Are Afrikan Countries “shitholes”, or Does the Truth Hurt?

12 01 2018

I am not defending Donald J. Trump’s alleged comments. However, in his brash way, (if he indeed did say these words, although he denies it) he has a manner at pointing out the obvious, and this is one of the reasons he resonated with the inbred mutant albino (white) electorate in the USA and became the president.


But the fact of the matter is that the term “shithole” is a euphemism for a place nobody would want to be for very long. More specifically, it is a place with ragged, unreliable, underdeveloped infrastructure, and severe socioeconomic problems that leads to desperation, poverty, and persistent disorganization. Does this describe any Afrikan nations you know? If not, then what is the reason for thousands of Afrikans to risk life and limb to journey to Europe on very dangerous vessels, piloted by very nefarious people to become second and third class inhabitants? No one risks their life to leave paradise.


To be more correct, it goes without saying that there are areas of Afrikan nations such as Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda that have areas which are as developed as some other Eurasian nations and North America, but these are outliers. They are not the norm. Most of Afrika, (and I am speaking of areas populated by authentic Afrikan people) are still a long way from being dynamic and technologically developed nations. In many places the electricity is unreliable, roads and transportation systems are shoddy, and much of the technological infrastructure is owned and/or managed by foreigners. This includes engineering companies, water delivery systems, and health and medical facilities.


Case in point, if Afrikan countries were not “shitholes” as Trump allegedly chose to describe them, would Afrikan leaders like Mugabe and Buhari need to travel to Singapore or Europe for medical treatment? Apparently, they don’t trust their own hospitals and doctors to provide state of the art care. On a related note, I have personally seen doctors working in Afrika from Europe, America, or India who are barely competent and are only in Afrika because they can’t accomplish anything significant in their careers in their home country. The best and brightest Afrikan minds are enticed to go “study in the West” (or east) and then once they graduate at the top of their class at Harvard or Johns Hopkins University, we see a laudatory story about how they are an immigrant who “defied the odds” and “made it” in the USA or Europe. Typically they serve the white establishment and network of institutions while Afrikan nations continue their reliance on ne’er do well misfits, and misguided “do-gooders” with white skins from the west to “help Afrikans develop”. Wouldn’t it be better to just have world class institutions in Afrika in the first place so that Afrikan people can offer the superior care that we are already capable of doing? People often use the excuse that there are not enough skilled Afrikans to become doctors, engineers, pilots, and other technologically sophisticated professionals. Well, my question is, how long does it take to learn software engineering? Civil engineering? Medical science? Construction engineering? Piloting? Does is take more than 4-10 years of university studies? If not, after more than 60 years of independence, what is the excuse for not having these professionals trained, in place, and undertaking industrial projects?


Dr. Ben Carson is supposedly one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. He has written many books that are widely distributed around many Afrikan countries and they are read by many aspiring youth. However, he has not participated in developing the medical education system or the medical industry in any Afrikan country that I know of, why? Is he really qualified to be the HUD secretary in the USA when his background is in surgery?


Why is it that all of these sycophantic Afrikan-americans who slavishly follow the white liberals around are “offended” at Trump’s supposed remarks? It is because they would rather feel good about the liberal ideology of not pointing out uncomfortable truths which contradict their “one world, one people” fantasy. Do these Afrikan politicians, pundits, journalists, and media figures have any significant programs and policies which are designed to directly connect, and hence benefit Afrikan-americans and continental Afrikans in any demonstrable and measurable way? People decry the school to prison pipeline and the police shootings of Afrikan people in the USA, but where were all of these people when Dr. Umar Johnson and others like him wanted to start institutions to address these circumstances? They were either critical or silent. They are now only REACTING to media reports of what an anti-black man allegedly said (Trump). Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammed once said that “when you toss a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one who got hit“. That seems to never be truer than in this case.


Now, I am not in support of Dr. Umar Johnson per se, I am only using him as an example. I know he was ambushed on a “Black news show” recently and many have publicly criticized and defamed him even though the charges levied against him by the state of Pennsylvania were frivolous at best and baseless at worst, yet many took the opportunity to castigate him openly. Now, I have definite disagreements with what he says at times, but I have never wasted my time to go through the trouble of writing an article or posting a video completely about him and his issues.


Furthermore, I am aware that Oprah Winfrey has a school in Azania for girls. However, have any uniquely talented students emerged from that effort? I don’t know, I am asking, and I hope that there have been. This great video by Mr. Superboy223 explains the hypocrisy of Oprah Winfrey regarding Afrikan development both in the USA and Afrika and how she, and other Black people like her, are only interested in being recognized by inbred mutant albinos and don’t really give two shits about recognition from Afrikans or what Afrikan people think about them generally or specifically. They return to the Black community when they need their “I’m Black” card renewed like Omarosa did, then they continue trying to snuggle up to white institutions and white people themselves.


In conclusion, I am not impressed with this phony outrage people are displaying at Trump’s reported comments. I just have one word for Donald Trump if he did in fact make this statement (which he has apparently denied doing). MORE ! Give us more Mr. Trump! This is why I wanted him elected, even though I did not vote for him. I wanted him to take the mask off of this fake liberal claptrap so that Afrikan people can see the face of our enemy once again, and then clearly understand what me must be about and what we must be doing. Even if he did not describe Afrikan countries as such (which includes Haiti even though the African Union doesn’t think so) if this possibly media manufactured incident doesn’t inspire Afrikan people on the continent and in the diaspora to seriously take up the Afrikan Power Project, what will? More military incursions into Afrika like France, the USA, and now China are doing? What will it take to put aside our silly, infantile feelings and build a network of strong institutions, connected by resilient infrastructure, operated by a realistic and appropriate ideology designed for the survival and empowerment of actual Afrikan people? This is the only source of outrage we should have now. Not at what our enemies are saying about us, but at why we haven’t moved forward more than we have. I say again here, as I have said in other posts, where is the international Afrikan media outlet that is solely and jealously focused on communicating a viewpoint from the Afrikan worldview and Afrikan interests instead of repeating what the BBC, CNN, France 24, and CGTN have to say? Where are the Afrikan public affairs programs that discuss the real issues we have instead of allowing western media outlets to dominate the market with simplistic tripe like the shows African Voices or Hardtalk where they simply reprimand Afrikan leaders and give fluff pieces about white people and other non-Afrikans going into Afrika to help “empower women”. This creates an image in the public mind which is not useful to the goals of Afrikan power. Until, Afrikans really get serious about rectifying our position in the world, people like Trump and these “good white people” will take turns at insulting Afrikans directly or indirectly, and giving unnecessary aid and assistance in projects that go nowhere and only lead to a continuance of Afrikans’ dependency on others. This, in my opinion, bespeaks of a truly “shitty” situation, if not an outright shithole as Trump describes.


The Apple Who Fell From The Tree

22 08 2017

Most of these liberal whites that negros unquestioningly love and run after are only second, third, or fourth generation US citizens themselves. They basically just got off the boat a couple of generations ago and they have the nerve to try and tell Afrikan people what our political views should be when we have been in the USA suffering as an oppressed nation under white domination by terror longer than most of their peasant ancestors even knew that there was such a place called the United States! So, most of these yokels have unresolved issues about their own immigrant past that they are using Afrikan people to try and assuage.  Their goal is to make a society where all non-whites are subservient to their sick and twisted fantasies of themselves as liberators and saints.

The following video exposes one of these fake, Hollywood ‘left coast’ liberals in her repeated attempts to gain moral high ground in the eyes of the public by claiming that people who disagree with her are so-called Nazis. It turns out that behind the facade of the “changed white person” that so many brain-dead Afrikans lust after, is a sordid history no different than the overt, alt-right ‘racists’ that the liberal whites claim are the scourge of the earth and are supposedly vastly different from themselves. It seems that after all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Another one of these poseurs is Ben Affleck whose family enslaved Afrikans, and so he directly benefited from our capture and exploitation. I am quite certain that if a thorough examination of family history were conducted, it would reveal that most of the ‘liberal’ whites who claim that “their family didn’t own any slaves” were somehow involved with enslavement, colonization, and/or white hegemony and were directly enriched from it. They now simply have the convenience of both plausible deniability, and a mass of willfully ignorant Afrikans who are enamored with having white friends and living in a post-racial society…even while we are at one of the most dangerous political moments in our history.

PS: Ignore the ads in the last minute of this video.

The Four Sovereignties

17 03 2017

We will begin a total renegotiation with the European Union in order to get back our monetary, legislative, territorial, and economic sovereignty” ~M. Le Pen, 2017


Do any groups of Afrikan people presently have these four sovereignties? Definitely not the Afrikans in the USA and other diasporas! I can say that with absolute certainty. It is also highly questionable for Afrikan “nations” on the continent. Why is that? But a more important question, why is it that no significant political party, political faction, constituency, or political block are campaigning for these fundamental Four Sovereignties? Yet the Euro-racists that well-meaning, liberal-identified Afrikans say practice global white supremacy unceasingly, are using these four sovereignties as an active political plank. Do they know something about national organization that we don’t or have forgotten?


Why are European political parties, one after the other threatening and actually delivering on threats to leave the European Union, but not one Afrikan political movement exists of any note to leave the African Union? Is the African Union such a model of success that no political formation wants to leave it out of sheer exasperation and dissatisfaction? Are we to believe the Afrikan nations have succeeded in instituting a continental union government where the Europeans have not and Asians have not even attempted? Yet the Asians, led by China and Japan, are rising global powers. Iran, who is not a member of any continental union, is becoming a regional power force and has succeed, despite economic sanctions, to design, build, and test satellites and missile systems. Where is at least one Afrikan nation’s space program? Is this the kind of development the AU has delivered with their coterie of non-Afrikan led NGO’s and foreign experts advising them on the proper path for development?


Why is it that when I see the legislative bodies in Europe, Asia, and Arab countries (excluding Sudan), I see bio-genetic homogeneity, but in the AU, it’s a multicultural orgy of every carpetbagger and ne’er do well, schlepping and fronting for eastern and western, Asian and white-liberal, pet projects for a litany of non-starter and totally irrelevant programs such as: women’s empowerment, poverty reduction, the green economy, environmental protection, anti-poaching, HIV/AIDS, anti-corruption. vaccination, children’s adoption, infrastructure development, and religious proselytization?


Who is putting MONEY into the pockets of Afrikans?


Why is the number one industry in most Afrikan nations either tourism, resource extraction firms, or NGOs? Is this 21st development? Have these programs stemmed the tide of migrants who have given up on their societies and have chosen to risk life and limb to be second or third class citizens in Europe and North America whose sociopolitical classes are quickly organizing to detain and deport them? Why are the most radical voices in geo-politics today, (that can be heard anyway) the nationalist movements of Europe? Where are the media outlets owned and operated by Afrikans that promote a decidedly Afrikan agenda and not just regurgitating entertainment news and gossip from expatriate Afrikans living lascivious lifestyles in the colonial metropoles? Why aren’t these Afrikan entertainment moguls at least developing businesses and markets in Afrikan via Nollywood and other areas instead of begging whites and so-called jews for trinkets and recognition in the form of awards?

These are just a few essential questions that should be being asked but are not by an equivocating media class and business leaders unwilling to take a political stand to jealously pursue their group interests in a group run world.

Yurugu’s New Eunuch

1 06 2015
Would you trust this male to defend you if a racist white hegemonist were mistreating you because you are an Afrikan and not white? Would this male defend your right to subscribe to an ideology and system designed for the survival of Afrikan people? Would he respect in any way the Afrikan worldview and Afrikan cultural practices as part of the “freedom” the USA supposedly offers its citizens (inhabitants)? If the answer is “no”, then why are Black news websites and commenters cheering the promotion (appointment) of a person who would kill any and everybody in sight if they threatened his masters, including Afrikans (which is the mission for which he is likely preparing to carry out)?

Afrikan people still have not learned that when an Afrikan male or female is promoted to a high profile position in the inbred mutant albinos (IMAs) institutions of terror this spells doom for Black people globally. What did the mulatto in the white house, mistakenly called Black, do for Afrikan people? What did Kinda-sleezy Rice do? The mulatto Eric Holder? The mulatto Thurgood Marshall? Vernon Jordan? Mulatto HUD secretaries Robert Weaver and Patricia Harris? Surgeon Generals Jocelyn Elders, David Satcher, & Regina Benjamin? Did they do anything of note that improved the collective situation of Afrikan people in the USA or anywhere else for that matter? Yet people on a “pro-black” site are cheering for this eunuch because he supposedly “did all the right things” to make it in the world renowned, most reviled and terroristic military organisation known today. Unless a nation is in an alliance with the USA, no one respects the US military at all. They fear the US military and look forward to the day when it will be brought to heel. In a poll it was determined that people think the US military is the most dangerous threat to world peace today, and yet culturally-alienated Afrikans (negros) are cheering for this occurrence. They don’t understand that this is a military strategy to shift the blame for what the US will be doing to several countries in Afrika and elsewhere in the near future to a Black male and make him the face of terror and worldwide mayhem. This is similar to shifting the blame for the hybridisation and attack on the Japanese identity to Afrikan males engaged in lust fulfillment with Japanese rejects that I discussed in my last blog post. All this, while for decades, nay centuries, white males have been on a sexual rampage all throughout Asia and have literally turned whole countries and nations into whorehouses.

Negros will take anything this pale demon gives you, and lap it up then ask for more. And then kill their own people just for a pat on the head and to hear the inbred mutant albinos (IMAs) say, “good job boy, now go play.”


Commenters on the story had this to say:

“Congrats Sgt Major! “

“One word PROUD.”

 “Congratulation Marine! Nice Feature, but rewrite the Headline…….”
“It is about time”
“this was my goal so many years ago. the best thing I ever done for myself was to join the Marine Corps . love it or hate it you’ll never forget it Semper Fi do or die”
“always faithful ~ congrats sgt maj green…. ooh rah!”

Luckily one commenter had it right:
“I guess they call them ” Devil Dogs ” for a reason. Is it that their masters’ are devils?”
But of course someone had to engage him in an emotional argument whose attempt to live vicariously through this eunuch was rudely interrupted by reality…
“You obviously have no clue what your talking about Sargeant Major Green Commands the utmost respect from every man in the Marine Corps from Pfc to 4 star General what did you ever do to get your piece of the dream? This guy is the master!!! Artie lol”
Original commenter replies back:
“Honor isn’t determined by one’s rank; honor is a matter of integrity and respect for human life. No man who adorns himself in military garb has a respect for human life. They are trained killers, terrorist in the Red, White and Blue of it, or too what ever color the swear their allegiances. You are correct he is a master. A master at lethal combat in respect of his master’s interest; outside of that realm, he is just another terrorist in uniform.”
The irrational and illogical response:
Sorry boss i cant identify there is a big difference between a leader of men like the Sargeant Major and a self hating follower time to stop crying wipe the tears and find solutions to the 3rd week of the month not add to the issue by being the Judge pointing fingers love yourself Arthur
Original commenter realizes whom he is dealing with:

There are going to be some difficult days ahead“~ M.L. King c. 1968
This is probably the one of the few insights MLK was correct about.

As a footnote:

Ironically, I had just watched this lecture by Dr. Gerald Horne who outlines several nations who hired negro armies to fight for them for the promise of justice and equality with whites only to be left holding the bag and betrayed, yet again. After which, the white males proceeded to build up for themselves nations and empires–all at our expense. It seems whites know that if they simply PROMISE Afrikans that we will get a space in their system, then that is all it takes to convince us to kill one another, and anyone else, for the pleasure of being massa’s pets, SMDH

The Global Hybrid Assault

31 05 2015


Can you name one Japanese beauty queen in history? Or for that matter, can you name or recall a beauty queen from any country getting press coverage in the US media unless it involved some sensational scandal? Then why now? This linked article presents a “public interest” exposé about a Japanese hybrid for the purpose of furthering psychological terrorism on Afrikan people. The enemies of Afrikans have stepped up their psycho-biogenetic assault recently by installing hybrids as the new standard image for geno-culturally distinct groups. It is a necessary tactic to promote confusion and convolute the identity of victims of white hegemony in order for inbred mutant albinos (IMAs/whites) to claim that people who are unnatural beings (that is, hybrids, IMAs, kwk) on the planet are a representation of the advanced ideals which humanity is now manifesting as opposed to actually being an indication of its rampant degeneracy and depravity. Most of these hybrids are only here because of the failure of Afrikans to reject whiteness as a standard of beauty or to quell the aspiration to attain “whiteness” itself, in the manner of the Fanonian desire to “grasp white civilization and make it mine.”¹


So as to mitigate their own inferiority issues, Afrikans have taken to engaging in rampant hybridization with the unwanted rejects of other geno-cultural groups. This behavior contributes to propagating this madness of wanton hybridization as a self-inflicted wound in a war of eradication against Afrikans. It goes without saying that the primary aggressors in this relationship are the whites themselves and their love of disorder, (the only environment wherein they can thrive) which compels them to seek weak Afrikans among us and confer onto them trinkets such as, academy awards, nobel peace prizes, fake hair, and non-Afrikan sex mates. The linked article tries to assert that hybrids “challenge the identity” of a pre-existing geno-culture or race. This is absurd and is a conceptual tool being used by whites to foster confusion. It belies statistical reasoning to assume that because hybrids are created through sexual licentiousness then the essential constitution of the naturally occurring geno-cultural group is now different and therefore must reexamine its ontology and “spiro-genetic”² nature. The whites are using the media to magnify the occurrence of these entities so as to advertise an alleged “new age” on the planet. The unseen implication of this psychic violence to all who are susceptible is that if other “non-white” IMAs will assist the western Eurasian IMAs (whites) in the degeneracy of interracial procreation, then they (all whites) together can rid the globe of Afrikan people and create a new group of sexual toilets for whites to enjoy throughout eternity; people with no connection to spirit nor the psychological historicity of Afrikans from time immemorial. Groups of homogenous geno-cultures are being propositioned to embrace this perversion so to further break-up ethno-national traditions and values so that the IMA global imperial project of terror can breathe life for a few more decades, if not centuries.


Essentially, the character of the IMA imperial project is to release energy which is contained in natural formations so that IMAs and their non-white worshipers can consume what was previously a restricted power source and was used primarily to ensure the survival of a particular living entity. Most notably, this was done to Black-body humanity itself or Afrikan people. They have replicated this business model in other forms of “exploration”, chiefly in mining and oil extraction. IMAs typically will find some naturally occurring geological or physical formation and destroy it so as to release the energy contained within. (Think of the atomic bomb/Manhattan project as well!) They consume the energy like vampires and leave the waste product strewn throughout the environment without regard to the implications for divine order. The same continues to occur with regard to their “relationship” to Afrikans. They break-up our natural inclination to group-bond and participate in human activity with each other so they can gather the useful entities among us for themselves by awarding them with white wives/husbands, university degrees, high ranking positions in their institutions of brigandage and destruction, for example the U.S. department of justice attorney general Loretta Lynch or former U.S. secretary of state Condi Rice, among a litany of others. As a result, this process leaves the rest of Afrikans bereft. The many Afrikans who would have benefited from the talent of these individuals, (and incidentally who within a healthy Black-body humanity would have had to have a reciprocal relationship with the rest of Afrikans in performing their divine function by utilizing their individual talents within our society) are left stupefied by fake religions and chasing after cults of personality.


Gullible alienated-Afrikans (negros) who are victims of imbibing a false and foreign ideology fall prey to this psychological and bio-genetic attack, and through selfish personal aggrandizement, participate in sexual genocide against Afrikan humanity as a whole. The products of their lust are then displayed in various capacities so as to convince more confused victims that this behavior is “the way forward” and that any allegiance to one’s own geno-culture (race) is backwards and “racist”. Hybrids are given titles such as state’s attorney, national security advisor, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, news anchor, action movie star, beauty queen, and president of the U.S. so as to convince Afrikans that our future lies in destroying our genetics through immoral sexual practices and procreation with non-Afrikans. They are then offered up as bed-wenches and “new negroes” to the ongoing perpetrators of the rape of the planet (IMAs) and all done superficially hidden under a faux multicultural veneer. We must reject the whites and their offspring as being one of us if we are to survive as a healthy, distinct, and self-interested geno-cultural group.



1. Fanon, Franz (1952) Black Skins, White Masks. France. Editions de Seuil.

2. “Spiro-genetic” is a term used by author Odwirafo-Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan which refers to the cosmological nature of Afrikans’ spiritual origins and essence. It indicates that primary in the universe is spirit and this is the matter from which Afrikans emerged and to which we still have a direct connection. This connection is transferred through genetics among Afrikan blood circles only and excludes non-Afrikans and their offspring.

White People Want Total Control!

4 01 2015

White people want total control. This is an innate characteristic of the Eurasians who emerged from the caves of the Caucasus areas and moved north and west into the area now known as Europe. This characteristic is exhibited by all whites. Even though it may seem like some whites do not have this tendency, it is still manifested in various ways albeit on a less overtly, but nevertheless destructive way. There are whites who love hunting people and seek various ways to do this such as joining police forces, militias, militaries, private mercenary groups, and hunting clubs to hunt non-human prey for fun, not survival. There are whites who seek to employ these people to train and direct them to enter non-white areas to hunt and kill so their employers can profit from what is stolen to create an entity they call a business or corporation. There are those who seek, through pomp and circumstance, to strut in front of masses of people and act as if they are directing all of this behavior. These whites are referred to as royalty, politicians, and pundits. There are whites who don’t directly participate but support these endeavors in various ways by moving into the vanquished areas of non-whites to homestead, colonize, or find jobs based on the destruction of what existed before. There are whites who cheer on this process because they feel this activity is making the world safe for white life to exist. This is a cultural characteristic of whites that we see expressed in sports fanaticism. There are whites who seek to engage in sexual relations with the victims of the aggression of other whites’ activities because due to the outcome of whites’ victims, for example Africans, having lost their cultural identify and national organization, whites as a collective recieved social power which is advertised through the media and educational content and thereby creates a fascination in the minds of victims of white aggression and terrorism of being with white people which is then exploited knowingly by whites and referred to as “love.” This concept of human relations, which is European in origin, is then sanctioned through another white sanctioned institution called marriage. This legitimizes the practice of the rape of non-white people by whites and is currently being promoted in the White-controlled media to assist in the total eradication of cultures and commit effective (and/or statistical, if not complete and total) genocide against various non-white groups, but particularly the Africans. This is so the descendants produced by this gutter-sex will not have any allegiance to African people from time immemorial and will serve as sexual toilets for future lascivious and licentious whites and also become willing accomplices in the further destruction and decimation of non-white groups most notably the arch nemesis of whites in their own minds, the Africans.


The most vicious and diabolical group of whites (besides the trained killer class of whites who don’t have the training, opportunity and/or the social position to function in the following capacity) are the group just above the whites who organize the killers to create multinational businesses and corporations. These are white people who call themselves bankers. Here I do not make a distinction between whites and the other tribe of white people who are converts to a sadistic brand of Judaism because historically and presently they have been indistinguishable and have colluded with one another on various levels to attack and benefit from the total destruction and emaciation of non-whites and most notably, Africans.


This group of whites who call themselves bankers are at present in the last stages of constructing a system of regulatory frameworks, policy implementations schemes, procedures which they refer to as “best” practices, trade and currency exchange agreements and legal precedents, jargon and apparatuses to ensnare Africans and various other non-whites into a web of strictly limited movement, aspirations, and activity. This will ease the ability of whites in the different lower groups to participate in genocide of Africans whether it is through imprisonment, murder, sexual destruction by miscegenation or legitimized rape, starvation, and/or economic deprivation through debt. This group is constructing the ability to replace current heads of states in Africa and put them on trial in European controlled judicial organizations and it is establishing a network of military bases in Africa and strengthening its presence elsewhere to respond to attempts by these nations to expel whites, or to attack Africans by stealth and further the process of genocide of the African. (Websites with basic information about this are here, and here)


Forced “refugee dispersal” is occurring and will increase from places like Africa, South Asia, and South America into the colonial states occupied by the Western Eurasian expatriates known today as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, South Africa and various South American places like Argentina, all of which are places where the Europeans have committed genocide. People will also be moved to Western Eurasia (Europe) as well. This will be done to further the process of cultural alienation and genocide but will maintain exclusive white-only areas for whites to benefit from the increased economic activity that this will induce by working in prison facilities or as service providers, media personalities, corporate managers, teachers, various technocratic professionals and producers of raw, manufactured, and “intellectual” goods for these masses to consume. The white leadership group wants to create a situation and environment in these non-white and African enclaves of Europe and the colonial states wherein intense sexual activity will occur and result in people with a myriad of genealogies so as to be unrecognizable as a distinct race of Africans and thereby create a mass of hybridized servants and sycophants identifying with the Eurasian terrorist class as if they were ethereal deities in the flesh. Hence the goal is to create a majority mixed-race populous with no sense of cultural organization who worship whites. This will make it easier for the whites who don’t want to live in the exclusive white protected zones to enter and further sexually sully the mass of available mixed-race sexual toilets each of whom will be seeking to attain their highest sense of worth which will be defined by having sexual relations with whites.


Recently at the 2014 G20 meeting in Australia it was agreed by the various 20 nations that make up the group to arrange a law for confiscating bank deposits of ordinary people in the event of a massive financial crisis which is more than likely being engineered now. Agreements like this are being set-up around the globe like bi-lateral currency trade agreements and trade agreements which allow for little public oversight and redress though the commonly known means like the legislatures and courts. Supranational arbitration agencies are being set-up with industry insiders chosen to serve as the regulators, judges and juries. When white power is distant from the ability of people to even challenge democratically, much less affect the outcome, open season will be declared on Africans by the killer class of whites and cheered on by the class of whites who see this as a win for the home team. Whites who like sex with non-whites and Africans will be seen decrying this activity and confused victims destroyed by cultural alienation and miseducation will see whites as their saviors and not recognize that this is a cultural imperative which whites have in order to fulfill their asili (Ani, 1994). This is a process which allows them to experience the utamaroho (Ani, 1994)—the vital force and energy source of a geno-cultural group which gives direction to collective behavior and emotional tone to the geno-cultural group—in this case whites (Eurasians).


Don’t think the East Eurasians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, kwk) are your friends either. The Chinese are negotiating right now with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is a front for the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to have the Chinese Yuan added to the basket of currencies that regulates and sets the price for international settlements. This affects the interest rates of all countries which are not in this basket of currencies called Special Drawing Rights (SDR) When this happens, China can use its currency to buy even more of African resources and develop Chinese skills and people as a management class over the Africans on the continent itself. So the stage is being set for a process of genocide unequaled in the history of the world. Even the Maafa might end up being a close second once this is complete.


What to do?


Learn a process to create your own food such as Aquaponics, Hydroponics, or farming. Invest in a power generator or solar power system. Learn an African language if you don’t already know one or improve your skills in your second language. This will help even if you don’t go to Africa because it is likely more Africans will be coming to the USA or your Eurasian expatriate colonial state. Join an organization that is based on the protection of African lives. Buy emergency provisions such as first aid kits, tools, flashlights, ham radios, and weapons. Keep engaging in distracting and meaningless social activities to a minimum. Stop dating interracially and stop condoning this among African people. When this process of financial restructuring kicks in, whites will soon realize that their lot is not with African people. Stay informed about world events and economic news and share this with your circle of acquaintances who are interested in this information. If people are disinterested in this information, don’t waste your time trying to convince them. Time is running out for vacillating people who don’t realize what time it is. Leave comments with links to other information on this blog or share this blog with other interested parties.


Thanks for reading!



Ani, Marimba. (1994) Yurugu: An Afrikan-centered critique of European cultural   thought and behavior. Washington D.C.: Nkonimfo Publications.

A Marshall Plan for the African Diaspora!

17 07 2012

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Reply to The Wattreee Chronicle:

Greetings! I read your blog entry and I would like to respond with a line-by-line analysis and critique of your editorial on Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and Barack Obama. I would like to explain my personal position about these matters and highlight places where we may agree, and point to areas of disagreement. I will preface this by saying that I refer to myself, and others of my “race” as African people, so I will do that here, except when I quote you or refer to information in your article when you use the term “Black”.

You say that it is not Barack Obama’s (BO) job to address “Black” issues. However, BO doesn’t have a problem addressing the issues of homosexuals, “Latinos”, Euro-Americans (whites), the financial sector, the health insurance industry, and the military-industrial complex. His supporters argued, during his first campaign for the presidency, that “he can’t say anything for African-Americans or else white people won’t vote for him.” Well this statement alone speaks to the implicit knowledge of the existence of persistent white supremacy as a functioning ideology. It was also argued that he was attempting to become the president for all US citizens, not just African-Americans. Well, I would like to ask rhetorically, aren’t Africans-Americans US citizens too? If so, why can’t he address our issues? It seems that this position is more of a tactic to neutralize any criticism from this constituency and absolve the President of any responsibility to answer our grievances whether historically or currently. This lays the foundation for the next President, especially if he or she is a Euro-American, not to do anything or even acknowledge the special circumstance of Africans in America. The next President can take the position that assumes if the “first Black President” doesn’t need to do anything to address your collective issues, why should the new non-African-American president do so? This is a dangerous precedent because for one thing, Africans in America are not immigrants. To quote Claud Anderson, we are “non-immigrants”. Which gives us a special status, not unlike the indigenous nations of people whose treaties with the USA have been illegally broken and they have been remanded to concentration camps called reservations. This is eerily similar to the concentration camps to which many African men and increasingly African women are being sent, which are called prisons. We as Africans still in America should consider these parallel phenomena.

Next you say that the Africans in America should stop “waiting for a messiah” and “it is the responsibility of the Black community to address Black issues.” That sounds good, but the problem with that is that no other ethnic group does this. Remember the Tea Party? How about the so-called Latino demonstrations in the last decade? The “Latinos” cannot write and pass the legislation themselves, can they? This position you take is a fantasy that is a veritable propaganda campaign to convince people of the “boot strap” theory of economic success which defies the very history of government action to intervene on the part of Euro-Americans at key points in the history of the socio-economic development of the USA. For example, the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program was created during the Great Depression and was limited to Euro-American women whose husbands had deserted them. This case is interesting because it seems that when a community is economically deprived, the families break apart. Do you think we can apply this knowledge to analyze the situation of any other group in the USA? Secondly, even though we are not taught to think of it in this way, the wave of immigration from Europe in the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century was a huge government program for Europeans only. It was a government supported initiative to increase the population of nominal white people in the USA. The government wanted to specifically dilute the large percentage of the population which were Africans. Where is the similar program like this for Africans from the continent? Oh yeah, I forgot, it was called slavery.

Moreover, you bemoan the fact that because we are adults now, and have a large (dispersed) consumer group that we should be doing things to “turn our community around” because “we have the resources to do the job”. Well, I agree with both points, but asking a person who is making $18,000 a year to start an economic program to “turn the community around” is beyond the ability of that person to do. Furthermore, if several people making a salary in the same range get together, they could still only barely make an impact unless there is a large institutional structure with several departments to direct and recruit membership by creating an economy of scale to even be effective. This is where I part with this “boot-strap” theory which, in my opinion, is essentially a “blame the victim” cop-out. The people who should be initiating this are the people who are continually let off of the hook in this equation, which is the wealthy class of Africans and the African leadership from the five spheres of influence. This is what Dr. Umar Johnson refers to as the SPREE–Status individuals (e.g. school superintendent, chief of police), Politicians, Religious leaders, Educational academics, and Entertainment professionals. These are the people with the financial capital, the influence, the intellect, (ostensibly) and the organizational ability to create these institutions into which Africans can invest a small portion of their consumer income for community building. It has happened before (e.g. Marcus Garvey), so why aren’t they doing it now? I know, we can point out that Garvey ultimately failed, but today there is no FBI program targeting Africans in America anymore to infiltrate and sabotage our institutions. We can do what we want without fear from the white man and institutional white supremacy stopping us, right? Oprah is a billionaire, and I don’t here a mumbling word from all of these “boot-strap” theorists and Obama defenders about the responsibility that she, Cosby, Johnson, and Jordan are avoiding. They could easily create a 25 to 50 million dollar endowment to start an African-American think-tank and investment fund to address the specific issues that concern the African community. They could employ the thousands of African university graduates from the USA, the Diaspora, and the African continent itself to develop programs, policy initiatives, remedies, recommendations, and strategies to address these issues. They could create a national credit union and find people with experience in finance and banking who are African and primarily market this opportunity to all African-Americans to invest in an interest bearing fund and open a savings or checking account for personal banking. This investment fund could be used to build business and projects which would yield a retirement stipend for its shareholders. It could go to invest in African communities in the USA and establish relationships with other Africans in the Diaspora and on the continent for the purposes of educational, cultural, and economic training and partnership programs. Exchange programs could be set up for African students to come to the USA or for Africans in the USA to go to Africa and to participate in language and cultural exchange programs.  University students could do study abroad programs, and a scholarship fund can be set up for African students to study in majors which are in need on the continent and within the community. Students accept the scholarship as a loan with the understanding that they must serve for a demonstrable minimum amount of time working on issues in the community to change the reality of Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora in order for the debt to be forgiven. Community learning centers and media distribution networks could be set-up and franchised to disseminate knowledge of our history and issues that are important to us as Africans.  These places could employ the thousands of teachers that are being laid-off and fired from public schools across the USA. Why don’t they do something like what I have just described? I am no millionaire, and I don’t have the caché of the African intelligentsia, nor the influence of the entertainment moguls to do this, but they do. And yet we continually blame the guy on the corner with a 40 ounce beer and sagging pants or the single mother with too many children for not “doing something” to change their communities, and no one calls out the big fish for doing the same thing—which is nothing at all!

Furthermore, the pathologies that afflict Africans in America are well documented and we know the cause. Yet this cause is taboo, and the critics of Africans’ plight in the USA say that to solve these ills, we should stop talking about the cause and take personal responsibility. This is laughable, because the perpetrators of the problems which were the beginning of our woes have never taken any responsibility. Radical new approaches like what I have laid out need to be taken, but they are not being done, why?

You say we should “fight for our piece of the pie”. Well, what if there is poison baked into the pastry? The basis for the foundation of the USA cannot be overlooked, and to say now that we should just seek to benefit from the centuries of organized criminality which resulted in our enslavement is severely misguided. No one has said that “we should wait for someone to come to our rescue and twist political arms”, that is what the financial elite and wealthy bankers on Wall Street do, but we should recognize that among many Africans in America, there is pervasive mis-education about the world and our history in the world. There is a lack of understanding about our fundamental circumstances in the USA, and an inability to talk honestly and frankly about our history in this country including analyzing the goals, strategies, and outcomes of the Civil Rights movement to come to a understanding of whether or not it accomplished what we sought. I would argue that it hasn’t or else we would not have our present predicament. In relation to this, I agree with your critique of the self-appointed leadership, but the reason they are there is because the Black Power/Liberation movements and the Civil Rights movement were co-opted, and crushed. Into the vacuum of leadership came the present bunch of buffoons, and there exists today no widespread grassroots organization into which ordinary Africans can seek membership. This is the negative outgrowth of the political assassinations and the misdirection of the Civil Rights movement into electoral politics, it was not due to the shortcomings and peccadilloes of African-Americans.

The tendency of refusing to vote is not only limited to the African community either. The average percentage of voters each election year is roughly 37% during a congressional only year and about 50-55% during a presidential election, the African population in the USA is 13%, so some others think voting is worthless too, not just us. Moreover, you speak of the empty churches that don’t open to employ people for babysitting jobs, and ridicule the preachers for absconding to the suburbs with the parishioners’ money, well, these churches actually operate under a government program called the Faith-based initiative (FBI), started by George W. Bush, (a former president of the USA) to actually control the organizing ability, political culture, and the actions of these churches, which explains why you see the activity you mentioned.

Additionally, in a few paragraphs in your piece, you made allusions to African-American behavior like “watching Kobe’s jump shot” and to paraphrase “parents allowing their children to watch hip hop videos that are instilling negative values”, well this may be a valid point, however, in order for this to be really understood deeply, we have to study the history and nature of the mass media and the propaganda apparatus themselves. Without doing such, we are really limited in knowing the full impact and function of things like professional sports and music videos. If we understand this, and the pervasive saturation of these media in our culture, it would be very difficult not to know why it has the impact it does. To put it bluntly, it produces this behavioral effect by design! Since we don’t have education programs to inform people of what the effects of the media are now and historically, especially concerning Africans and the depiction of us, there is no way we can criticize people for exhibiting the behavior they do after consuming these media, especially if we don’t understand the phenomena ourselves.

Again, I am no a fan of Tavis or Cornel, but to say that they should have “wait(ed)” until Obama was sworn in to criticize him is ridiculous. Let those two do whatever, they want. We know what they are. They are part of the Entertainment and Education classes of the African petit bourgeoisie, so to expect anything at all from them or Al, Jesse, and others is unrealistic. Their function is to either support the system, or to be the official critics, beyond which no criticism is allowed to be even heard. There are several more incisive critiques of Obama that have much more relevance, but they are being drowned out and ignored so that West and Smiley can give benign, unfocused criticism about something as unspecific as poverty. They haven’t addressed any of the issues that I have mentioned in this piece, and what I have said hardly scratches the surfaces of what could be pointed out as failings on the part of Obama and the Africans of exceptional accomplishments in America. And regarding your accusation of Tavis Smiley’s figurative demand for Obama to “kiss his ring”, Obama did go on his show on October 18, 2007. It is on YouTube for crissake’s! Why would you make such a large oversight?

I won’t readdress your criticism of Cornel West since I already stated what I think about him, but I find it ironic that in a post where you are basically defending Obama’s decision to ignore the African community for his own higher moral and intellectually superior reasons, you then criticize the major media for hyping Cornel West as an intellectual. Don’t you think the media has assisted in creating the image of Obama as the same kind of superior intellectual? Why would not the media be wrong about both men concerning their aptitude for the positions they hold? It seems that the brunt of your attack in the piece is directed at the most powerless in the entire equation—African people—and that you further use your energy to attack the supposed spokesmen for these people, Smiley and West, all the while defending the most privileged, aloof, and elitist of them all, another Ivy League graduate, Barack Hussein Obama himself!

Then confusingly in the twelfth paragraph, you say that the media are “dragging Black people through the mud”, but in the opening six paragraphs, you basically do the same thing. You say that the media are embracing West, and we should be skeptical of these media figures, and then immediately say that Africans should stop listening to people who “tell us what we want to hear” but listen to people who tell us what we “need to hear”. People are prepared to hear what they are prepared to hear. If they have been indoctrinated and mis-educated for decades, how are they supposed to know what they need to hear? It sounds like more blaming the victim to me, I think you should really start examining the history and structures of the United States’ indoctrination system from the media to education in order to understand why it is so easy for a person like Cornel West to be offered as an acceptable intellectual, and why people have the basic assumptions in the first place to accept what he is saying as profound, or at least to accept his image as an intellectual. If you study this history, I think you will find out why we are behaving in this manner. If you haven’t already seen the lecture or read her book, see or read “Post-Traumatic Slavery Syndrome” by Dr. Joy DeGruy.

Lastly, you say that Obama’s shortcomings are in failing to address the threat of the GOP. Why do you think he is doing that? He is a smart man isn’t he? Maybe his actions are done intentionally, and the real owners of the USA, the powers behind the throne, don’t want him to succeed in his articulated campaign agenda, so we have what amounts to political theater where we have the good cop / bad cop motif. You know the routine. It’s similar to the Charlie Brown and Lucy bit. It’s when Obama tries really hard to get things passed, but those nasty old Republicans just won’t let him do it. Darn! You sit back and watch and say something to the effect of:

I wish he had a majority in the house and senate, and then he could really make things happen.

Oh but wait, he did have  majorities. However, because he didn’t fulfill his campaign promises, the Democratic voters stayed home and the Tea Party crazies came out in droves to vote the way they always have voted—on a straight white nationalist ticket. So much for our friends the white liberals!

Finally, you said condescendingly that “race was the last war and this one is about class”. My friend, class has always been the war. I think it was Khalid Muhammad, who said it best: (to paraphase)

“Some people say it’s a class issue. Well, wherever the black-white dynamic exists, you’ll find the White is the upper class, and the Black is the lower class.”

Class isn’t just about a well-paying job and a nice house. It is about self—determination as a nation of people, and social wealth built up between members of that nation. It is about a group having their own holidays, folk-ways, mores, festivals, rights of passages, language, names, and world view. It is recognition by other nations that you are protected from ill-treatment because one belongs to a strong nation that can come to the aid of its people through defense systems. It is about having for each individual deferential privileges which are distinct from others who are not members or citizens of your nation. It is about commanding assumptions from others of possessing strength, character, moral values, and intellect that are deemed to be present without one having to disprove a negative. It is so much more the merely, having a degree and working in a multi-cultural, post-racial environment. Obama, West, and Smiley represent none of that.

Thanks for reading!


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