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11 07 2012

Hello all! Welcome back to The Lumumba Afrika Report. Recently some interesting articles have been published on various news websites that I follow, and I would like to share some of the comments I have made and some replies to other people’s comments. I will begin each entry by describing a few details, post the link to the article, then show my comment. I hope you like it!!

The first article is a reply to an article in the Washington Post about the mortgage fraud and criminal racket that was exposed recently and victimized many so-called “home owners” (whom I like to call mortgage payers to the international banking cartel) in the United States. The article is entitled “For black Americans, financial damage from the subprime implosion is likely to last

I suggest that you read the article first if you are not familiar with this issue. I am quite familiar with the financial devastation which is afflicting Africans in America, and the only surprise is that the Washington Post is so late with publishing a story like this. I was well aware of this whole criminal racket at least 2 years ago.

Anyway, I posted this comment below originally.

It is interesting that this asian (sic) writer described Africans in Americans as “black” and moreover, wrote the word in a lower case letter with the term “American” capitalized. It lets you know what the yellows really think of us. But you Africans keep going to their stores and restaurants to give them your money for a plateful of diabetes. You allow them to come into D.C. and fire all of the educators of your children, which is paving the way for the “nice white college grads” to come in and impart the knowledge that they learned from four years of insobriety at the local state university. You think this sub-prime mortgage thing was just an accident? Wake-up!! Oh, but I guess you can’t because you have been educated by the same system you are turning your children over to. There is a proverb from one of the indigenous nations of North America which states,

“Only when the last tree is cut down, the last river is polluted, and the last buffalo is killed, will (the white) man realize that he cannot eat money.”

I will phrase that saying in a slightly different way.

Only when the last African man is imprisoned & executed, and when the last African women is sterilized after she aborts her fetus will Africans realize that the system of white supremacy was their enemy and could not be integrated into.

You need your own nation Africa! Wake up!

I then returned to see if anyone was brave enough to reply and of course there were no people who had read my comment with enough degree of understanding to do so, however, I did get one “thumbs up” as a recommendation, for which I am extremely grateful. It gives me some encouragement to know that a few people out there in the blogosphere know the real issues aside from propaganda.

So after checking my comment, I perused the rest of the comment section and found the following comment, which to me, was indicative of the ignorance that many Euro-american liberals have nowadays. I am personally committed to exposing these wolves in sheep’s clothing and this is a perfect example of where Euro-liberalism has gone wrong (if it ever was right), and how they are attempting to pacify the growing discontent and realization among many African people and other victims of European oppression, that their moral statements and liberal ideals are really totally self-serving. Many of these Euro-liberals are simply modern-day religious missionaries, who use multiculturalism instead of Christianity as an ideology to command and control populations which are simultaneously held captive by the policy of military containment and occupation, perpetrated by the cousins of these Euro-liberals, the European imperialists.

From the comment section:

rus572-media wrote:
I would just like to point out that this article was framed in an entirely racial tone. Divide and conquer – that’s what the wealthy are doing. This isn’t something that just happened to people of color. Don’t you wonder how this story would read if it was written to include all of the poor and lower-to-middle class, regardless of color? This racial thing is the first thing that rises up in the news, and it’s an old, tired argument that is designed to keep us separated and engender hate and fear. I know so many people of mixed race, but are called “black” because it was the “blacks” or “colored” people who accepted them. The wealthy are extremely aware of this bias, and exploit it for all that it’s worth. DON’T LET THEM DO THIS TO US AGAIN – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, OF ALL COLORS AND RACES! I am white, but I’m sick to death of this race-baiting and fear mongering! Furthermore, I have talked to MANY white people who feel the same way, so I’m not speaking in a vacuum about something that I don’t know anything about. I’m 56 years old. I grew up in the south in the time of the Jim Crow laws. I remember “Separate, but equal”. I went to school in one of the LAST school districts to integrate. If you REALLY consider yourself intelligent, then pause and think about this. Are you basing your thoughts, your life, and your actions on what a fear mongerer or a race-baiter (sic) is saying? Or are you using your God-given brain to make up your own mind about what is REALLY going on? There are SOME people whose livelihood depends upon stirring the pot of racial division, and they will say or do whatever it takes to keep the separation of races and the hate that accompanies it eternally alive. They will NEVER settle on anything, because they will then no longer have any relevance. I have a very close white friend who has two mixed-race children that he loves very much. This is no longer rare, hidden, or any special exception. What do these mixed race children think about this? They are the ones who will suffer more, because of this insidious racial division! WAKE UP!!! IT ISN’T 1960 ANY MORE!!!
My reply was the following:

You are ridiculous! What nationality are you? Not race, NATIONALITY! This is what defines who you are. If you really want to get down to it, (and this is probably over your head) IT WAS NEVER 1960! We only call it that because of how the Roman Catholic Church started to calculate time once it established political dominance over Europe. Time, was and is, calculated differently by different cultures. Simply because we call this year by a different number, does not mean that racial problems and the legacy of racist crimes do not still exist. Furthermore, I don’t care about your friend’s half-breed children. He should have stuck with his own, and he would have, if he knew who he was, but he doesn’t. I don’t have any sympathy for so-called white people who are “tired” of the race issue. Their ancestors should have stayed in Europe where they belonged instead of immigrating to the USA to benefit from the land grabs and the genocide of the indigenous nations. They should have stayed in Europe and fought politically for equity instead of coming to the USA so they could “at least be better than the enslaved Africans” who were robbed of their culture, history, and place in humanity. Most white people hate the racial question because you don’t want to look at the fact that you have historically benefitted from this white supremacist ideology, and now some among you seek to mate with non-white people in an attempt to assuage your guilt and responsibility for participating as an accessory in these historic crimes. Well it won’t work. Spiritual, judgment is upon you! If you and your white friends are really tired of discussing race, then give back the land. Stop trying to sleep with non-white ethnic woman in an attempt to use it as proof that you are “not a racist”. Make reparations to Africans. Stop participating in a system of white supremacy and GO HOME! Europe needs you, now more than ever!

Next, I read an article about the Fukushima disaster of March 2011 and the aftermath of the investigation. The Japanese government issued a report and a journalist reported on its findings in a tone that masqueraded as a critical review of governmental institutions, but it was simply white supremacy disguised as moral outrage. The article can be accessed here. I suggest that you read it first before you read my comment which for some reason was not approved to appear on the comment section by the website’s moderator. The article is rather short, so check it out and come back to read my unposted comment which is freely posted below in this uncensored blog and apparent last bastion of free speech.

What a condescendingly white supremacist and sexist remark! “…(and this being Japan there probably weren’t many women)”

The white man (European) thinks he has the right not only to bomb, invade, destroy, then rape the women of his victims’ countries, but then he has a right (based on his own perception of his alleged moral superiority) to then criticize the culture of the people he had maliciously destroyed. The fact is that in European countries and its offshoots (USA, Australia, etc) white women are underrepresented in fields such as nuclear energy too. In case you don’t know the latest statistics, women make up over half of the population. So an accurate representation of them in the workforce, such as nuclear power, would be the same. The author did not say a word about that. I guess this lets us know what his undisclosed assumptions are about the world order and the way things SHOULD be.

The white man propagates a media campaign to convince non-white women around the world that her best opportunities are to sleep with and marry him. He continually makes claims of inherent sexism within her own culture that supposedly prevents her from realizing her potential. He claims that only with a European can she more easily succeed if she just serves at the white man’s beck and call, whilst he degrades, imprisons, tortures, and murders the men of her own ethnicity.

So you can see from these seemingly two different articles about two different topics that the subject of white supremacy and its structural racial hierarchy rears its ugly head! It is pervasive. And this is why I have the present commentary to add about these aforementioned comments and articles, in conjunction with the current trends and reigning ideology of the “Western world”.

One major problem in the world today is globalism. Globalism is a socio-economic ideology which is little more than  refined 21st century white supremacy. The problem is not so much the divide and conquer strategy that geo-political players and wealthy internationalists are using to serve the global imperialist aims, we can all agree that this is a corrupt system. The problem is that masses in the so-called 99%, (a term with which I don’t agree as an accurate description because society is stratified, and there is no homogeneous 99%) do not yet understand that a morass of multiculturalism will not and cannot save us from the onslaught of the new world order and its economic and military machine. The only thing that will save us after the physical degradation of industrial civilization is a national community of people connected by blood lines. That is the only way it will happen and it is the only way it ever has. Look at the Sudan now. Many of the people in Sudan proper are Arabic-mulattoes. They arose through historical miscegenation and now because of both distinctive and yet infinitesimal cultural differences, they don’t get along with the Southern Sudanese, even though they both have dark skin, which in the west would mistakenly categorize them racially as “black”. The necessity is for both of these people, the bastards from the Arabs and the pure Africans, is to have their own land, culture, values, and mores–distinct and separate from one another. This should happen not because of racism or hatred, but TO AVOID IT!

People caught up in this ideology of multiculturalism, usually cannot see beyond their own individual self-gratifying need to BE SEEN as non-racist and create a fantasy world in which people of several different ethnicities are around them to provide the illusion that their actions are non-racist, based solely on the false assumption that these representatives of different groups agree on some standard way of being. In a world of structural racism and stratified societies, everyone in this faux rainbow coalition must agree on one thing…and that is that white supremacy is the baseline from which all decisions for social interaction are made. Indeed, everyone must relate to Europeans in some way or another, whether by having them as friends, consuming their cultural or manufactured products, dating them, or adopting their reasoning for why we believe (albeit falsely in my opinion) that western civilization in fact represents “progress” of the human species. This last tautology nullifies the historic crimes which were committed to bring about this situation fundamentally. Many of the descendants of these crimes are still alive and deal with their consequences to this very day. This is why Europeans find it difficult to discuss race and are in such a hurry to get everyone to agree that this world as it presently is constructed is good for all, and so therefore we cannot and should not “blame the white man” because we all have the opportunity to succeed…if we will just forget the past, get along, date a white person, and open our doors and minds to neo-liberal exploitation. This same viewpoint is why so many so-called liberals supported the Libyan invasion and are vacillating about the Syrian escapade. They really think that everyone will be happy IF we can just consume media and manufactured goods to our little hearts’ desire , devoid of all true meaning except of course that “white people are so great!” Whether we hold this ideal in our minds explicitly or implicitly and express it through our unconscious actions makes little difference. The thought process alone helps to keep this global economic monstrosity afloat, because most people for several reasons, cannot even bring about their daily survival if they don’t put on a suit, get a degree, and join the rat race, which in turn contributes to maintaining the system.

The psychological consciousness that I have just described can be seen in the comments and articles that I have just described in this post. Furthermore, if one uses the framework of international white supremacy to start examining and understanding the world, we can see these behavior patterns in most activity. We see it in the position of Israel toward the Palestinians. We see it in the views the rest of the world hold toward African people’s self-determination. We see it in the very phrase “international community” (which really only means the USA and anybody that happens to agree with it). We also see it in why people love Barack Obama so much, even though he has not done one damn thing for anybody except to run interference for the globalists and succeed in satisfying the wet dreams of the multiculturalists with their naive and fanciful desire for everyone to disappear into one phenotypical race while at the same time desperately requiring everyone to become like or act like the quintessential and archetypical European postmodernist.




One response

16 05 2015

Whites are not American. We need to cut this American people bullshit out. Whites want to rewrite history and keep Africans under their control. We need to brainstorm as a group this we are all human, we are all american and we are all African bullshit and call it what it is. An emotional appeal to the humanity of non Whited in order to maintain illgetimate White power over the lives of non Whites. White racist are constantly working on these bullshit phrases to manipulate people. We need to get better responses.


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