The Feminist Swindle

14 08 2009

    In American and western nations, the dating culture bleats a popular mantra. “It is easier for a woman to get laid than it is for a man.” This statement makes a lot of assumptions without offering much evidence to support it.

     I wouldn’t say that it is easier for a woman to have sex than a man. Maybe in the USA or western nations because of the cultural brainwashing that Christianity and feminist shame have promoted about sex, but in plenty of countries in the world, it is by far easier for a man to get what they want,  be it sex, a relationship, or marriage. The US has a mass psychosis about sex that it needs to resolve.


     The author Ariel Levy laments about women using sex to wield power in her book “Female Chauvinist Pig”. I haven’t read it, but I surely hope she isn’t an apologist for feminism. Because this is exactly what the unforeseen byproduct of the political movement is. Remember Newton’s third law. There are going to be women who just aren’t interested in getting a graduate degree, but when the feminist cause is simplified so they can understand, it often translates as “I can do anything a man can do!”


    Regarding sex, the assumption is that a man can have sex without stigma, emotional attachment, & responsibility. But only women can make money by doing this. So it becomes an easy way for women to make money. As long as these academics and socio-political activists refuse to focus on the economics that underlies ALL of these problems, we won’t get anywhere. Women will still want to be strippers, because they make more easy money by doing it, and men will still seek out these types because it’s easier than playing the moronic social dance of dating,  that has devolved into a mutual display of acute neuroses, rather than developing a psychologically mature bond. Without the socio-economic need for mating, the romantic replacement can’t stand. Its neurological basis is fleeting and transitory, only our economic needs persist, and that is a fundamental necessity that created the marriage ideal in the first place. It is still relevant today, although it is hidden among the plethora of romance novels, movies, TV shows, and cultural taboos.

     Feminism has hit the jagged rocks as it has run aground at the shore. Its flagship charge of equality has increasingly fallen on deaf ears when the social trends are closely examined. Men have no benefit to getting married. A man can have children within marriage or outside of the union and his role remains unchanged, namely that of the monetary provider. Men aren’t recruited or promoted within the Universities as viable students to the degree that women are, and this is seen by the inclusion of female only resources, and female based courses of study which contradicts the supposed purpose of Title IX, an equal opportunity at participation and access. Just because there are only men on the college football team doesn’t mean every man can play football or wants to play football, but every man is painted with the same brush of male domination.


    In my opinion, our society will suffer a massive drain of men to other countries and opportunities to self actualize their masculinity, as long as women’s values are seen as the de facto social values of the USA. If it is okay for a woman to remain career focused and unmarried, then the same is true for a man, but often in US society, unmarried men are seen as losers, playboys, or just unable to attract a mate. No one would dare say that about a woman in the same situation. Hence if equality was the goal, all we have created is an equal but gender specific stigma that is attributed to the way in which men and women choose to live their lives.




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18 06 2015

Good article. We need to discuss mating more.


20 06 2015
Lumumba Afrika

I agree. There is actually some language in the post that I would change now such as saying “our society” and the lack of focus on Afrikan people specifically. However, Afrikan men and women seriously need to start to focus attention on discussing proper roles for each in the context of our national oppression and how that relates to being in productive relationships which value Afrikan soveregnty.

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18 06 2015
Kushite Prince

Great post! I don’t know how I missed this one.


20 06 2015
Lumumba Afrika

Thanks. This is a few years old, but it seems to hold up well. There is actually some language in the post that I would change now such as saying “our society” and the lack of focus on Afrikan people specifically. However, I appreciate your comment.


22 06 2015
Kushite Prince

Thanks for this. I found it very informative brother.


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