ACBN: A Primer, to be released in September 2017

5 08 2017

ACBN: A Primer, is the first book written and published by Kwesi Anan Ababio.

The book discusses essential concepts about Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalism and gives full credit to those who inspired and contributed to the ideas behind the creation of this book.

The book asks and attempts to answer questions like:
Who is an Afrikan?
What is ACBN?
Why Mulattoes and Other Hybrids Are Not Afrikan?…and much more

The 142 page book is an easy, engaging read and includes a contribution by special guest author Gaspar Yanga who writes a brilliant epilogue.

The book has nearly 30 color and black & white photographs, endnotes, a bibliography, and references detailing and supporting the thesis of the book.

Get your eBook or paperback copy as soon as it is available! It is essential reading for Afrikan people in the 21st century.

Links and instructions on how to make a purchase will be posted soon.

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Message to the adherents of the so-called “one drop rule”

4 01 2015

Part 1

Consider the following:


“The principal policy spheres where we make recommendations are in refugee dispersal, housing immigrations and national identity.”


This is the opening statement to Chapter 7: Conclusions and Recommendations of the report entitled “Changing Places: ‘Mapping the white British response to ethnic change’” Keep that title in mind as you read this blog entry. The report “Changing Places” was published and released in December 2014


This is a report prepared by DEMOS, a think-tank based in the UK. I checked its website and every single one of its board of trustees, and members of the advisory group was white…except two. One was an American-Afrikan and the other was a hybrid. The Afrikan also serves on a US based think-tank that researches migration policy and diversity analytics. He is essentially giving information to Western Europeans (Eurasians a.k.a. Inbred Mutant Albinos or “IMAs”) about Afrikans in the USA. The hybrid works at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP and the Croyden Council and leads its Africa Business Group where he is apparently “developing opportunities in emerging markets.” So he is another hybrid front man for white hegemony.


Among the research associates there were a couple of South Eurasians possibly from India, although I am not sure. These two were not the researchers in this study, but for the confused culturally-alienated Afrikans who think its all about the bankers and the 1%, how do you explain the fact that think-tank after think-tank are staffed with armies of whites (IMAs) developing policy to destroy Afrikans? Apparently, some of these white people aren’t opposed to creating mulattoes either…just not too many of them.


Here are some of the recommendations:

(Statements written in italics are mine. I used BOLD in some of their statements to draw your attention to them.)


Refugee and social tenant dispersal

“We do not recommend that the Home Office disperse large numbers of refugees or …tenants from diverse areas to homogeneously white areas with low population turnover. Generally speaking, (white) attitudes to immigration harden as the ethnic composition of the (white) population shifts, and soften with habituation and assimilation. Avoiding rapid shifts in people’s cultural environment should be a policy goal. In this respect, dispersing refugees to heavily white areas with little prior experience of immigration is a recipe for discontent. It introduces disruption into the lives of refugees while engendering unease from white British residents unfamiliar with ethnic diversity.”


“…it remains the case that too many refugees are being dispersed to inappropriately homogeneous or close-knit areas.”


“…white British attitudes to immigration…expressed the highest levels of hostility.”


So here is evidence that IMAs have a policy formation process afoot which includes displacing Afrikans and creating white-only spaces for whites to live. Afrikan only spaces like the continent itself are not allowed to exist. We Afrikans must “integrate” with everyone else and develop some bogus multicultural consciousness to facilitate whites’ desire to use us to create economic growth while keeping places for whites only to practice their sense of being white (read: superior)


House building

“Earlier we noted that rapid ethnic change is associated with greater white hostility to immigration. Minorities are likely to be disproportionately represented among those taking up residence in newly built homes in Greater London… Our research leads us to warn against development that radically alters the ethnic makeup of existing (white) areas. We therefore recommend…schemes, which help insulate existing (white) communities from rapid ethnic change… “


“Sharp shifts in local ethnic composition caused by new housing development tend to increase white British threat levels. If these are viewed as being pushed by a planning inspectorate from on high, the policies may prove toxic. Indeed, they could further alienate the white British population from immigration and the political elite.”


So here we see a recognition of an agreed social relationship with the IMA political “elite” and the normal everyday IMAs of all stripes in contradistinction to the interests of non-IMAs, and especially Afrikans’ desire to maintain our own geno-cultural compositions. Let’s read further.


“Right to Build*(see glossary below) is a sound idea insofar as it focuses on the housing needs of existing (mainly white) residents. It also limits the potential for rapid ethnic shifts while accommodating a gentle rise in diversity. Even in heavily white British communities, minorities, being younger, are likely to have greater housing need and take up a disproportionate number of new places. The local authority* (see glossary) will tend to be somewhat more diverse than homogeneous communities; this, too, will offer an outlet for gradual ethnic dispersion. Self-build (i.e. Right to Build) thereby ensures (economic) growth while calibrating the pace of ethnic change to local conditions. Such considerations should not stand in the way of building the housing London needs, but authorities should try to mitigate the effects the best they can.”


Here is quite suggestive evidence of a methodical plan to regulate, yet intentionally create the prospects for interracial sexing and the creation of hybrids with IMAs who have sexual fetishes for non-IMAs. They intend to provide the non-whites “gradually” for availability to IMAs sexually under the guise of “socioeconomic development” so IMAs will still have the hegemonic advantage within this social milieu. This results in culturoeconomic (socioeconomic) destruction for Afrikans.


“Garden cities*(see glossary) should form a central pillar of new housing development as they ensure a mix of population from the start, without a memory of former ethnic homogeneity, while diverting rapid change away from long-term residents of existing communities.”


So here we see as Amos Wilson discusses in “Black on Black Violence” about the necessity of amnesia being present in the victims and targets of the system of white hegemonic domination for it to function properly and in the interests of IMAs. (pp. 57 & 83, Wilson, 1990)


This next part is very interesting…


“We live in a world of jet planes where one part of the world is ageing (sic) and wealthy (Stolen wealth and they are dying to hold onto it!) while the other is youthful and poor, (As a result of having been robbed by the aging and wealthy people), so immigration is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. What is urgently needed therefore is a positive view of English ethnicity in an age of migration: how today’s Englishmen and women should think about themselves and their descendants. One possible solution is liberal ethnicity – a form of ethnic identity which absorbs outsiders through intermarriage while retaining a relatively fixed set of myths and symbols.” (This was called having Black skins but wearing white masks by Franz Fanon, an Afrikan who married a IMA woman)

“People whom we currently define as ‘mixed race’ are projected to be the largest group in England by the end of this century. History is replete with mixed-background nationalist figures such as the half-Spanish Irish nationalist Eamon DeValera”, (sic)

A half Spanish-Irish is still an Eurasian-IMA from western Europe. The problem here is sometimes IMAs use the term “race” to mean nationality, i.e. German race, British race, Irish race, kwk, but they have vanquished our nationhood linguistically by calling us the Negro race)

“…mixed-race black American intellectual WEB Du Bois (mixed with what?) or part-Indonesian Geert Wilders in the Netherlands”. (Which part was Indonesian?)


I don’t know who the other people are but it is interesting that they refer to W.E.B. Dubois as “mixed-race black” and confused Afrikans almost without exception refer to him as Black or an African-American, Why can’t he be a mixed-race white? Marcus Garvey was the most notable exception to this when he rightly referred to Dubois as a mulatto.


“In other societies, the loss of particular traits, such as the Irish or Welsh language, ignited a more self-conscious project of identity. Therefore if history is a guide, England’s mixed-race group will probably identify with their English rather than non-English lineage as they grow in numbers and confidence.”


This logically means that the nature of social relations will facilitate this shift in identity. Hence this identity will be intentionally engineered, which also presupposes the engineering of ways in which interracial coupling will be used to help IMAs and hurt Afrikans and the Afrikan identity. This is why you will see more IMAs declaring publicly about how much they love their hybrid babes, or that they don’t have a problem with interracial dating and confused alienated Afrikans will think “Oh whites are okay, there are just a few bad ones, but those will die out so its okay to marry some of the good ones and have babies” Additionally when this age-old trap is pointed out by Afrikan-Centered Biological Nationalists we will be accused of being “racist” and not allowing individuals to make their own choices. We are warning you about this danger of Afrikan genetic annihilation because of our understanding that the logical foundation of any and all social relations with whites relies on a definition of whites as superior. Continuing…


“The idea that a more inclusive English ethnic group, along with their traditions and memories, can endure as the majority could offer many white British a greater sense of comfort, optimism and continuity. (Read: The mulattoes will carry on the “British traditions” for you) It offers an important identity choice to mixed-race individuals and to minorities who believe their children or grandchildren are likely to blend into the majority group. In the USA, the noted immigration historian John Higham remarked that immigration worries waxed and waned in step with the majority’s confidence in its ability to assimilate newcomers. So long as the ethnic majority accepts minorities as fully equal and legitimate members of the British nation, a more optimistic majority ethnicity should improve ethnic relations in the country. This is not a project the Government can or should embrace …it must remain neutral. Yet it is a communal vision that individuals, groups and media outlets in civil society could endorse. Many white British, mixed-race people and assimilation-minded minorities might embrace it. As long as this ethnic majority respects the rights of minorities it could prove an engine of integration, helping alleviate popular anxieties in an age of mass mobility.”



So here I think I have shown definitive proof of a master plan to create hybrids for the benefit of whites in a Western Eurasian nation significantly responsible for the destruction of Afrika nations. Remember, I mentioned that they had an alienated Afrikan on their staff who also served on a US think-tank. Are we so naïve to believe that this exact policy will not be implementing in the US and other IMA colonial states? Here they have clearly declared they want to develop assimilation-minded non-whites, to create hybrids who will be charged with carrying on THE BRITISH TRADITION, not the Afrikan tradition, and will subsequently further mix with IMAs, not Afrikans. So therefore, the one-drop rule is known, by their policy planners to not only to be incorrect, but is ALWAYS used to the benefit of whites and not Afrikans. If “the Black gene is dominant”, how come the production of hybrids has no benefit for maintaining Afrikan culture, standards of beauty, and generating power for us? Of course it goes without saying that many culturally alienated Afrikans are going to be jumping for joy at this prospect because their fondest desires for sexual self-annihilation will be realized. I guess this is what they meant by the title of the report, “Changing Places”.





Garden cities Policy focusing on building new self-sufficient communities rather than building housing developments around existing communities.


Local authority A geographical census division with a population typically ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 people.


Self-build (Right to Build) Policy in which local residents rather than developers are granted permission to build homes.


The full report can be seen here and downloaded for free

Psychopathic white hegemonist rapes Afrikan man to produce hybrids!

27 09 2014
In a recent radio interview on the COWS, a rabid female white supremacist discussed how she infiltrates “black communities” in the USA to gather intelligence about cultural and linguistic practices among Afrikans in America. She does this in order to disseminate this information to other white female terrorists in an effort to destroy the Afrikan genome and release confused mulattoes into the Afrikan population. The main objective of this is to foster confusion and disarray in an ongoing effort to continue the ideology and system of white hegemony (supremacy). This woman also claims to be a liberal who wants to fight “racism”.

Furthermore, she admitted that she is not found to be attractive by white men and has a dumpy, pear-shaped figure. Since high school, she has been raping Afrikan men who are afflicted with mentacide and who seek only the salve of a white woman (any white woman no matter how repulsive) to soothe their shattered egos and lack of dignified prospects in the system of white hegemony. Ugly white women such as this who are not able to access white men and be the beneficiary of white male power and thereby wield significant power for themselves in the system of white supremacy are relegated to fulfilling this innate desire for power over “the cultural other” by seeking confused non-white men to rape and satisfy her need to dominate someone…anyone…as long as the white woman’s inherent psychosis can manifest unchallenged. If a white woman like this were resigned to feed from the power base available to her in the formal white system of white hegemony, she would have to adhere to certain rules and regulations which would directly affect her ego realisation and render her a manic depressive. But among confused Afrikans (negroes) she can readily satisfy her need to create disorder and chaos without fear of retribution from the affected parties or being ostracized from her source of power.

Afrikan men and white women are in these tragic arrangements (commonly know as “interracial relationships”) based upon their mutual hatred of the Afrikan woman.

This woman already has had a hybrid child and when asked about its identity she stated that she teaches it to be “Black” and “bi-racial” which obviously creates confusion in the child’s mind from day one. When challenged by an Afrikan female caller about the fact that her child is  not “Black” (Afrikan), she stammered and spewed invective and derisive remarks which showed her inherent hatred of Afrikan women. This goes to show that whites who have offspring with Afrikans are not ignorant of what they are doing to Afrikan people as a collective, and hybrids are intentionally mentally abused by their white parents and released into the Afrikan population to create destruction and prevent cohesion for political-economic power. No white parent of a non-white hybrid is unaware that whites will not accept his/her hybrid baby as a white person.

Consider the following quote:
“…the so-called ‘mulatto Jews’…were never officially recognized as Jews, but were the offspring of Jewish rapists of African women.” (HRD, 1991, p. 197)
The onslaught of hybrids has increased. 
We must remember that the vast majority of hybrids are bred specifically to serve as sexual toilets for white men and women. Conversely, the refuse (garbage) of white womanhood is reserved for mentacidal Afrikan men.
“White men preferred them (mulattoes and other hybrids) to their white sisters in the profession (prostitution), who were mainly ‘white trash”, unkempt, ignorant, and ugly.” (HRD, 1991, p.201)
We must become consciously aware that the children of these modern offspring of the rape of the Afrikan male by the aforementioned type of white women are being conditioned by their white parent to prevent the regeneration of Afrikan civilisation . We Afrikans must be resolute in stating that hybrids are NOT Afrikan, but seeds of confusion and the embodiment of the lascivious sexual deviancy created by white barbarization (civilisation) and the white shit-stem (system). This does not mean that hybrids are as evil and wicked as their white parents, but we must develop a sound and clear strategy to prevent these non-white hybrids from attaining strategic power in our cultural, economic, and political institutions.

Salani Kahle!

The Historical Research Department. (1991) The secret relationship between Blacks and jews. Chicago: The Nation of Islam

Why mulattoes and other hybrids are not Afrikan

1 06 2014
(or if Jesus’ colour doesn’t matter, why was it necessary to depict him as white?)

It took me a year to finally accept this conclusion. I had an argument with a YouTuber concerning this issue in reference to a video he posted entitled “Just because you got black in you.” He proceeded to say that racially mixed people (i.e. people with parents from two distinctly different racial groups with one being Black/Afrikan) are not Afrikan and I predictably had an emotional argument referencing the systematic rape that occurred to Afrikans perpetrated by whites (Europeans) in the USA which resulted in the wider spectrum of skin colour seen in the Afrikan population in the US today. However, after failing to convince him and unsubscribing from his channel, I had several months to listen to interviews and read a lot of material, historical, biological, sociological, and political. I eventually reached the conclusion that indeed he is correct. Hybridized people are not Afrikan and should not be accepted as such.


Before you throw around the term “racist”, let me define the term as per my understanding, The terms “racism” and “racist” are actually misnomers. The phenomena should more accurately be termed “ethnocentric economic protectionism for the purposes of seeking, securing and wielding wealth and power”. Understandably, with this more accurate term, it is more convenient for the “racists” to use the former terminology because it deftly conceals the true nature of the phenomenon and makes confused, naive, and unsuspecting people believe that “anyone can be racist” because they treat someone of another race or more appropriately termed “geno-cultural group” (Baruti, 2006), rudely or make disparaging comments about them. Moreover, the more academically accepted terms “white supremacists” and “white supremacy” are actually not correct terms either, although from a eurocentric point of view these terms do surreptitiously stimulate the “utamaroho” (Ani, 1994), of Europeans and people classified as white, these terms are nevertheless used to describe the phenomenon in critical race theory and other fields of study. The appropriate terms are actually either “white world domination by terror” (Kambon, 2006) or “white hegemony”. This is an ideology that holds that whites are better, smarter, and more capable producers and managers of wealth than non-white people, and specifically those categorised as black. Hence it justifies by any means necessary the total destruction of any successful model of development independent of whites or without white people leading, organising and directing it. The logic of this racial hierarchical model proceeds downward with each racial group being more adept at this activity than the lower caste. This ideology informs the system of “white supremacy” that is presently masquerading as globalism. Therefore, it is impossible for a non-white victim (and especially Afrikans) of this system to be a racist, practice racism, be a white supremacist, white hegemonist, or participate in white ethnocentric economic protectionism or “white world domination by terror” in any way that ultimately benefits his or her existence within his or her geno-cultural group and the group as a whole entity as such.


So back to why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Firstly, I would like to posit the view that mulattoes are genome terminator entities, meaning that they can’t reproduce themselves like their respective parents can if they had have mated with one of their own geno-cultural group. A mulatto must mate with another mulatto to reproduce themselves or else their offspring reverts back towards whichever geno-cultural group they have chosen to mate with or they create another hybridised offspring should they decide to mate with another hybridised person or someone from a geno-cultural group which is not one of their parents. Hence their genome pattern cannot maintain structural integrity and they terminate. This is actually the strongest argument for why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Every other geno-cultural group on the planet knows this including the hybridised groups such as the Arabs. The Hispanic/Latinos are another matter which I will address later. I won’t discuss the Indians of South Asia (see the talk by Dr. Velu Annamalai – “Dali: The Black Untouchables of India” on YouTube) but one could reasonably compare my discussion below of the Hispanic/Latinos with that of the Indians, although it is not entirely the same. Other geno-cultural groups never accept a hybrid as one of them. This DOES NOT mean that they treat the hybrid unkindly or should do so in all cases, nor does it mean that the hybrid cannot participate in economic or educational opportunities. However, at the level of strategic power in which the lives and destiny of the geno-cultural group are at stake, hybrids have no place, no relevant voice in matters such as these as they are not part of the geno-cultural group’s GENETIC survival. This is an error that Afrikan people have made. They have assumed that because of “racist” practices of other geno-cultural groups to cast off their hybrids among us, even when they have been created but not fully accepted among the ranks of others, and furthermore the other groups made rules about why they have done so, (i.e. the one drop rule), we have felt an obligation to accept them which has resulted in a non-exclusive preachment befalling the Afrikan geno-cultural group. This failure to address who is Afrikan and who is not has left us vulnerable to infiltration, not only by hybrids, but by non-Afrikans under the false claim that they are too Afrikan because they were either born on the Afrikan continent, they have some distant ancestor who participated in or was raped into producing a hybrid, or they cling to an as yet unproven theory of the “out of Afrika hypothesis” of human origin founded with the propagation of Darwin’s THEORY of evolution. This has left Afrikan people without a codified set of standards, rules and regulations about who is an Afrikan and has exposed us to confused mulattoes seeking a constituency and other unscrupulous interlopers seeking to dominate us.


It was part of racist practices of our enemies to create a one-drop rule. White men did it so they wouldn’t have to legally and formally acknowledge the offspring they had as a result of raping Afrikan women and mulattoes. In fact, I would submit that non-Afrikans who pursue sexual relations with Afrikan people are practicing ethnocentric economic protectionism by way of furthering the social hegemonic aspect of this system, albeit it in a vulgar, perverted, and insidiously biologically destructive way. These people know full well that at present Afrikan people are the least respected geno-cultural group on the planet, so they are seeking to fulfill a need to feel superior to someone through a sexual encounter (which is one of the most vulnerable situations, psychologically and spiritually, a victim of this assault can engage in) which is done most likely due to a sense of inferiority in the non-Afrikan’s own geno-cultural group, or the perpetrators are inherently lustful and perverted and seek to satisfy carnal sexual fetishes at the expense of the non-geno-cultural other, in this case the Afrikan.


The Afrikan geno-cultural group is under no obligation through this behaviour to “accept” mulatto offspring as part of our geno-cultural group anymore than other geno-cultures. It is due to our relative powerlessness and refusal to strictly define who is an Afrikan that has lead to this confusion. Afrikans as part of our liberation and industrial renaissance of Afrikan civilisation, must codify and institutionalise a valid definition of who is an Afrikan. I would suggest reading Chinweizu’s discussion of the “mirror test” for some insight into this matter (Chinweizu, 2006).


Now concerning the so-called Hispanics or Latinos. The term Hispanic simply means a person who speaks Spanish. It is not a racial classification. Therefore, since Spain is in Europe, Hispanics are primarily European white people. The victims of the conquistadors, who were forced to speak the language are largely the remnants of the indigenous nations which were extant in the Americas prior to invasion from Europe. There has been massive hybridisation due to the forced rape practiced by the Europeans and the voluntary rape that results from having been conquered wherein both women and men seek to relate in an intimate way with the geno-cultural group that represents power and control in the imposed society. Latino is a Spanish word that means Latin. Latin is another now defunct language that was spoken in Europe. So the two terms to refer to this group are European languages in origin which have nothing to do with the heritage culture of the preponderance of people in the Americas that these terms indicate. Latin or Latino is used because that was the language of the political theological institution (the Catholic Church) used to repress the minds and cultural rituals of the victims of the colonial enterprise in order to make a more docile population able to be exploited efficiently.  Detractors or rebels of the theological doctrine were tortured or killed, so this created a fervent adherence to the religion closely intertwined with one’s own survival which we still see presently. Today in this population, since those people who speak Spanish in the Americas are from various origins (i.e. Afrika, Europe, and indigenous American nations), it cannot be said that these people are a distinct race. In fact the archetypical “Latino” or “Hispanic” is actually a hybridised person who is conditioned in a false consciousness to identify with the colonial culture that was cultivated by European settler-conquerors. Within this group there are still enclaves that have retained their indigenous language and cultural practices, but for racist reasons they are labeled as “Latino/Hispanic” to again stimulate the utamaroho of the European descendants and immigrants that are interspersed in this population, so that they feel a sense of comfort knowing that the language still reflects their own worldview and identity. The majority of the hybrids in this population are victims, and some have reproduced to the degree that they can be considered a distinct geno-cultural group or race, but they have not as yet organised themselves in such a manner mainly because they are still prisoners of the European colonial social construct. Additionally, given the imperial reliance on their economic activity as a source for raw materials, cheap labor, and consumption markets, they are victimised economically and therefore cannot undertake the necessary steps to develop themselves in this way. Moreover, they still have confused Afrikans (who are descendents of enslaved Afrikans and are still repressed by both the hybrids, and Europeans) suffering from a false consciousness within their midst, as well as Europeans that are desperately trying to maintain their colonial relationship and keep enact their white hegemonist system of exploitation. Therefore, the people known as “Hispanic/Latinos” contain people on the spectrum of hybridised individuals, culturally mis-oriented Afrikans, indigenous nationals, and criminal Europeans attempting to persist in the maintenance of the monstrosity they have created.


On the other hand the Arabs have been able to organise themselves into a geno-cultural group. This was largely done 1400 years ago through the development of their own political theological institution known as Islam which is simply Arab Christianity (Popp, 2010). Even though there are hybrids contained in the Arab population, they are either historical hybrids produced in antiquity when these white groups invaded Kemet (Egypt) and created offspring with Afrikan women, or they are offspring of the degenerate Arabs that have kidnapped Afrikan women in the present era and used them for their perverted pleasure as sex slaves. The hybrids they create are used to oppress Afrikans in Afrika and promote the expansion of Arab nationalism (i.e. Islam), even though these hybrids are repressed and discriminated as not really being Arabs themselves. It is a psychological phenomenon that is a result of both hybridisation and power relationships being enforced by the Arabs on their Black Afrikan victims which compels the hybrids’ fealty to the white Arab dominators. The hybrids see the true Afrikans as powerless so even though they are mistreated by their fathers’ geno-cultural group, they feel the power that is available and the superior social and economic position they have as Arab identified hybrids, gives them the motivation to mistreat the Afrikans in a brutal way for their fathers’ people. So since these two groups, the Arabs and Hispanic/Latinos, are organised for white power and whites have used sexual predatory practices to attack their victims and consolidate their control, it does not mean that the hybrids are white, nor does it mean that their non-white status is a basis of solidarity with Afrikans. This is a MAJOR historical point that Afrikans have missed, refuse to accept, or have been deliberately mis-educated from knowing. The multiplicity of these factors has brought about the MASSIVE confusion about this matter. The subject is so sensitive that to even broach the topic with many Afrikans will result in emotional outbursts and vicious name-calling instead of calm deliberation and effective implementation of the proper provisions that would protect Afrikans from being used as the world’s sexual toilet and dumping ground.


Lastly, and this is a radical position, I don’t think that Afrikans and Europeans, or for that matter other geno-cultural groups, are the same “species”. Now before you levy a charge of “Eugenics”, I am arguing that the criteria and hence the definition of “THE human species” is incorrect and specifically culturally derived from European culturally structured thought (Ani, 1994) to serve political purposes and a quest for power. One of the main criterion for Europeans arguing that now (after several previous theories about the sub-human status of Afrikans and other races) humans are one species and there is “no such thing as race” is that different geno-cultural groups or these “non-existent races” can breed with one another, hence if two biological entities can procreate together it supports the likelihood that they are part of the same species, whereas if two biological entities cannot breed, for example a cat and a bird, then they are two different species. This notion is absolutely absurd. I think far too much emphasis has been placed on the breeding criterion and fact that whites and blacks for instance can have hybrid children and therefore, there is no difference other than skin colour between us and subsequently, we should then “not see colour” and accept all as human. This directive notwithstanding, in the Afrikan worldview and traditional Afrikan societies, Afrikans never posited the idea that people were “born human”. Human beings had to be developed through education and socialisation, and upon successful completion of this process, then the status of human was imparted upon an individual within the Afrikan socio-cultural context. (Baruti, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009) It was not simply bestowed because one was born of a homo sapiens sapiens male and female. This is a distinct difference that exposes the cultural nature of Europeans’ scientific classification and purposes. Basically, I am arguing that Afrikans, Europeans, Asians, “Amerindians”, and other hybridised people constitute different species of the human “family”. The word “family” in this sense is of a biological or taxonomical grouping, not the emotionally laden image of mom and hugs from your grandmother that the colloquial use of the term “family” generates. I am not arguing for some “shiny happy people” view of humans on earth or that we should all start holding hands and be blind to the different interests of these geno-cultural groups and their different destinies. It is quite obvious that the Amerindian nations of North America had a decidedly different destiny than say the “Sinic” East Asians, so I purport that this fact is still present today, although hidden under universalist and globalist rhetoric. The main point is that if two species or types of humans from two separate and distinct geno-cultural groups procreate, it stands to logic that the offspring is neither one nor the other geno-cultural group, and thereby constitutes a new geno-cultural entity that must proceed to either develop a cohesive group with other hybrids, or must “disappear” back into one or the other parent’s geno-cultural group. Azania and its “coloured” population is a stark example of this phenomenon, as are the Arabs and Hispanic/Latinos, although to a lesser degree, that I mentioned before. Nevertheless, I will not take time now to argue whether or not the Afrikan parentage of humanity is valid, but suffice it to say that the present definitive difference in geno-cultures will remain until one or more are exterminated by another (which I am not advocating, but is nonetheless a possibility). So, under these conditions, for Afrikans to help promote and accelerate this process by claiming that all hybrids with one Afrikan parent are Afrikan and are not either a separate geno-cultural group, or are not Afrikan and are part of the other parent’s geno-cultural group, (because hopefully at some point we will have the consciousness and power of definition to codify and implement this idea into reality) is a recipe for extinction and assisted genocide.




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A resource site for diverse home educators.

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Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Word N Sound Live Literature Movement #WordNSound we trust...

Open Revolt!

Building the New Resistance

Black Women of Brazil

The site dedicated to Brazilian women of African descent

Too Much Black

We Done Begun

Real Currencies

Supporting People and the Commonwealth and resisting the Money Power by defeating Usury

The Only Way Is Ghana

Moving from UK to Ghana isn't easy Kraa

Kushite Kingdom

Sanctuary for Black Gods

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