The Four Sovereignties

17 03 2017

We will begin a total renegotiation with the European Union in order to get back our monetary, legislative, territorial, and economic sovereignty” ~M. Le Pen, 2017


Do any groups of Afrikan people presently have these four sovereignties? Definitely not the Afrikans in the USA and other diasporas! I can say that with absolute certainty. It is also highly questionable for Afrikan “nations” on the continent. Why is that? But a more important question, why is it that no significant political party, political faction, constituency, or political block are campaigning for these fundamental Four Sovereignties? Yet the Euro-racists that well-meaning, liberal-identified Afrikans say practice global white supremacy unceasingly, are using these four sovereignties as an active political plank. Do they know something about national organization that we don’t or have forgotten?


Why are European political parties, one after the other threatening and actually delivering on threats to leave the European Union, but not one Afrikan political movement exists of any note to leave the African Union? Is the African Union such a model of success that no political formation wants to leave it out of sheer exasperation and dissatisfaction? Are we to believe the Afrikan nations have succeeded in instituting a continental union government where the Europeans have not and Asians have not even attempted? Yet the Asians, led by China and Japan, are rising global powers. Iran, who is not a member of any continental union, is becoming a regional power force and has succeed, despite economic sanctions, to design, build, and test satellites and missile systems. Where is at least one Afrikan nation’s space program? Is this the kind of development the AU has delivered with their coterie of non-Afrikan led NGO’s and foreign experts advising them on the proper path for development?


Why is it that when I see the legislative bodies in Europe, Asia, and Arab countries (excluding Sudan), I see bio-genetic homogeneity, but in the AU, it’s a multicultural orgy of every carpetbagger and ne’er do well, schlepping and fronting for eastern and western, Asian and white-liberal, pet projects for a litany of non-starter and totally irrelevant programs such as: women’s empowerment, poverty reduction, the green economy, environmental protection, anti-poaching, HIV/AIDS, anti-corruption. vaccination, children’s adoption, infrastructure development, and religious proselytization?


Who is putting MONEY into the pockets of Afrikans?


Why is the number one industry in most Afrikan nations either tourism, resource extraction firms, or NGOs? Is this 21st development? Have these programs stemmed the tide of migrants who have given up on their societies and have chosen to risk life and limb to be second or third class citizens in Europe and North America whose sociopolitical classes are quickly organizing to detain and deport them? Why are the most radical voices in geo-politics today, (that can be heard anyway) the nationalist movements of Europe? Where are the media outlets owned and operated by Afrikans that promote a decidedly Afrikan agenda and not just regurgitating entertainment news and gossip from expatriate Afrikans living lascivious lifestyles in the colonial metropoles? Why aren’t these Afrikan entertainment moguls at least developing businesses and markets in Afrikan via Nollywood and other areas instead of begging whites and so-called jews for trinkets and recognition in the form of awards?

These are just a few essential questions that should be being asked but are not by an equivocating media class and business leaders unwilling to take a political stand to jealously pursue their group interests in a group run world.




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22 03 2017

Chinweizu ask this questions constantly and this is my goal now. I seek to start a singular African City State on African soil to be a center for African Centered Global Power away from the African Union, Asian, Slavic or Western Influence a City State solely concentrated on settling scores and developing a African nation of a moderate size like 5 million to 10 million African people…..1 million for the military and the other 4 to 9 million just citizens and population.


9 04 2017
Lumumba Afrika

That is a good strategy! There is another brother with the same idea. Here is the gofundme page.

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19 08 2017

You should check out this organisation:

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22 08 2017
Lumumba Afrika

Thanks for the link. I’ll check them out. But, I think I have heard of them. That is the LIN organization right?


22 08 2017

This is not for me it only includes “victims of Slavery”. I will not be apart of any programme which is exclusively for people who were enslaved in the Americas when Africans were enslaved on the continent as well nor does this organizations define who is Africa based upon the history of African people. I wish them well tho.


23 08 2017

Its not exclusive to people in the Americas. It includes the whole African diaspora as well.


2 04 2017
Kushite Prince

Another excellent post! Thanks for this brother!


9 04 2017
Lumumba Afrika

Cool! Thank you!

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9 04 2017
Kushite Prince

You’re welcome. We all appreciate your work.


18 04 2017

Reblogged this on Afrikan Sovereignty Magazine.


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