Biological-Suicide Committing Negros Aren’t Stupid

12 02 2016


By Original Lady

mentacide committing negros aren't stupid 1

There’s a disgusting trend lately perpetuated by self-loathing House Negros, specifically males, openly admitting to wanting to destroy the African Phenotype.

Now most “Conscious” Negros will defend idiots like this and say that these people simply *****”don’t know better”.  I will say this is bullshit.  If they “don’t know better”, how do they know their offspring with a non-African isn’t African and will most likely not even resemble them?

*****I really hate this Goddamn excuse for traitors.
Listen to this video.  Does this coon sound like he’s illiterate or unintelligent?  Does it sound like he’s “unaware”?  How does he know there’s an agenda to interbreed Blacks out of existence if he’s “brainwashed”?

This is how 99.9% of them think; like this.

If they really didn’t know that race mixing kills African phenotypes, what would be their obsessive need to want “ligh skeened babeez wif gud hurr &…

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