The Global Hybrid Assault

31 05 2015


Can you name one Japanese beauty queen in history? Or for that matter, can you name or recall a beauty queen from any country getting press coverage in the US media unless it involved some sensational scandal? Then why now? This linked article presents a “public interest” exposé about a Japanese hybrid for the purpose of furthering psychological terrorism on Afrikan people. The enemies of Afrikans have stepped up their psycho-biogenetic assault recently by installing hybrids as the new standard image for geno-culturally distinct groups. It is a necessary tactic to promote confusion and convolute the identity of victims of white hegemony in order for inbred mutant albinos (IMAs/whites) to claim that people who are unnatural beings (that is, hybrids, IMAs, kwk) on the planet are a representation of the advanced ideals which humanity is now manifesting as opposed to actually being an indication of its rampant degeneracy and depravity. Most of these hybrids are only here because of the failure of Afrikans to reject whiteness as a standard of beauty or to quell the aspiration to attain “whiteness” itself, in the manner of the Fanonian desire to “grasp white civilization and make it mine.”¹


So as to mitigate their own inferiority issues, Afrikans have taken to engaging in rampant hybridization with the unwanted rejects of other geno-cultural groups. This behavior contributes to propagating this madness of wanton hybridization as a self-inflicted wound in a war of eradication against Afrikans. It goes without saying that the primary aggressors in this relationship are the whites themselves and their love of disorder, (the only environment wherein they can thrive) which compels them to seek weak Afrikans among us and confer onto them trinkets such as, academy awards, nobel peace prizes, fake hair, and non-Afrikan sex mates. The linked article tries to assert that hybrids “challenge the identity” of a pre-existing geno-culture or race. This is absurd and is a conceptual tool being used by whites to foster confusion. It belies statistical reasoning to assume that because hybrids are created through sexual licentiousness then the essential constitution of the naturally occurring geno-cultural group is now different and therefore must reexamine its ontology and “spiro-genetic”² nature. The whites are using the media to magnify the occurrence of these entities so as to advertise an alleged “new age” on the planet. The unseen implication of this psychic violence to all who are susceptible is that if other “non-white” IMAs will assist the western Eurasian IMAs (whites) in the degeneracy of interracial procreation, then they (all whites) together can rid the globe of Afrikan people and create a new group of sexual toilets for whites to enjoy throughout eternity; people with no connection to spirit nor the psychological historicity of Afrikans from time immemorial. Groups of homogenous geno-cultures are being propositioned to embrace this perversion so to further break-up ethno-national traditions and values so that the IMA global imperial project of terror can breathe life for a few more decades, if not centuries.


Essentially, the character of the IMA imperial project is to release energy which is contained in natural formations so that IMAs and their non-white worshipers can consume what was previously a restricted power source and was used primarily to ensure the survival of a particular living entity. Most notably, this was done to Black-body humanity itself or Afrikan people. They have replicated this business model in other forms of “exploration”, chiefly in mining and oil extraction. IMAs typically will find some naturally occurring geological or physical formation and destroy it so as to release the energy contained within. (Think of the atomic bomb/Manhattan project as well!) They consume the energy like vampires and leave the waste product strewn throughout the environment without regard to the implications for divine order. The same continues to occur with regard to their “relationship” to Afrikans. They break-up our natural inclination to group-bond and participate in human activity with each other so they can gather the useful entities among us for themselves by awarding them with white wives/husbands, university degrees, high ranking positions in their institutions of brigandage and destruction, for example the U.S. department of justice attorney general Loretta Lynch or former U.S. secretary of state Condi Rice, among a litany of others. As a result, this process leaves the rest of Afrikans bereft. The many Afrikans who would have benefited from the talent of these individuals, (and incidentally who within a healthy Black-body humanity would have had to have a reciprocal relationship with the rest of Afrikans in performing their divine function by utilizing their individual talents within our society) are left stupefied by fake religions and chasing after cults of personality.


Gullible alienated-Afrikans (negros) who are victims of imbibing a false and foreign ideology fall prey to this psychological and bio-genetic attack, and through selfish personal aggrandizement, participate in sexual genocide against Afrikan humanity as a whole. The products of their lust are then displayed in various capacities so as to convince more confused victims that this behavior is “the way forward” and that any allegiance to one’s own geno-culture (race) is backwards and “racist”. Hybrids are given titles such as state’s attorney, national security advisor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, news anchor, action movie star, beauty queen, and president of the U.S. so as to convince Afrikans that our future lies in destroying our genetics through immoral sexual practices and procreation with non-Afrikans. They are then offered up as bed-wenches and “new negroes” to the ongoing perpetrators of the rape of the planet (IMAs) and all done superficially hidden under a faux multicultural veneer. We must reject the whites and their offspring as being one of us if we are to survive as a healthy, distinct, and self-interested geno-cultural group.



1. Fanon, Franz (1952) Black Skins, White Masks. France. Editions de Seuil.

2. “Spiro-genetic” is a term used by author Odwirafo-Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan which refers to the cosmological nature of Afrikans’ spiritual origins and essence. It indicates that primary in the universe is spirit and this is the matter from which Afrikans emerged and to which we still have a direct connection. This connection is transferred through genetics among Afrikan blood circles only and excludes non-Afrikans and their offspring.




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31 05 2015
Kushite Prince

” Gullible alienated-Afrikans (negros) who are victims of imbibing a false and foreign ideology fall prey to this psychological and bio-genetic attack, and through selfish personal aggrandizement, participate in sexual genocide against Afrikan humanity as a whole. The products of their lust are then displayed in various capacities so as to convince more confused victims that this behavior is “the way forward” and that any allegiance to one’s own geno-culture (race) is backwards and “racist”. Hybrids are given titles such as state’s attorney, national security advisor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, news anchor, action movie star, beauty queen, and president of the U.S. so as to convince Afrikans that our future lies in destroying our genetics through immoral sexual practices and procreation with non-Afrikans.”
Wow!! You summed it up perfectly right here! The white controlled media doesn’t like any type of black unity. They don’t want us to love one another or see the beauty in ourselves. That’s why there is such a push of interracial sex in films,dramas and sitcoms. They want black love to be a foreign concept in our minds. This Japanese hybrid is just the latest assault on black people. Many Japanese were not happy that this young woman won the beauty contest. And rightfully so! Japanese people know she doesn’t truly represent their people or culture.
At my job there is a hybrid that is half black/Filipino. Many of the black men fawn over her all the time. Always telling her that she is so beautiful. Yet they hardly compliment all the other “unmixed” black women in the office. This proves to me that many of us are still very much brainwashed to hate ourselves. A lot of these brothers are too far gone to be saved. They are useless in the struggle for our liberation. And to be honest the black women are doing much better. There are three black women at my job married to white men. One of the brags about how cute her biracial babies are. This is mentacide at it’s finest! We should not be having sex with these creatures. Whites are natural faggots and pedophiles. Many of them are also into bestiality from what I’ve heard. Last year there was a white lady at my job that flirted with me all the time. She was in her late twenties and too thin for my taste. I tried to be cordial to her. I told her I had a girlfriend but she was still persistent. She said she just wanted to “have some fun. Nothing too serious.”
This translates too “I’m a slut and just want to sexually experiment with a black man.” What’s sad is some brothers saw her talking to me and said things like “she’s fine! You need to hit that!” They asked me what was wrong with me. Why wasn’t I going for it? Isn’t this sad? Our people are so brainwashed and in love with these mutants…they can’t even recognize a common whore. They are blinded by lust for their oppressors. If we want to get out of this mess our mindsets have to change.

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1 06 2015

Great Analysis. A few points to address from the NYT article that you linked to:
1. “Ariana gives us another opportunity to challenge the old assumption that you have to look Japanese to be Japanese,” said Megumi Nishikura, a half Japanese, half Irish-American.

This statement is indicative of the persistent motivation of outside groups to reposition the identity of a distinct, authentic people into a realm of ambiguity.

Although this incident in particular is occuring in Japan, it represents a comparable archetype of the kind assault that African people are under worldwide. Ultimately, Africans will only be able to possess and maintain power through demographic integrity. Accepting foreign entities into group will continue to present obstacles toward self determination. “Looking Japanese” is not an assumption, just as “Looking African” is not an assumption either. There is verifiable scientific evidence (which you referenced) behind what embodies an African.

2. ” She said that in the United States, she came to speak of herself as black. But here in Japan, she still calls herself hafu. As Miss Universe Japan, she has played down her African-American roots, presenting herself instead as a representative of ethnically mixed Japanese from all backgrounds.” Ko Sasaki.

Another troubling statement, which epitomizes identity co-opting. Conveniently referring to herself as Black, in America while maneuvering her way into a mix-raced classification within Japan, only adds to confusion. Particularly amongst other backwards thinking Afrikans, who will look legitimize someone who is physically and culturally unconducive to the collective Afrikan socialization process.

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1 06 2015

Yet, Whiteness remains intact, this madness is even in Asia. Why aren’t hybirds or mulattos considered White?


1 06 2015

I got into a debate with a European. Asian mulatto and utterly destroyed him on YouTube. He claims to be Asian but has a White father. He compared me to a Nazi. I said would a nazi call half breed White? I realize the IMA gentic assault is not only on African


1 06 2015

This further destroys Francic Ceress Welsing theou


20 10 2015
Original Lady


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20 12 2015
Kushite Prince

@All posters Check out this post. This is silly ass negro is actually promoting race mixing! This is the type of backwards ass thinking we have to STOP! This man is a self-hating fool.


23 12 2015
Lumumba Afrika

The title of that blog post should have been “Why I hate myself”. I could barely get through the article. I felt like I needed to give my brain a shower after reading it. I immediately noticed how color-struck the writer is. (I am actually suspicious of the race of the author, I suspect he is non-Afrikan, but I could be wrong) He was overflowing with the vanity that has captured many Afrikans who are in these tragic arrangements and see the production of mixed offspring as the crowning achievement in their miserable existence. It is interesting you know, Korean men can feel pride over having creating companies like Samsung, and Hyundai, Japanese men can feel proud that the world drives Toyota cars and uses Sony PlayStations to past the time, Chinese men have created the most robust economy since the USA emerged as the number one economy in 1873. Europeans have even built empires in recent centuries and have the majority of the world speaking at least one European language (English or Spanish), the Arabs control petroleum which is the basis for all industrialized economies to function, but what has the negro created? — HYBRIDS! That’s it, and that’s what we are proud of. We are overflowing with arrogant pride over the ability to impregnate throw away women from other races, most of whom have psychological issues. These gutter-sex freaks are not bedding down with Afrikan men because we actually have any power, they are doing it for vain and perverted reasons and think that they will ease whatever mental sickness they have if they can get attention for their “fashionable babies”. These people don’t care about their legacy or history and they don’t care about the fact that there will be no mixed race world emerging from their lasciviousness.

It is also interesting that he encourages Afrikan men to “look globally” for “love”, but he did not mention Afrika as a place to look. Afrika in my mind and experience has the most beautiful women in the world. The diversity in Afrika is unparalleled by any other geno-cultural group. There are many types of women from many different sub-cultures in Afrika, all of whom have very high qualities in addition to physical beauty. The writer of this post just wants to fish off of other men’s pier and not create and control his own. What kind of legacy is it to have a bevy of mixed race children just because you don’t want to “put up with” Afrikan-American women? What have you built as Afrikan men to deserve the respect of Afrikan-American women anyway? The women whom he is claiming will make great mothers, are from NATIONS, that were built by men who control the political-economy of these places. This negro WILL NEVER get any power or have any say in the direction of ANY nation ANYWHERE unless he creates real families and communities with Afrikan people.

Quite frankly it was disgusting to read that blog post, I am surprised you found it. But, we must be real, this kind of escapist mindset is out there, and these people will kill you in order to protect their perversions. Non-Afrikan people don’t mind as much because they have power and they know only a small percentage of their people will engage in this behavior. It is only among the Afrikan populace that there is a significant number of people scurrying to get out of the race through the legs of other men’s female trash. We must learn to identify these people and separate from them if we are to have any sanity in the future. However, this will be a tall order to do in the USA. Either we build power among Afrikan people, or it is genocide. There’s no other choice at this point.

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23 12 2015
Kushite Prince

Yes I understand your sentiment. This guy has a very disturbed mind. He is full of self hatred. A friend sent me the link to his blog a few months ago. He thought I would find it disturbing….which I did. I like hoe you broke down the achievements of other races and what they can be proud of. Whereas the African man brags about mixed babies?? This is truly sick in my opinion. It’s kind of a self-beautification process. It’s when you hate what you see in the mirror and want to erase your blackness. This guy wants to dilute his black bloodline and water it down. Plus this guy is always bashing black women on his blog. I know it was hard to stomach but I always appreciate your feedback. Thank you for the comments. Much respect brother!


18 02 2016

Reblogged this on Afrikan Sovereignty Magazine.


23 02 2016

I had mental orgasm reading this article… until I read someone ask the question: whiteness remains untouched/why are hybrids not considered whites.
A: Because whites ARE hybrids. They is NO WHITES per se. Otherwise where would be the deception/confusion in all this? If they are descents of “Blacks” as they claim (personally I’m not claiming them as our descendants; I must say), then how can they claim “whiteness”, “pure race” & yet say that “we’re all from Africa, really.”
Maybe, someone needs to open the dictionary at the words “deception” & “confusion”.


23 02 2016
Lumumba Afrika

“Because whites ARE hybrids.” I totally agree! Ngiyabonga!


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