become willing accomplices in the further destruction and decimation of non-white groups most notably the arch nemesis of whites in their own minds, the Africans.


The most vicious and diabolical group of whites (besides the trained killer class of whites who don’t have the training, opportunity and/or the social position to function in the following capacity) are the group just above the whites who organize the killers to create multinational businesses and corporations. These are white people who call themselves bankers. Here I do not make a distinction between whites and the other tribe of white people who are converts to a sadistic brand of Judaism because historically and presently they have been indistinguishable and have colluded with one another on various levels to attack and benefit from the total destruction and emaciation of non-whites and most notably, Africans.


This group of whites who call themselves bankers are at present in the last stages of constructing a system of regulatory frameworks, policy implementations schemes, procedures which they refer to as “best” practices, trade and currency exchange agreements and legal precedents, jargon and apparatuses to ensnare Africans and various other non-whites into a web of strictly limited movement, aspirations, and activity. This will ease the ability of whites in the different lower groups to participate in genocide of Africans whether it is through imprisonment, murder, sexual destruction by miscegenation or legitimized rape, starvation, and/or economic deprivation through debt. This group is constructing the ability to replace current heads of states in Africa and put them on trial in European controlled judicial organizations and it is establishing a network of military bases in Africa and strengthening its presence elsewhere to respond to attempts by these nations to expel whites, or to attack Africans by stealth and further the process of genocide of the African. (Websites with basic information about this are here, and here)


Forced “refugee dispersal” is occurring and will increase from places like Africa, South Asia, and South America into the colonial states occupied by the Western Eurasian expatriates known today as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, South Africa and various South American places like Argentina, all of which are places where the Europeans have committed genocide. People will also be moved to Western Eurasia (Europe) as well. This will be done to further the process of cultural alienation and genocide but will maintain exclusive white-only areas for whites to benefit from the increased economic activity that this will induce by working in prison facilities or as service providers, media personalities, corporate managers, teachers, various technocratic professionals and producers of raw, manufactured, and “intellectual” goods for these masses to consume. The white leadership group wants to create a situation and environment in these non-white and African enclaves of Europe and the colonial states wherein intense sexual activity will occur and result in people with a myriad of genealogies so as to be unrecognizable as a distinct race of Africans and thereby create a mass of hybridized servants and sycophants identifying with the Eurasian terrorist class as if they were ethereal deities in the flesh. Hence the goal is to create a majority mixed-race populous with no sense of cultural organization who worship whites. This will make it easier for the whites who don’t want to live in the exclusive white protected zones to enter and further sexually sully the mass of available mixed-race sexual toilets each of whom will be seeking to attain their highest sense of worth which will be defined by having sexual relations with whites.


Recently at the 2014 G20 meeting in Australia it was agreed by the various 20 nations that make up the group to arrange a law for confiscating bank deposits of ordinary people in the event of a massive financial crisis which is more than likely being engineered now. Agreements like this are being set-up around the globe like bi-lateral currency trade agreements and trade agreements which allow for little public oversight and redress though the commonly known means like the legislatures and courts. Supranational arbitration agencies are being set-up with industry insiders chosen to serve as the regulators, judges and juries. When white power is distant from the ability of people to even challenge democratically, much less affect the outcome, open season will be declared on Africans by the killer class of whites and cheered on by the class of whites who see this as a win for the home team. Whites who like sex with non-whites and Africans will be seen decrying this activity and confused victims destroyed by cultural alienation and miseducation will see whites as their saviors and not recognize that this is a cultural imperative which whites have in order to fulfill their asili (Ani, 1994). This is a process which allows them to experience the utamaroho (Ani, 1994)—the vital force and energy source of a geno-cultural group which gives direction to collective behavior and emotional tone to the geno-cultural group—in this case whites (Eurasians).


Don’t think the East Eurasians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, kwk) are your friends either. The Chinese are negotiating right now with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is a front for the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to have the Chinese Yuan added to the basket of currencies that regulates and sets the price for international settlements. This affects the interest rates of all countries which are not in this basket of currencies called Special Drawing Rights (SDR) When this happens, China can use its currency to buy even more of African resources and develop Chinese skills and people as a management class over the Africans on the continent itself. So the stage is being set for a process of genocide unequaled in the history of the world. Even the Maafa might end up being a close second once this is complete.


What to do?


Learn a process to create your own food such as Aquaponics, Hydroponics, or farming. Invest in a power generator or solar power system. Learn an African language if you don’t already know one or improve your skills in your second language. This will help even if you don’t go to Africa because it is likely more Africans will be coming to the USA or your Eurasian expatriate colonial state. Join an organization that is based on the protection of African lives. Buy emergency provisions such as first aid kits, tools, flashlights, ham radios, and weapons. Keep engaging in distracting and meaningless social activities to a minimum. Stop dating interracially and stop condoning this among African people. When this process of financial restructuring kicks in, whites will soon realize that their lot is not with African people. Stay informed about world events and economic news and share this with your circle of acquaintances who are interested in this information. If people are disinterested in this information, don’t waste your time trying to convince them. Time is running out for vacillating people who don’t realize what time it is. Leave comments with links to other information on this blog or share this blog with other interested parties.


Thanks for reading!



Ani, Marimba. (1994) Yurugu: An Afrikan-centered critique of European cultural   thought and behavior. Washington D.C.: Nkonimfo Publications.


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The site dedicated to Brazilian women of African descent

Too Much Black

We Done Begun

Real Currencies

Supporting People and the Commonwealth and resisting the Money Power by defeating Usury

The Only Way Is Ghana

Moving from UK to Ghana isn't easy Kraa

Kushite Kingdom

Dark Matter Consciousness!

Saynsumthn's Blog

Just another weblog

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