The Paradise of Arkansas:Critical Refutation of the Condescending Tone and Implicit Assumptions of the NYT Article “For Pacific Islanders, Hope and Trouble in Arkansas”

5 07 2012

Please read the article first before reading this post.  I have decided to pose a few questions about how the story was framed in order to elucidate more salient points about this issue which affects us all.  I will start by posing a few questions.

Why would anyone give up an island for a dirty, backwater in the USA?  What kind of sick mind control has been foisted upon “Marshallese” so that they would think that joining the world’s most heinous imperialist military is the pathway to self-determination?  Why would they think a better life awaits them in a ramshackle hovel, rather than in their own land?  Why would they give up their indigenous religions for Christianity, a religion which even the prevaricators concede is untrustworthy and contradictory?  What (European) invaders and NGOs infested their island with TB and leprosy?  Who changed their diet so now they are suffering from diabetes?  How can the NYT quote an obviously racist woman who states, (to paraphrase) “Their language and culture are a problem”?

These are all questions that immediately came to my mind while I was reading the article. Some of the questions were answered during the reading, and some were left disturbingly unaddressed.  Therefore, I have the following commentary to address some of thee issues I have raised.

First, it is unbelievable to me that people would move to a country that does not want them and cannot take care of them.  When I say “them” I mean the way they were before colonization, not the attempt to create honorary white people which is being perpetrated upon the Marshallese now. In my opinion, the Marshallese should go back or just commit suicide rather than submit to the slow death of genocide that befell and is befalling the indigenous nations of the USA right now, many of whom are imprisoned in concentration camps called reservations.

This same racist woman mentioned in the article, Kathy Grisham, who is criticizing their language for not having a word for “prevention”, is showing her abject ignorance of linguistics. Did it ever occur to this witch, (oh, I mean ‘good white person’) that the reason they don’t have a word for prevention is because THEY NEVER NEEDED to prevent anything until the white man came along and started destroying their culture. This whole operation of relocation to the USA is slow motion genocide under the guise of “helping people”.  Who needed the “western culture’s” so-called “help” before 200 or 300 years ago? (Coincidentally, this was the period of the onset of the industrial revolution, which in my opinion is the main culprit that is killing the planet and its diverse human cultures.)

The article is quoted as saying, “School members struggle with tardiness and absences”. Of course! What the hell do you expect when you inveigle a people to the USA with a media campaign of “streets paved with gold” and “democracy & freedom” only to force them into indoctrination centers (public schools) and teach them lies and meaningless garbage that glorifies European settlers, the criminal states they created, and the worldwide mechanization and destruction of the planet?  The innate knowledge of the Marshallese knows better than to sit through that crap which has no benefit for them as a people.  This is why they are disinterested in the school curriculum. It is of no value to them unless they give up everything they are and have been and instead seek the approval of white people.  It will only benefit the individualistic sell-outs who decide to inculcate self-hate and internalize the ideology of white supremacy. Prediction: inside if one generation, it will be seen as advantageous for the women to marry a white man, and most of the men will be going to prison. This is what the infection called European culture does.

During my research for this article, I came into possession of a recording in which school officials were discussing this issue. Below is a short excerpt from the transcription:

School principal:  Oh no, the children are not responding to our indoctrination program which is designed to diminish their self-worth and culture by replacing it with worship of the European. What are we going to do?

Sycophantic administrative upstart:  I know! Let’s use marketing. It works for everything! We can just give them alarm clocks, you know, as a free gift. Let’s tell them that it’s from Santa Claus!

School principal:  Good idea Ms. Doanything-Foradollar. Let’s start right away!

I hope I don’t have to tell you I was using comedic license with the above dialogue to illustrate a point. (i.e. it wasn’t a real transcript)

However, after reading the article further, I see we now get to hear the real facts of the story about half-way down.

“The USA detonated 67 nuclear bombs on their island making many of them uninhabitable.”

Facetious interlude:  by an unnamed ordinary red-blooded American

“Ah, who cares ‘bout nukin’ their homelan’…USA ain’t ne’er wrong anyway! Dat is ‘til it taxes me and gives my money to minorities, let’s illegal immigrants in, ’n puts a socialist ‘inna white house. I mean, what’s da use ‘o callin’ da house WHITE if ya gonna give it ‘way to  a (expletive deleted)? It’s not like da USA didn’t make good for those Marshall people. Da US gov’ment traded ‘em jobs (eternal slavery–author’s term) inna hells ‘o North America for their ENTIRE WAY OF LIFE. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Hell, I don’t get no handouts from da gov’ment. After all, ‘dey couldda refused. But da gov’ment just better be sure ‘dat I-ran don’t get no nukes. God only knows what da hell DEY’ll do wid it!”

Back to my ironic criticism…

I love how they indicated in the article that the reason the Marshallese came to the USA to work…

in a chicken factory (sic)…

is because “word spread quickly through their family-centered culture”. The implicit unmentioned reality of American culture is that it is NOT family-centered, hence the reason for a lot of the Marshallese’s difficulty. American culture in fact destroys families for the sake of capitalist profits and the maintenance of white supremacy. It cannot allow a successful example of an independent culture to exist anywhere in the world. ANYWHERE!

They criticize the Marshallese both in the article and in the reigning racist institutions of Arkansas, (ironically, the site of the racist incidents in Little Rock in the 1950’s and 1960’s which included terrorism and murder — a fact unmentioned in the article), for not understanding the American obsession with time.  Hell, I don’t understand it, and I was born in the USA! (everybody sing along) Born in the…

Could it possibly be that the Marshallese and their culture have the viewpoint about the nature of time correct and the Americans have it wrong? Maybe so, but the difference is that the Euro-Americans will bomb you to prove that they are right and the Marshallese will not and have not ever bombed anyone, EVER! Can’t say the same for the good ol’ US of A.

The cold hard fact of Euro-American culture (euphemistically called western culture) is that IT IS A DISEASE. It is an invisible contagion that infects cultures, and resides in the MINDS of people. It forces people to abandon ways and knowledge that have sustained them for millennia, and trades this history and these customs for the possibility of making money. Money! Colored pieces of paper which can be used to buy the very goods that will sicken them physically and put them into an early grave. The Marshallese traded the sweet satisfaction of passing on knowledge to their children which was discovered and developed through hard-fought trial and error by their ancestors so that their children can instead “fit in” and become “just like the other Americans”.

Here is a closing point for you to ponder …what makes us think that western culture is the very definition of progress? How many languages, customs, and norms will perish on the altar of this purported progress? How much knowledge of one’s environment, and the richness and familiarity of familial relationships that extend throughout time immemorial will be sacrificed and disappear forever into the vulgar end of all our deaths just for the sake of maintaining an international Ponzi scheme that only enriches the most heartless and malevolent of the human species?




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