Shout out to Moni Tano!

26 05 2016

Great research by our sister Moni Tano. This video is one of the main reasons why Afrikans need an ACBN psychology and our own nation-state. (Warning: Mulatto alert at 3:51)




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26 05 2016
Kushite Prince

I love Moni Tano! She is such a beautiful and intelligent sista. I always enjoy her insightful videos. This video is a great addition.

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26 05 2016

If I were a billionaire. I would sell the homes to African people for 1 dollar. You see this is a problem when you use the European System to liberate or help Africans. We need to be redistributing wealth to our brothers and sisters. If I am able to turn my businesses to billionaire industry. I will be socially engineering Black African communities.If I have to give the homes away or allow them to RENT the homes. He is not using private money. Any Black man who would go to jail for Hillary Clinton needs his head checked. We are not using private credit associations. I am sure he is well meaning but his plan involves IMAs.

I need to understand how a White Mayor could block a Black Food Store in a majority Black city.

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27 05 2016
Lumumba Afrika

I absolutely agree. Not only is he involving IMAs, but he (and most Afrikans) seem unaware that the purpose of the IMA government (and other non-African governments) is to facilitate the economic empowerment of their own distinctive group and at the same time handicapping others from engaging in similar development. Moreover, a “government” is not always in the form of a state, as we saw in ACBN Journal’s article on the Hasidim in NYC. In addition to that, (as you stated) it provides a defense for the socioeconomic (cultural-economic) system that it organizes. Using IMAs and their system without your own political base will always lead to situations like this because one’s IMA “partners” ultimately have their own agenda, which is self-interested and anti-Afrikan.

I found it funny that they replaced him as a speaker with that mulatto degenerate O’Brien. Very typical.

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27 05 2016



26 05 2016

New Orleans Mayor won with 58K votes and its 348 Blacks in New Orleans….We just need the funding…I would take over several cities in the USA…We would need a private security firm of militant African males armed to the teeth to protect us though.


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