The Apple Who Fell From The Tree

22 08 2017

Most of these liberal whites that negros unquestioningly love and run after are only second, third, or fourth generation US citizens themselves. They basically just got off the boat a couple of generations ago and they have the nerve to try and tell Afrikan people what our political views should be when we have been in the USA suffering as an oppressed nation under white domination by terror longer than most of their peasant ancestors even knew that there was such a place called the United States! So, most of these yokels have unresolved issues about their own immigrant past that they are using Afrikan people to try and assuage.  Their goal is to make a society where all non-whites are subservient to their sick and twisted fantasies of themselves as liberators and saints.

The following video exposes one of these fake, Hollywood ‘left coast’ liberals in her repeated attempts to gain moral high ground in the eyes of the public by claiming that people who disagree with her are so-called Nazis. It turns out that behind the facade of the “changed white person” that so many brain-dead Afrikans lust after, is a sordid history no different than the overt, alt-right ‘racists’ that the liberal whites claim are the scourge of the earth and are supposedly vastly different from themselves. It seems that after all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Another one of these poseurs is Ben Affleck whose family enslaved Afrikans, and so he directly benefited from our capture and exploitation. I am quite certain that if a thorough examination of family history were conducted, it would reveal that most of the ‘liberal’ whites who claim that “their family didn’t own any slaves” were somehow involved with enslavement, colonization, and/or white hegemony and were directly enriched from it. They now simply have the convenience of both plausible deniability, and a mass of willfully ignorant Afrikans who are enamored with having white friends and living in a post-racial society…even while we are at one of the most dangerous political moments in our history.

PS: Ignore the ads in the last minute of this video.




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24 08 2017
Kushite Prince

Great post! These white liberals are so disingenuous. They are just as racist as white conservatives,if not more. I love that video too. Thanks for the upload.

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25 08 2017

The joke is on us, I had a former liberal White female who was my sub in high school, i ended up getting detention for having a spat with her, the devil knew she was wrong and apologized and my detention was cut from 5 days to that one day, and the devil said I know you will never be a republican or conservative but the liberals and Dems are not your friends…I really didn’t understand what she said until I went to University, then I saw that the Dems and Reps, are both racists both live in the same community, join the same frats and sororities and both are committed to White Hegemony, I learned this during SGA elections as the Euros played Liberal vs Conservative but both come from the same community.

Handle routinely calls Blacks men monkeys, apes and other racist comments. I love where you stated the fact that 90% of African-Americans have been in the USA longer than 75% of Whites and that they cut in front of African-Americans and undermined you based upon their loyalty to the European race. The European race are not the legitimate police, govenors, senators, or religious leaders of Blacks and Blacks have a human right not to live under the subjagation of whites no matter the White peoples personally feeling about Black people.. There are fully capable and qualified Black people who can perform every function based upon an african-centered standard in the Black populated Areas of Blacks and to have white offspring in Black communities in any other capacity other than general laborers and servants is racism.

Brilliant article.


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