I got it baaad, got it baaad, got it baaaad…I got shot by teacher!

18 02 2010

       I have been an applicant to quite a few universities, and have attended several different post-secondary schools for junior college, undergraduate classes, graduate programs, and continuing education courses, and let me just say that I am not surprised that the people in positions of authority just “blew off” the students as they described in the article. (see link below) University professors and administrators are essentially running amok with their unchecked power and privileged positions, so that the students, who are essentially customers and paying astronomical amounts of money to attend these places, get routinely treated as vermin, unworthy of any dignified interaction, or even truthful discourse when approaching some of these egotistical people.

       Now, we have yet another violent act committed on an educational campus. Let me unequivocally state that the lady is very likely unstable and should have her day in court, but the culture of unchecked authority, megalomaniacal educators, and the attendant prestige bestowed upon faculty and administrators for basically succeeding in getting a career that is more often than not a glorified socialite, are putting students and others at risk with their demonstrable failure to act upon claims, complaints, petitions, and other actions that the students and applicants bring to their attention.

       I don’t believe that tenure should be revoked completely, but there should be a review every few years, and students should have more of a voice in the decisions to extend tenure and the contracts of other administrative staff, especially if because they are so secure in their positions, that they routinely fail to take action on pressing issues that need to be addressed, particularly when they are brought forth by members of the student body.

       Colleges and universities are increasingly showing thier true nature to be little more than a racket. Similarly, other major institutions are displaying the same characteristics of those mafia entities that were wielding unchecked power during prohibition. We can also see these traits in the health care industry, government, and the coterie of financial institutions that have absconded with much of the wealth of the majority of gainfully employed Americans.

       This incident is what I feel should serve as one of many examples of why democratic control should be rested from the people who adorn the apices of our power structures, and nestled into the hands of the people, in whose interest most of these institutions are purported to be operating. If the purpose of these organizations, like the schools, are to benefit people by improving the sum total of their knowledge, then the people should have direct control on how the administration of these organizations are conducted. It is time to strip the aloof and pompous class of their illegitimate authority, and use the time most Americans spend in church on Sunday or watching sports, to instead, participate in actively coordinating the functions of institutions that serve the public interest more in our favor.





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18 02 2010
internet elias

as we know, every situation has two sides…for and against. And both have validity. Dr. Bishop had problems of long standing…starting before her arrival at University of Alabama..Huntsville. Also, it is clearly understood by universities…that students who do not do well in particular classes..often blame the professor. My experience is that these situations, too, have two sides. Truth is not a simple matter. In light of the murders…the UAH tenor committees demonstrated why the tenor process takes years and why it is always in the best interest of both students and faculty. Had she been tenored, since she has a history of violence, she might have dealt with students and parents with a gun. So very sad is the fact that she did not get the help needed when she killed her brother. It was swept under the rug. And I can only imagine the depth of guilt and despair in the heart of Dr. Bishop. Also reflected in her desparation to suceed for both herself and her brother. …is her need to be respected that caused her to assault the mother in IHOP over a booster seat. UAH was very justified in not tenoring Dr. Bishop. And I totally expect the student petition was part of the portfolio, along with all other student evaluations…which served to bring the committees to the final decision of ‘no tenor.’ With the experience and training she had under her belt…she could have made a very comfortable living in many locations. But seemingly her attitude was combative and vengeful over not getting her way. That attitude took priority over her own well-being….as well as that of her husband and four children….not to mention other family and friends. Seemingly, that same attitude was reflected when she killed her brother. At this point..everyone seems to understand that firing the gun she used against him…required deliberate action for each shot fired. The pipe bombs sent to her Harvard coworker, also someone she was ‘combative’ with…did not yield proof that she sent them. But no other persons were identified nor charged.

Dr. Bishop is a seriously conflicted person. At least now she is where she can’t harm others. Each person has the freedom to make his or her choices. And each choice has attached to it….consequences.

Interesting post. Thanks.



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