Political Misorientations-The GWP Problem

30 12 2017

In these videos we see clear evidence of the system that Afrikan governments and their inbred mutant albinos partners are perpetuating. Under the guise of the “Good White Person” (GWP) coming to help enlighten Afrikans and help develop Afrikan economies, Afrikan people are duped by a very sophisticated propaganda campaign to convince us that any GWP who shows up on our doorstep is there to do us some good. The reality is that most of these people are business agents serving or in the direct employ of Eurasian corporations to bilk Afrikans of our resources and natural power. In the video below we see the case of one such person. A so-called jew from Belgium who has been “dissociated” from his consulting firm, Glencore recently due to the executive order Trump signed authorizing the seizure of assets from individuals or entities who have engaged in treasonous acts against the USA. His name is Dan Gertler. Yet, even though the political infighting continues among Eurasian political leaders, among Afrikans we are steady fighting among ourselves to see who can be the lone negro, privileged to sell our natural resources to Eurasian corporations to continue their political-economic domination over us. Isn’t it interesting that Afrikans see no problem with fighting wars and killing each other, but wouldn’t dare take up arms against these devils to secure our power and independence as a definable biological group of people on the planet.

The clintons, another duo of so-called GWPs have made a career of this practice. Through their Clinton Global Initiative and political connections they have made a second life for themselves by acting as a go-between for their political cronies and self-hating corrupt Afrikan leaders who see no vision higher than their own cocks and degenerate peccadilloes such as traveling to Europe, the USA, and the orient in order to engage in conspicuous consumption and receive fake awards from fawning and deceitful whites whose whole positon in the world is based on the cowardice of these Afrikan leaders. The video below is a case in point. Can you believe that while this shriveled old prune of a woman (Hillary Clinton) shakes hands with Afrikans on the continent, she is calling for the destruction and incarceration of Afrikans in the USA? She had the nerve to admonish Afrikans in the USA for not voting for her too! Both she and her symbolic mulatto son, Barack Obama cared more about their so-called legacy and political aspirations than in ensuring that Afrikans are empowered and have a correct stake in the global political economy.

Afrikan people need to see these clear examples of how our political orientation towards finding a GWP does not help our overall situation. In the search to benefit individually from a direct relationship from GWPs to fund a school, clinic, or become a business partner in an Afrikan country, we dig ourselves a deeper hole in our current political-economic malaise. The few trinkets that are cast towards us are nothing in comparison the the amount of wealth that Afrikan leaders and other participants in this relationship are willfully selling to these demons. These resources include minerals, lands, markets, and minds! Whenever one Afrikan persons joins the military or gets a scholarship to a Eurasian school Afrikan people jump for joy because “one of us made it”. But we don’t see that for every one that “makes it”, we all collectively lose, including the supposed successful Afrikan we are praising. Case in point Omarosa Manigault from the Trump administration. On paper it seems that she is successful, but with her ouster from the white house we see now that the success which she represents has no lasting sustainability. With all of the Afrikan musicians, entertainers, and other business people, where is the lasting Afrikan institution that has been built? There is a Carnegie Hall for Andrew Carnegie, steel industrialist, and Rockefeller Center for the oil and banking family, and even a degenerate socialite who is the heir to a global hotel chain. Is there any heir to an Afrikan fortune who has built an institution that benefits Afrikans? Please enlighten me on this question if any readers has knowledge of this. I do know that the heir touted as the richest Afrikan woman in the world is a mulatto offspring of the president of Angola and his low-class, eurasian jump-off from his college days in Europe (Azerbaijan). Come on Afrikan people! Can’t we do better than this?

Isabelle Dos Santos – mixed race bed wench




2 responses

1 01 2018
Kushite Prince

Good white person?? That’s funny lol
So hard to not to laugh when I hear that. Still can’t believe black people fall for this. It’s the oldest trick. We need to use better judgment when dealing with your open enemy.

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2 01 2018

Brilliant. I think I did a video on Dan Gerter a few years ago keep the work coming.

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