Fake Reality comes to Hollywood!

12 07 2012

Aaron Sorkin has a new show called “Newsroom”. Apparently Sorkin is yet again on his crusade to expose the hypocrisies of US society on prime-time television. However, I would like to extend him the same courtesy in this commentary concerning a monologue performed by Jeff Daniels in the form of a “moment of truth” rant in the premier episode of the show. You can see the rant or read the transcript here. The video is posted here which I found cross-posted on a great economics blog called Naked Capitalism.

I read the transcript myself and I found it constructed in a way which is now common to most propaganda pieces in this Internet media age. That being with some elements of undeniable truth and facts, deliverd with much needed candor, but this only obfuscates the attempt to enfuse unfounded declarations and outright misrepresentations. The lay reader or viewer, if they are unaware of this sophisticated form of mental manipulation, might accept the facts with the falsehoods, since the overall sentiment of the piece is usually speckled with common sense musings and refreshingly incisive moments of attacking sacred cows and deeply held beliefs which are no longer viable in a rapidly escalating and precarious world situation.

Therefore please enjoy my thoughts on the latest Internet sensation in the fictional media. This rant from “Newsroom” is exemplary of the phenomenon of truth being stranger than fiction, which is then dramatized as fiction, and thereby being more honest than truth. If that makes any sense. :

Well here goes, my thoughts on “the rant”.

Well, it was good up until he mentioned Yosemite. After that Sorkin sold out and started reeling off the tautological mythologies about the US. Most of which have been particularly ingrained in the psyche of US citizens since the end of the Civil War and the start of the industrial media propaganda machine. The US never fought for “what was right”, nor did it fight for “moral reason”. Since its very inception, it always has fought for empire, period. And don’t you dare mention slavery. Read a book called “Worse than Slavery”, and even though the book pulls some punches in my opinion, it does give a fairly decent overview of what happened in the political aftermath of Reconstruction.

Sorkin furthermore states that “We (sic) passed laws and struck down laws for “moral reason” Really? Um, should I even mention the Dred Scott case? How about the 13th amendment which did not make slavery illegal, but in fact criminalized Africans as a people, which is still in effect today. One can see this in the massive incarceration rate to which thankfully Sorkin did refer.

“We waged war on poverty not poor people.” Damn, this one actually made my jaw drop. I guess if we choose to accept Orwellian double-speak, then that makes the policy congruent with the name of the initiative which inspired it.

***History break****

The “War on Poverty” was a concession to the civil rights movement in order to effectively extinguish the movement by allowing poor African-Americans to participate in the government welfare programs that had previously been prohibited from them due to the American apartheid system, commonly known as segregation. It was quickly reversed and undermined, and was effectively dismantled under Bill Clinton. So how can he say that the “War on Poverty” (even if we accept the Orwellian language) was an instance of the past greatness of the US? It was a plainly a sham, and just a cursory glance at domestic economic policy and politics in the 45 years since it was declared would show anyone as “smart” as Sorkin this fact. I mean, come on!

I won’t even respond to the rest of the “rant” because it just seems to me like warmed-over jingoistic platitudes which are being fed to a nation in preparation for a huge reduction in the standard of living.

If you got this far, thanks for reading!




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