“Zuberi & the Maroons of Maa”–A Review

29 03 2018


“Zuberi and the Maroons of Maa” is a fascinating novella which tells the story of a satellite African nation on the American continent through the eyes and experiences of Zuberi. Zuberi is a Hunter as well as a craftsman and computer programmer. Additionally, he is a soldier in the military forces which protect the Maa nation from attacks from whites and their offspring. The story focuses in part on a love interest who is not a member of the Maa nation but could be described as a “conscious” Black/Afrikan person living in the USA. She regularly visits the Maa nation as Zuberi continually teachers her about its ideology and reason for being. Zuberi is also a single father who takes care of his son with the help of other members of the Maa nation. The son’s mother was apparently typical of an “anti-Afrikan”, Afrikan person. A person who does not and will likely never value Afrikaness so therefore seeks validation and subservient status within the whites’ nations as a technocrat or servile consumer.


I liked the book greatly because not only it is an easy and quick read, but it tells a very compelling story. The story is quite inspirational to those who are engaged in work to build an Afrikan Power state able to protect Afrikans and project power in the world politically, militarily, and economically. I think this book would be ideal for an adaptation into a short film. The only limitation would be depicting the armaments in the military action sequences, but even if those were not shown and only referred to, the love story and the interaction among Afrikan men and women is rife with possibilities of showcasing both the strengths and weaknesses in the mindset and social interactions of many Afrikans today.


The book is a valuable exemplar of the type of literature that Afrikan writers need to be producing and continue to produce if they are currently engaged in such endeavors. One of the main purposes of literature is to provide access among a distinct population group to their own psychological dispositions in an attempt to display the correct behavior contrasted by incorrect behavior. This gives the largest number in a definable group of people exposure to ideas and values which might not be as easily communicated to a population through other means, such as word of mouth or even educational institutions. The whites in their inherent arrogance proclaim that their literature is “universal” and therefore ideals relayed in their stories can be identified, internalized, and used by all people. This is an age-old, colonial, marketing ploy which has the purpose of convincing others, particularly Afrikans, not to produce their own literary and dramatic works, but to continue paying money to the whites for the opportunity to consume white-generated literary artifacts, often to the social and psychological detriment of the Afrikan mind. Onitaset Kumat has succeeded exceedingly well in adding to the emerging (and continuing) Afrikan canon of literature with a definite focus on Afrikan sovereign survival and power. This future classic is a must read for all ages and is worthy of your time and resources. If you are a language arts teacher looking for material to use in your classroom of ALL AFRIKAN PUPILS, then Zuberi and the Maroons of Maa is an essential addition to your library and course syllabus.


More info can be found on the author’s blog www.africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com or you can get information and a discussion of the book at https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2018/02/24/the-pro-black-perspective-ep-11-great-black-lit-zuberi-and-the-maroons-of-maa-ch-1/.




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29 03 2018
Kushite Prince

That was an excellent review! Onitaset is a very talented writer. Speaking of reviews I uploaded a review of ACBN. All your hard work is very much appreciated.

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30 03 2018
Lumumba Afrika

Asante sana, Kushite Prince! I appreciate your review too! Your description and use of the back page is great! I hope it intrigues people and sparks their interest in the work.

I know I talk about IR a lot in the book, but I try to connect it to the impact it has on our political reality. I am sure you heard Onitaset’s new podcast in which he discusses the NY TImes article written by an Afrikan man living in Canada in which he states that he hates being Black. They correctly surmise that the only beneficiary of this self-hate are non-Black people, and the negro who wrote the article will typically seek out a white woman to prove that he is “just as good” as everyone else. This tendency is why I feel the ACBN book is so important for us to understand why not having an Afrikan-Centred and Biological ideology leaves us vulnerable to psycho-sexual attacks from our enemies in the form of IR relationships and multi-racial people claiming to be Afrikan/Black. These then affect our political and economic organization which most people feel are the areas where we need to be active in bringing change. However, they neglect the former as a key factor in our political-economic dysfunction.

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30 03 2018
Kushite Prince

No problem! I was happy to do it. I hope more people buy the book. I found it was eye opening and informative. And I agree that interracial marriage is a real problem. I have done countless posts on it. It is a form of self hatred in my opinion. Many of our people do it for validation from other races. But the reality is we don’t need their validation. We just need to do for ourselves and stop begging and pleading for others to love us. That is futile in my opinion.

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6 04 2018

We need more books like these to keep us sharpe!


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