Internalized Globalization

7 02 2010

A response to the curiously rare impromptu displays of passionate commentary and their gender specific leanings of Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers

             Have you ever noticed that Robin always comes to the defense of a woman who is seemingly being victimized because of sexism, but she eschews any defense on the basis of charges of racism especially when levied by a male? It is a great example of how she knows full well that her eggs lie in the basket of feminist privilege, and not the favorable access provided to underrepresented minorities or in identifying outwardly with such racialist classifications.. She can check two boxes on a demographic report which makes her type more favorable for employers, and her battles fought in the workplace are limited to the defense of women, because she has a more valuable solidarity with white women who socially are protected by knee jerk reactions due to the view of them being  damsels, who need the responsible protection of all mature members of society, whether stated overtly, or done because of adherence to mores. Howard displays this action often, especially when there is an issue with Lisa G. There is not a likewise action by Robin in favor of maltreatment of ethnically underrepresented men in workplace situations.

            Men still have to develop a unique and valuable skill in order to be loved, adored, and appreciated. Women just need to be somewhat smart (and not always), play the social game, and be relatively attractive, (and not always). This is why we see more women in administrative positions in the workplace. It is unfathomable that a man of equal education and intelligence couldn’t do Lisa G’s or Robin’s job, but it is cheaper, more beneficial statistically, and less risky to hire women for these administrative jobs than to offer men opportunities and financial self-sufficiency. We have seen increasingly these positions filled by women in every federal bureaucracy or private corporation because men are more likely to challenge authority and require that power proves its legitimacy on a daily basis. Women don’t do this as often. When women challenge authority, they do so for different reasons, like a desire for more sensitivity shown towards the feelings and needs of the woman in her predicament, or for a respectful deference towards her efforts, abilities, and presence in the environment, which men, even powerful men, do largely because of social training, but women rarely if ever challenge the actual structure of power. Moreover, men do not get nor demand these kinds of very trite and inconsequential rewards.

            It is in this way that women as a gender are more submissive, not in the stereotypical way that some Asian cultures are depicted, but in their lack of motivation to challenge the power structure of a system from which they directly benefit, but that simultaneously ostracizes many others, namely equally capable men and boys. The feminist dogma allows them to rationalize their achievements as more inherit intelligence, but at close examination, we can see that there is a systematic attempt to diminish the nature of men to require authority to justify itself. This is done by preventing the access and upward mobility of men in the technological and service economy. There are no programs for men only nor any access and training programs for young boys. Oprah doesn’t trot off to Africa or Central America to build schools for disenfranchised boys who are equally the victims of oppressive regimes, and the legacy of colonialism. What is even more shocking is that hardly any one says or does anything about this disparity. Female circumcision is decried as brutal, but male circumcision is seen as a “medical necessity”. Only in a society that hosts a war on boys and subsequently men who survive boyhood can these actions be seen as normal.

            It is time to wake up and see that the global corporate financial power structure is using the battle of the sexes as a way to prevent a mass uprising and revolution of its corrupt system. Until men are brought into the fold through educational opportunity, and a status as rational thinkers, we will continue to see the words “male” and “sex offender” to be promoted in the media as justification for latent fear of men to grow and continue to fester. As long as men without power must first prove that they aren’t a threat to authority, which is subtly sanctioned by a woman’s gracing a man with her presence through marriage or social interaction, our world will continue to move towards this fascist corporate system with capital and economic growth fleeing to the location that offers the best deal for de facto slave labor. Internalized feminine values make for a extrinsically docile populace.

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One response

18 06 2015
Kushite Prince

This post is spot on! Robin is so damn annoying. I’ve never liked that ass kisser! She’s just a silly bed wench in my opinion. Not a good representation of a real black woman.


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